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    Banded July 2012, band removed July 2018, sleeve booked 22nd November 2018.
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  1. Merrynda

    November 2018 sleevers?

    How are you ladies doing? Two days post-op here, hoping to be discharged today!
  2. Merrynda

    November 2018 sleevers?

    I'm booked for the 22nd at Hollywood in Nedlands.
  3. Merrynda


    I found rapid weightloss weakened my immune system due to lack of vital nutrients, particularly Vitamin D and iron. I would suggest requesting a full blood panel and making sure you are on vitamin supplements.
  4. Merrynda

    the right decision

    With private health insurance, it will be cheaper here and the twelve month waiting period goes pretty quick.
  5. Merrynda


    I haven't stopped eating carbs, although I don't eat all that many of them but I stopped eating added sugar and that's when my weight loss started again - even being pregnant! During this pregnancy, I have eaten pasta, raisin toast, corn and potato fairly regularly, as well as some rice - still more than 10kg down! Although, I did find the week I went crazy on croissants, I put weight on. So for my body, apparently it's the sugar I can't metabolise.
  6. Merrynda

    Work Christmas Party...Set Menu

    I don't drink alcohol and I'm antisocial - $85 seems ridiculous to me, personally, and honestly, I would have preferred to go out with friends (ie people I actually enjoy spending time with) than work colleagues (with the exception of a few, who I Also considered friends). I'd personally be happier going for coffee or a movie with people I enjoy - but that's just me. If it's an evening you are likely to enjoy and feel like it was worth the money, go for it. If it's something you're likely to regret or you're going to spend the whole time wondering how long you have to stay before it's polite to leave... Make other plans. :)
  7. Merrynda

    Plug (Gross Warning)

    I can't get food down in the morning until I have a hot drink - that seems to dissolve the plug for me.
  8. Merrynda


    I don't think ICU is normal but I was about 190kg at time of surgery so they booked me in for the first night for monitoring, just in case something went wrong. My Mum was in there with me but I was in a normal room first thing the next morning. I had a catheter last year (complications of stillbirth) and it wasn't pleasant but not as painful as I had expected.
  9. Merrynda


    I never had a catheter for my banding surgery. I went into surgery wearing my own underwear under the surgical gown and it wasn't removed. I had to get up and go to the bathroom using a portable toilet chair to begin with (I was in ICU the first night, just in case) but after that, I got up and went to the bathroom on my own. With my gallbladder (four months later), no catheter either - just got up and went to the bathroom.
  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  11. Merrynda

    Wedding Chatter

    So you're all done and dusted, Kalalan? How was your big day? Hope you are having an amazing honeymoon!!!
  12. Merrynda

    Wedding Chatter

    How exciting!!! The cake is stunning - great work!!!
  13. Merrynda

    Feedback on new site

    Anyone else notice Nicolalia's old profile pic randomly showing up all over the forums?
  14. Merrynda

    Wedding Chatter

    Congratulations!!! Would love to see some pics when you get them back :)
  15. Merrynda

    Feedback on new site

    Okay, so it didn't display properly from my yesterday's post but worked above. Go figure. Lol