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  1. Get some Rappid Loss, it tastes really yummy and is quite filling. Don't risk it, it's not worth it.
  2. Try some Manuka Honey, it worked brilliantly for me :-)
  3. you poor bugger! it lasted awhile for me Im afraid :-(
  4. MsWendy

    Fatigue after a fill?

    Me too, just a little bit, its strange!
  5. MsWendy

    underwear during op?

    I wore the paper undies and woke up without them!!! anyone knows what happens to them would really like to know! lol
  6. My band gave me heaps of hassles at first.... I had really bad heart burn and reflux something I only experienced occassionally was happening everyday! I thought I was having a heart attack most days! then I discovered Manuka Honey and how to eat properly. I can now eat all meats including steak. The trick is to take small mouthfuls and only swallow small amounts (say swallow three times for each mouthful until its all gone). My dinner is usually gone cold by the time Im finished and thats just something Iv learned to live with. I only have 6ml in my band at the moment and I won't be getting anymore fills. In fact, when I reach my goal weight Im bringing it down to 4mls. Maybe you have too much in your band?
  7. MsWendy

    Lil' bit Suss...

    not sure but I suspect that the band does lower your immunity... I say this because, I never got sick before yet since being banded in August, I have had gastro twice! I don't think I have had that for 10 years or more!
  8. MsWendy

    Stuff tastes different???!

    I used to love hot chips too and now I think that they are ordinary and prefer not to have them :-( I also wasn't a big fish eater before but now I love it.
  9. MsWendy

    Manuka Honey

    Hi, just wondered whether anyone had tried taking Manuka Honey for stomach uclers? I was thinking of trying it with the view to replacing my somac and just wondered if it really does work or not?
  10. MsWendy


    Iv stayed away from Berocca because my dr told me never to drink fizzy drinks.... does Berocca count as fizzy?
  11. MsWendy

    Challenging my band

    I too am obsessed with chocolate and chips!!! mostly tasty toobs and Zig-Zag's, I think its because it really goes down well and Iv never burped or had a stuck moment eating them, they do for some reason taste so much nicer than before I was banded....its very strange! Another thing I notice with the band is that I sometimes forget to eat!!!! hunger just doesn't feel the same anymore and have gone a whole day without eating a thing and don't feel lethargic or sick.... anyone else have that problem too?
  12. MsWendy

    About the bat wings..arm lift?

    you know what, don't worry about the scar, I haven't had an arm lift but I do have one massive scar that runs from my arm pit all the way to my elbow and nobody even notices it unless I point it out to the that I got bit by a shark hehee I didn't I just like to say that for laughs. But seriously, my scar doesn't bother me at all, and honestly, nobody even notices! I plan on having a boob job once I reach my goal weight and possibly a tummytuck depending on how bad it gets at the end of it all.
  13. am I only the one that seems to have no problem eating chicken and streak? I can only eat small amounts of them before I become really full but I don't seem to have an issue at all with it going down provided that I divide my mouthful into three swollows, I do this with all meats and it goes down fine, I only ever have a problem if I swollow a whole mouthful at once. I can eat anything provided I follow this rule. Am I normal? or it is because I have 4.75ml in my band? I'd love to hear your opinions on this. The only foods I really do have issues with are hot chips....I dunno why, but they seem to get stuck and can only eat 3-4 of them which is probably a good thing lol.
  14. MsWendy

    from 2ml to 5ml in one app

    you poor thing, but have faith that your Dr knows what they're doing. Im sure you'll be back to solids in no time :-)
  15. MsWendy

    felt like having a sook... but then...

    that's awesome! :-)