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  1. .Cat Lair Claire

    What's your addiction

    we collect stamps...aussie stamps? any body have anything like that...yep stamp collector here keeps me up late at night, and i tend not to eat
  2. .Cat Lair Claire

    August 2012 Bandits

    Hello, I forget to drink water for some reason...the scales have started to move again in my favour these passed few days...stayed the same and gained a couple of 100 gms...but i am back to losing the weight... going on holidays this week ,and am hoping not to succumb and have whatever it is i have on holidays...want to stick to the diet i have had...soups, eggs etc...i also will be in with family, so hoping no one notices, and can be explained by just saying i am dieting and not eating the normal breads, sausages, and sweets etc... vitamins have been hard to remember to take too...i am getting hungry, though have small amounts of low cal things, cucumber, lettuce, putting tomatoes and halepenoes in my eggs...mmm... hard not to pick at kids food... i have incorporated prunes during the day also...just because there isnt much movement... i also am feeling colder than usual, surprisingly... 6kg to crack 100...over half way to get to that milestone....happy with that....
  3. .Cat Lair Claire

    August 2012 Bandits

    Hello again all, Alot is happening. How much have you all lost to date, and how many Days banded. Ok, how about your op day weight to todays weight? or how much have you lost since being banded??? Thanks, would really love to know
  4. .Cat Lair Claire

    August 2012 Bandits

    Anybody Hungry? what do you do, what do you all eat during your day. what is your typical day? are you counting calories. do you eat more after you have the full feeling? what are the worst guilt feeling things you have done or eaten after being banded? i am struggling to have enough water. but today, i really want to eat. 2 weeks banded. sweetpea1981, i had chest pains also, for at least 5 days, hard to breath in etc...most likely gas, though your dr is the one that willput your mind at ease if you have any doubts.
  5. .Cat Lair Claire

    August 2012 Bandits

    Hello Just seeing if my ticker works on my signature Hope everyone is good on here tonight. I am still sore, and have the SHOULDER TIP PAIN !!! OMG...and the big incise site is bruised and very sore...all good though. Really loving all of you on here !!!
  6. .Cat Lair Claire

    August 2012 Bandits

    Hi everyone Banded on the 27th, day 5 of post op optifast. How much weight has everybody lost so far after being banded? I am just having a shake, with a bit of coffee....has anyone felt really hungry? i still have a bit of pain, though i feel half is hunger, and half is the fact that my stomach has never been so empty !!!
  7. .Cat Lair Claire

    2 Days Post Op :)

    Oh Definitely Barbarella, You cracked 100 by the time you were banded...what a great achievement. I cant wait to crack 110 as at this moment, the 31AUG12, 112.2. Very happy with that.
  8. .Cat Lair Claire

    Optislim for sale coffee & strawberry - Altona p/u

    Hello, What are the differences between the two? Re calories and fat / sugar? Where are you to post them from? Thanks Victoria, Cat.
  9. .Cat Lair Claire

    2 Days Post Op :)

    30AUG12 Hello Thankyou all for your encouragement. Just about to have some soup, and truly feel well, except for what ever it is inside my belly, nothing too bad, just like cramping a bit. Hunger pains, without needing to eat, kind of. enjoying not eating as much, or requiring to eat so much. I have lost weight, and weight at banding was 114. something, and this morning it was 112.9. I went right up to 117.9 directly after discharging from the hospital, the drip fluid weight. I am loving the feeling of not wanting to eat. I know it is only early days, but very excited still. Hi Elband1, how are you going? 2 days to go Must be getting very excited. The nerves make it interesting. In one week, it will be all over and you should be moving nicely. That is how i have been thinking about it. I feel by Christmas, less than 4 months away, we should be feeling pretty happy and healthy with in ourselves, and reaching goals we have never thought possible. Here is to us for making such a big and healthy decision Chat soon.
  10. .Cat Lair Claire

    2 Days Post Op :)

    Hi there Everyone I am pretty excited about seeing the numbers change on my scales ! And i am glad the hump of the approaching day to surgery is over, and now on the other side. No need for the nervousness now. Of course i was very nervous, and i t was a bit painful, i am up and about doing a bit around the house. I am so excited about the change of my attitude towards food. I truly believe i am on the right track with my weight loss success.
  11. .Cat Lair Claire

    2 Days Post Op :)

    New to Banding. Second day. All going well. Home and moving about. Anybody out there just starting on this journey too? I am 34 year old female. Start weight 114. Have 2 kids, and hubby