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  1. So what's everyone up to up here now the weather warming up? I'm looking forward to getting back into the pool! How's everyone's week been? The NT forum been quiet of late.
  2. Sambogirl81

    Dr Treacy - Darwin

    Hey Lisa T, Dr Treacy is amazing. He bill $100 for a full and no you can't pre pay then, but then you get about $70-80 back. There office is petty backwards when it comes to technology so unfortunately a trip to medicare will be in order for your friend
  3. Sambogirl81

    November 2012

    Hi guys, Thought I would pop in and let you all know what's been going own as I haven't since the 15 was my banding date. Surgery went well and smooth, took a little while longer than normal as I had had a band about 3 years ago and there was lots do scar tissue. The next day, Friday things went downhill very quickly. I was rushed back into the operating theatre over at our public hospital, they are joined. I remember lying on the operating table for a couple of hours as no one could get a line into me. All my veins had shut down from dehydration. I don't remember much for there until Tuesday morning waking up in ICU, that has to be one of the most scariest experiences of my life. I was enutbated so you can't talk, there are machines everywhere. The tubing was pulled out a couple of hours of being awake and they started to turn down the machines that help me breathe. My dad passed away when I was 9 from cancer and I always remember mum standing at the end of the bed massaging his feet, this is what I felt the whole time I was out of it. I'm convinced my dad was there with me telling me it wasn't time. I turns out that during the surgery, my stomach and bowel were perforated, it has been a long line to recovery and will be even longer. I find out today if I can at least go home and have a community nurse come visit me, I don't do hospitals well. My surgeon has been great thru it all keep your fingers crossed I can go home . Want be back at work for several weeks yet so this will be interesting. Good luck eith everyone's upcoming surgery I only wanted to share, not to scare you
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    November 2012

    Glad to hear that it all went well Trina I'm checked into 'paradise' and won't be too far away my turn. Talk soon good luck to others for today
  5. Sambogirl81

    November 2012

    Thank you everyone, I have been quiet over the past couple of weeks but have been popping in for a read. My work has been crazy and been trying to tie everything up before I have some time off. I finished at 8pm tonight and when I walked out and shut the door I almost felt relieved! I have to check into the hospital tomorrow at 12, I look forward to a good sleep. I'm looking at this as a break for me and the a new start. Glad to hear everyone is doing well after surgery. I shall be in touch xx
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    November 2012

    Thank you everyone, I have been quiet over the past couple of weeks but have been popping in for a read. My work has been crazy and been trying to tie everything up before I have some time off. I finished at 8pm tonight and when I walked out and shut the door I almost felt relieved! I have to check into the hospital tomorrow at 12, I look forward to a good sleep. I'm looking at this as a break for me and the a new start. Glad to hear everyone is doing well after surgery. I shall be in touch xx
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    Optifast and did any cheat?

    I'll share something funny, my partner has been disgusted with how many farts I have been doing, day 4 on opti and the wind that is generated in my body is horrendous at the moment, lucky they are fresh air shots. I was walking to our bedroom and that feeling in my stomach of cramps and wind so I let rip and for all of those that have seen Along came Polly here he sharted! That was me! I was wetting myself laughing. My partner the next day sent my mum a text message saying that 'her daughter is a real winner. My mum was proud of course. Lucky we are a windy family so nothing out of the orindary. I know this may be too much info but wanted to share cause I still get giggle when I think of it
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    November 2012

    Yay Clifford, good luck with tomorrow and enjoy some rest
  9. Sambogirl81

    2nd time

    Hi trace, I had issues with my first band, my doc removed it 18months ago and I'm going in next month for another band at no charge
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    November 2012

    I just had all my optifast deliverd today, all seems real again. Start my opti on Thursday, 3 weeks prior to surgery. Trying to wind myself down at work, found out that my team leaders conference is on the 15th of November (my surgery day) and its in DUBAI, can't believe I'm missing it but lucky I have been before, and there will be plenty more opportunitys and with more room in my aero plane seat!
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    Body parts

    My tummy is like a verandah which could house a family of 5, I look foreword to that going. I like my shoulders and boobs they fit my body
  12. Sambogirl81

