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  1. Tracenta

    I'm a Lap band failure!!!!!

    I to have put on weight and restarting I have started the 5 day pouch diet and lost 3 kgs in one day mainly fluid i think another day of shakes and going to go for a walk today I have had reflux lately probably from over eating so i need this Lets do this
  2. Tracenta


    I have been overeating lately with xmas and all and getting a phlegm type sensation in my throat that i have to keep clearing , especially after eating too much is this reflux , dont know cause its not hurting or burning sensation, just a phlegm build up in throat..please help
  3. Tracenta

    Stuck feeling

    Hi I ended up getting fill out for 6 weeks cause I think I ate too fast, then watched each I ate and slowed it right down...fine after that.. Hope this helps
  4. Tracenta

    Anyone tried GARCINIA CAMBOGIA

    Watched Dr Oz a few months and he explained he was being used for false advertising like diet pills he was not condoning any such product...be careful guys
  5. Well after a few set backs, I have started training with a PT about 4 weeks ago...on usual diets I would loose on the scales but this time I am in shock and haven't lost much by weight but lost 20.5 cm off my body...he said this is the best way to keep my metabolism working when there is muscle building...the fat will slowing disappear to ...I have always worked the other way looking at scales every week now it hard to get my head around , feeling the muscle building though...
  6. Tracenta

    Beyond diet

    Sorry it seems some of you are a little mad about comments on post..I am struggling ATM and wanting any advice on diet I can get...I have lost 20 kgs and still have 20 to go and has been very hard for me to stay focused...head hunger is a big problem for me and trying to manage as best I can...I have joined the gym last week and getting a pt to help me...I am exercising 2 times a day some days and slowing slowing getting to like it..I will keep you posted on my results..
  7. Tracenta

    Beyond diet

    Has anyone tried the beyond diet and got results
  8. Tracenta

    Beyond diet

    Has anyone tried the beyond diet and got results
  9. Tracenta

    Weight gain

    Hi I have been banded 1.5 years and still finding it hard I have put on about 7 kgs since Xmas it is stressing me out ...I haven't been exercising but just started again so hoping it will drop off again...people thinks it's a quick fix but you have to train yr brain not to eat when yr not hungry and only small portions ...I still struggle with portion size...
  10. Tracenta

    Batwings begone

    Just wondering if you can have lipo done on arms just as successful
  11. Tracenta

    Head hunger

    Good one missy will try it
  12. Tracenta

    Head hunger

    I wish you all the luck guys we have to pull together and stay focused
  13. Tracenta

    Head hunger

    I have put on 3 kilos over Xmas holidays and getting disheartened I haven't exercised also, which doesn't help but going to start next week...I am eating far too much and head hunger like the old days has kicked in and have to stop it...I know what to do and have to get back into it and fast don't want to put on any more
  14. Tracenta

    Dilation problem

    Have this same feeling again....on and off...I know ae had bigger portions latley
  15. Tracenta

    Esophageal dilation?

    Well feeling is back again after 5 mls put in...it comes and goes don't know whether it's the amount of food I'm eating or what ...thinking it might be a small pouch above band maybe and can feel a sense of something in my throat....don't know what to do going nuts over this .....any ideas anyone..