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  1. wharfie79

    Sharp pain in side...

    I am just wondering if anyone has experienced a sharp, stitch-like pain in their side after eating. I have been banded for almost 12 months now and have had no issues apart from a few minor stuck moments (my own fault). I have had my band filled very slowly over the first 12 months, not wanting to over-fill it or have too many problems. Until now, it's been great and I have lost 70kg up until this point quite easily. Over the last two months it's been a struggle to lose even a kilo. Since Thursday I have been finding it hard to eat much. Even my usual small amounts of food are not going down well and I have this sharp pain, like a stitch, constantly in the side of my stomach. I think that I am meant to have my period, as I have had all the usual signs but that has been very irregular since I was banded. I have read that it can be tighter during that time of the month. Not sure if that's true? I will have to see my GP if it continues but just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this? Thanks so much
  2. I have never felt so good! 60+kg lost since September last year. I never thought I would be able to live and enjoy life so much! Feeling fabulous.

    1. BLC576


      congrats that's awesome work!

    2. Sara M
  3. wharfie79

    Thinking of changing doctors

    It pays to "shop" around if you can. I saw one surgeon first, who cost me $220 just for a consultation and if I had of gotten the surgery done with him, would have been $178 per monthly visit, for 12 months after. Luckily, I didn't like him very much. So I looked for another surgeon who I LOVE! She bulk bills everything. My first consultation and all my fills after. My application to pay for surgery using my super was denied and I didn't think I was going to be able to afford the surgery. She kindly did the surgery for the amount I received back from my private health insurer. A huge loss for her but she wanted me to have the surgery regardless. She is so nice and supportive too. You can tell she does this sort of work because she wants to help ppl. So my advice, do your research first.
  4. wharfie79

    Hungry and 3 weeks post up!

    Hi there, Everyone's journey is different. 5.5kg is great I think all up I only lost 10kg before my first fill, which was about 7 weeks after surgery. I too went through the hungry stage you are describing! I so wanted to rush back in to eating but you need to give your stomach time to rest and get used to the band. I would assume your surgeon has you on liquids or mushy foods as your diet at the moment?
  5. wharfie79

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hello January banders. I am a Jan bander too. Wish I had of discovered this post sooner. Hope you're all doing well
  6. wharfie79

    April 2013 - Are you changing your life in April?

    Roz, I was banded by Dr Andrews in January and she is so great. Not only a great surgeon but a great person too. Good luck on your new journey!
  7. Finally hit the big 50kg. That was my first goal. Hoping I can smash the next 50!

  8. So after 7 months I finally hit 50kg lost and I feel fantastic. 30kg of this weight I lost pre-band on my own and I have lost 20kg post band. I still don't think I have reached the right amount of fill on my band. I can eat whatever I like and as much as I like with very little restriction. I feel a lot of this weight I have lost using my own hard work and will power. Lots of people are starting to notice and I am so damn proud of myself, that I put some progress photos on FB. The response of my friends has been nothing short of amazing and supportive. My band is not a secret. My family and chosen friends and work mates know and have been nothing but supportive of my decision to have the surgery. I didn't feel I needed to broadcast my surgery to the 200 odd friends on my FB. So now I feel like a bit of a fraud. Especially because I have had some friends contact me privately asking what have you done to lose so much weight because they too would like to lose weight. I told them all the things I did. Losing 30kg pre-surgery was not an easy feat. I had to do all the things I am suggesting to them. But then in the back of my mind, I feel like I am only telling half the story. Even though I believe I have done the hard work to lose the weight. Has anyone else faced this dilemma? Does anyone else feel like a bit of a fraud? I am really morally torn, as I am a very honest and upfront person. I know that a band will only work if you do but as we banders know, there is a misconception that any weight loss surgery is the "easy" option to to lose weight.
  9. wharfie79


    I am the same as PNJ. I was hungry after surgery and ate soup and jelly about an hour after. I had really bad gas pain, so as much as I wanted to eat, it wasn't worth it because of the pain. Even drinking caused gas pain. However, after a week that passed and then I was very hungry and wanting to eat normally again. I did liquids for a week, then went to mushy food. I have had no issues and fingers crossed I don't.
  10. wharfie79

    too fat for lapband :(

    I would get a second opinion for sure. I haven't shared this yet publicly but I was 191kg when I first saw my surgeon. She told me she wanted me to lose 20kg pre-surgery because I was a higher risk at that weight. Luckily, I didn't have any weight related health issues, but she still said 20kg and I thought that was impossible. I ended up losing 30kg pre-surgery and have now lost 46kg in total and now weigh 145 kg. Still a ways to go. Interestingly, I don't feel the lap band itself has changed my life yet, (I still don't feel much restriction and could eat what I liked if I wanted to), but it definitely changed my thinking about food, weight loss and a healthier life. If she didn't tell me to lose 20kg, I don't think mentally I would have been where I am today. So, although I think 47kg is extreme, some weight loss is definitely achievable. I would totally get a second opinion though
  11. wharfie79

    Surgery Scars

    I am two and a half months post surgery and mine are still very obvious. I have five scars. Four that are the size of staples and hardly noticeable. My port scar is only 2.5 cm but is obviously the most prominent. They are neat and perfect and no stitches were used, but because I am very pale, they are very noticeable. They are still very dark in colour but I am assuming (and hoping) they will fade over time? The healed perfectly after a week though, with no infection. Good luck
  12. wharfie79

    Calorie intake

    When I first starting trying to lose weight, I used myfitnesspal to track my calories. I found this really useful, as it taught me a lot about food and calories. I was shocked and surprised by a lot that I learnt. I try to stick to around 1000 a day but I am sure some days I am a bit over this and often under.
  13. wharfie79

    Weight loss reality kicking in...

    Thanks everyone for responding with such encouraging comments. I do know it's not a race. I guess I am just excited to do some things that I have been held back from doing. Hopefully my first fill will change things a bit for me
  14. wharfie79

    Weight loss reality kicking in...

    Is it bad to be close to the scar? How did you find your banding experience? I was also up and about an hour after surgery. Couldn't wait to get out of that hospital gown and changed in to my PJs. I had a fair bit of pain from bloating though in the first 7 days. Found I had to go and lie down after eating only the smallest amount. It seemed to pass after about 7 days though and I have been fine ever since. I am having my first fill on the 28th Feb. I am hoping that will reduce my appetite a bit and kick start the weight loss again. I got used to losing about a kg a week pre-surgery. So, I am feeling disheartened that it seems to have stopped.
  15. wharfie79

    Weight loss reality kicking in...

    Hi Kelly, Same as you - Dr Andrews I had mine on the 8th January. I see you had yours on the 22nd Jan. How are you going? Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss anything or need a banding friend. I didn't notice the port when it was first done but have become really aware of it now.