    November 2012

    I went in today to hospital to have a colonoscopy, the Dr is my Lap Band doctor and he is great so reassuring. There was a lady that went in for surgery just before me and was still in recovery when I came out a couple of hours later, she was in a little pain but still had a smile on her face. Having had the band before it is not as daunting as it was the first time as I sort of know what to expect. I just dont like the hospital stay. My doc is a fan of having you stay longer than necessary up to 3 nights, im hoping to get out after two. From reading this forum I have seen people discharged on the same day if not early the day after, seems so quick. How long does everyone expect to be in hospital?
  13. I had had Opti in the past as well with the runs, this time around my dietitian has recommended taking it with lactese, you can get them from the chemist in either tablet or drops and you just take it with the shake. Removes the lactose which is what is causing the runs in most people
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    November 2012

    I'm sitting in Qantas club in Adelaide after flying from Darwin on my way to Canberra and can I just say I have one more trip to fit in before my Lapband! I cannot wait to be able to fly more comfortably. I have bruises in my joddies (hips) and while the seat belt fit around my middle I feel I have been severed in half. November ad the healthier me cannot come quick enough!!
  15. Sambogirl81

    Apps for iPhone

    Body shots is an awesome pictorial one to track your weight loss and it's password protected. Then also Track Weight is another great one
  16. Sambogirl81

    bellini kitchen master

    Hey Beth it also helps to rinse the bowl with vinegar, it removes any residue that isin the bowl. Works every time
  17. Sambogirl81

    Darwin Get together

    Hi Bianca, I have just seen, do you still need his number, I hope you have found it by now as its prolly too late. Suggestions for meeting, you have Fannie Bay Cool spot, Finlays out in Palmy, Hungry hearts in Palmy is nice as well in the woollies shopping complex, can do Sandys coffee store in Cas. Hmm that's enough from me
  18. Sambogirl81

    New bandit in Darwin

    Thanks I just re read your post and realized I didn't really read much of it. I would love to meet up at some stage. Years ago there was a really big bandit community and each first Saturday of the month we would meet in the food court with a bunch of yellow flowers on the table so new members knew where to come and that was great
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    New bandit in Darwin

    Congratulations on 11kg that is awesome, you should be really proud of yourself. I love Dr Treacy,meh has a wicked sense of humor, you just have to tune into it. I also have an appoint with the dietician tomorrow, my first. I found when I had my first band that when that hunger crept back in I thickened some of my soups, made a huge difference, one of my fav was pumpking and broccoli. Sounds like you are doing awesome, I'll keep and eye out for you tomorrow, at Cas? Look after yourself
  20. Sambogirl81

    New bandit in Darwin

    Hey Bianca, How are things going for you? I'm going in for my op on the 15th of nov. would love an update Cheers sam
  21. Sambogirl81

    Gained all Weight Back

    Hi Carly, I had a lap band put in in 2007, did really well and lost 50 kg in about 18 months, was doing really well, excercising heaps, but on the downside i was not eating nearly enought to sustain the amount of exercise. The weight slowly started creeping back. I started to have huge issues with not being able to eat anything and had my band removed last year in April. Since this time I have put all of my original weight bar 5kg. This has come as a huge shock, while I realized the weight was coming back on I felt it in my clothes, I still had the skinny me in me. I have since been back to the surgeon last week and an booked to have a lap band put back in in sept. the surgeon explained that the bands have changed a little bit since my original band. I have also changed my thought process, for me being obese is like being an alcoholic, my drug is food, I am ashamed to even think of the amount of food that I consume. I would ask your surgeon to check your band there has to be an issue somewhere. Hope you can find your mojo, it's hard work but look what you have done. All the best Sam
  22. Sambogirl81

    Hmm :(

    Hey Beckyboo, If your anything like me sometimes you just gotta out those runners on and just do it. While immout walking I find I really enjoy it and wonder why I don't do it more. I have a very stressful job and use my time walking to listen to music and enjoy the peace and quiet of not having I talk to anyone. I do have two dogs so that helps alot. Try and go in the mornings early, then your exercise is done an you feel good throughout the day. Sometimes I'll get home from work and go for another one as I am in such high spirits. Walking also melts away those kilos. Btw you are doing awesome congrats. Sam :-)
  23. Sambogirl81

    November 2012

    Thanks so much Trina, looks great seeing us all in a list. I have to call the dietician next week to get in for an appointment. My surgeon has told me its up to her how long I am on optfast for, which I thought was strange. Last time I had my band in I did 3weeks, my surgeon is very fussy
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    November 2012

    Got my surgery date today November 15, I'm so excited to get a band put back in. I have had 18 months without a band but I want my security blanket back. I must say the new bands look a lot better than the old one that I had in. Also makes it a little easier now that I know what to expect. 2 months and counting
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    Darwin Get together

    I would love to meet everyone but I work in retail so work all day long! Maybe next time