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  1. Maxie

    Band to sleeve.....or bypass??

    Im considering going from my band to a sleeve and am interested in other peoples experiences too. However, your surgeon would not have recommended the band unless he/she felt it was suitable for you. you should trust the medical professionals.
  2. I spoke to my specialist this week about going from band to sleeve. My band was great for a few years, but now its all over the place and i have one good day, followed by a tight day, followed by a loose day - my doctor doesn't understand why (i blame hormones) and I'm frustrated with the uncertainty of what a day might bring. I feel that the inconsistencies band has actually caused me to develop poor eating habits. My specialist suggested that the sleeve will have similar problems to the band - and for me that is all A- around food getting stuck and B- some days I'm so tight i struggle with liquids, the next day I can eat a steak (true story)! I can work with my band - but this yo-yo-ing definitely leads to maladaptive eating (as my specialist loves to say). Does food still get stuck with a sleeve? Does the restriction or volume of food you eat stay around the same? Do you have any issues with the band-unfriendly foods like bread, broccoli or steak? i have heard some people suggest that eating too fast can cause 'uncomfortableness' but is that like getting stuck? Do you PB with the sleeve? so many questions! Im looking for advise on somebody who has made the change and can help to to understand the difference between the 2 options and how i might 'feel'?
  3. following your post jayali, your story sounds almost identical to mine, except i've had my band for 4 years. max weight was 99 i think, best weight was 79. currently back up to over 90. i just cant find a suitable level of restriction to allow me to live a normal life. last week i had 2 days in the green zone, 2 in the red zone and 3 in the yellow zone. and that is normal for me. just never get to the green more days than not. now im considering a reversal and sleeve, but am just starting to do my research.
  4. Maxie

    September 2012.

    i am keen to see your photos Jaimi - i am planing surgery myself in the next 12 months... maybe.... if its not personal, can you tell me about the costs for your surgery. im in qld so i am sure it will be different, but always good for a comparision. I am hoping for a tuck, as well as a breast lift and augmentation (just enough to fill me back out to my current dd/e cup after the lift). saw my accountant today and he said that im eligible for the 20% tax offset this year for medical expenses. i can claim it next next year also, if I have more than 5000 in expenses. the rules have changed this year, if you havent claimed the offset it in 2013, you cant claim it ever. and if you miss a year, you lose the abilty to claim in the future. seamed like a good time to look at cosmetic surgery and reduce the costs... does medicare pay for any of your treatment, even just a small amount (i.e. making them eligible for the tax offset)?
  5. Maxie

    All ready

    cant wait to see the photos and see your next blog post on the outcomes of the procedure!
  6. Maxie

    September 2012.

    its been a whole year? can you believe it??? last month i went on a holiday, and had 0.25 mls removed from my band before i left. After a month overseas, and drinking and eating my way through some of the best of Italy, I came home to the same weight, and within a week of my return had reached the lowest weight of my adult life! I’m thrilled to be 12 months banded and at nearly 70% to goal. Need to focus to lose the last part, but I’m so happy with my results. Anyone else "celebrating" their Bandaversary?
  7. Maxie

    Time from Consultation to Surgery

    Some banders have had the op just days after the consult, and mine offered me a surgery date the following week. They all vary. Good luck
  8. Finally a loss this week, after several weeks of no movement on the scales. Seams the bit of exercise did the trick.

    1. -kirsty-


      Good job! I'm hoping for the same thing myself :)

  9. Maxie

    Whats Your Favourite Brekky

    I used to love eggs Florentine with home made holidaise. But that's not happening anymore, not because of the fat though, but my band just want go there! Last time I made it I spent 30 mins preparing it, 3 mins to take 2 small bites, and a further 10 mins PBing. I don't do breakfast anymore, but I don't miss it... Except on lazy Sundays where I miss my poached eggs.
  10. Maxie

