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  1. If anyone gets sea sick don't let that stop you from cruising! You can get an injection that takes away the motion sickness and lasts three days. My mum and I did an pno cruise a few years back and she suffered badly until we discovered the injection. So much so we sailed the roughest sea, the drake passage to Antarctica last year and she survived. Don't count it out or you'll miss out

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  2. Hi Lisa

    Hi Lisa ,

    I was banded in feb and have lost 15kgs. My mum was banded by Dr tracey in June and is doing well. All together it has cost about $5000 each but of cause still paying as u still see him after. But there is no cost on how much better I feel now.



    Wow Jess did you have private health? How much was Dr Treacy's out of pocket cost?

    Lisa there is another company from Adelaide that performs the surgery but you don't get the follow up care from them. I had a band a few yards ago by dr Treacy and he is amazing, so much so I am going to get mine back in hopefully in nov. I have an appointment with him next week. I don't know where you are but I do know he travels remote so he may already come to you for fills and things.

    Good luck Sam

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  3. Yay I had been looking for an November list. I have my appoint with the surgeon on 10th September, and hoping to get my band in Nov. I had a band removed in April last year and have discovered that the " fat" girl will always live on inside as she has reared her head. I am now going to look at obesity as being like an alcoholic, I will always be one. Already knowing what to expect I am so excited, bring on November!!!

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  4. Hi Bianca,

    I had a band done by Dr Treacy about four years ago, lost 50kg. Had my band taken out in April last year after just not feeling right, had been tested and all was normal but I decided to have it taken out. I am now sadly back to my pre band weight and have decided that I am going to go down the path of having a band put back in. I hoping to get into see Dr Treacy this week. He is fantastic and really good at what he does. I am happy to catch up if you ever need support or just someone to chat to.

    All the best. Sam