    Recovery times and loss of energy

    I had less than a week, but your job is pretty physical (I have a desk job) so you might want to take a little longer? In terms of calories, i would say at worst case, You should be able to have protein shakes during your shifts, but that some what defeats the purpose. I would have to say that eating post-band is very slow, for me. I used to take a 30 lich break, but now I need a full hour to have lunch (including prep, reheating and cleaning up afterwards) and that could be difficult for you. You will NOT be Abel to scoff down a quick snack, ever! I had a small serve of almonds today, maybe 10, and ate too fast, got a bit stuck. It passed but it still surprises me that it happens
  11. Maxie

    How to Begin

    You will need a referral to see a surgeon. In my case, I booked an appt. with the surgeon, then got the referral but some surgeons offices won't do that. My doctor was on leave when I went for the referral and I thought the other gp I saw wasn't going to give me the referral. I was confident my normal gp would as she has seen my struggles with weight. The "fill-in" gp eventually gave in when I wasn't deterred by his negativity and gave me the referral but he said that I wouldn't be able to get anything back from Medicare cause my BMI wasn't high enough. My BMI was 36. Turns out he didn't know what he was talking about, so don't let that worry you (though Medicare isn't much anyway, about $1000 for me). He did send me for a blood test and had the results sent to my surgeon which was great and saved some time later. Once u see your surgeon, they will likely give u some info and asks to go away and learn about it. You will also likely get some referrals for other test. Each surgeon differs here, but mine was for an ultrasound of my liver. Other might include blood tests (I'd had mine) a sleep study (for sleep apnea) and/or a compulsory visit to a psychologist. Some do even more. Once u have has the tests, and your surgeon is satisfied, you will get a surgery date. In my case, my surgeon was happy that I was informed enough (been considering it for 3 years and have a best mate who is 2 years banded), so he was happy to offer me a surgery date on my first visit!!! i wasnt expecting that, but was trilled. I still needed to have the ultrasound and he used the results to decide if I needed to do the 2 weeks of optifast before surgery. I was thrilled to find out that I had a normal liver, not a fatty liver, so I didn't have to do optifast (phew!). some surgeons make u do it regardless. I was booked in approx 3 weeks from my first visit, though I could have gone sooner. That was it for me, surgery went well and wasn't as bad as I was expecting (though it might be a bit like childbirth and you forget the real pain down the track). Good luck if you decide to go ahead. One of the best decisions of my life. I love my band!
  12. Maxie

    Fill question

    I think it depends a lot on your own experience. I'm currently in the green (or close to) but there are days where I'm super tight, and more days pre-period where I've been in the red zone and struggle to drink water. Other days I can eat a (small) steak and a few chips! I'm not consistent yet :/ Assess your own situation when the time is near. If I think I'm getting to the point where I need an adjustment, I'll delay until my trip is over, and if I'm still going green to red at times, I'm gonna have some taken out. Having said that, I am a die hard foodie and admit to travelling just to see the architecture and eat the food. I have no issues skipping the bread in Paris, but I do not want to spend my evenings in the loo PBing either
  13. Maxie

    Tattoo to signify your weight loss?

    I'm a henna artist and I can say that if your henna washes off in a few days, it wasn't very good quality! Henna should last between 1 and 3 weeks on a hand (or somewhere that gets washed a lot) and I've seen it up to 5 on a foot. If your anywhere near bundaberg, I could certainly give you a sample of what a real one might look like. Shameless plug for my henna: www.facebook.com/goddessM
  14. Maxie

    Fill question

    I'm off to Europe in sept and I plan on having some fill removed, but not all, maybe just 1ml. I will talk to my surgeon today, but I know he has recommended this to others. He believes that Flying at high altitude can impact on your band. The down side for me is that I think I'm in the green zone, or very close. BUT, I slip into the red zone for a 2-3 days around my period, followed by another few days of extra tightness, and don't want to risk that while I travel. I don't mind being restricted when travelling, but don't want to have any complications. Your surgeons advice will be important. I see mine today and will post back his feedback on my return.
  15. Maxie

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    Don't let that stop you. I personally wouldn't agree with that statement. You would be best to talk to your surgeon. My surgeon told me that people in the 30-45 age group are the most successful, and that even though my BMI was 36, he expected good results. For me, so far so good