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  1. Sarahbelle

    Tummy tuck question

    My surgeon does it too. Total out of pocket is 3k for tummy tuck. I'm dying to get it done too...I'd love my boobs and legs done too but my main hate is my tummy so I can deal with the others.
  2. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Klee I was having the same problem with exercise. I found that many of my friends (all unbanded) were the same so we all decided to join a gym together. Although I still hate exercise I find that when we are all pushing each other to go it works. I go to classes which are funner than just the gym (still not fun but better) and it is all over with before I know it. It has also given me some me time away from the kids which as a mother I never seemed to get. Its still hard fitting it into working etc but I have managed at least 3 sessions a week. The benefits are starting to show in my back, arms and legs as I needed to tone them now I have lost weight and they were yuk and droopy. That also makes me force myself to go. See if any of your mates will join with you. The other part is, I know I'm locked in so if I don't go, I'm throwing money away. When I eat chocolate I just know that I need to work harder at the gym.
  3. Hi all I'm going away in a couple of weeks (KL and HK). I have been madly researching travel insurance which as I'm sure you will all know by now is harder once the band is in place. The cheapest I can find is insure and go BUT trip advisor has some bad reviews whith them refusing to pay out claims. So my question is, can anyone used insure and go and made a claim? Have you had any problems? People who haven't make claims are happy however I'm interested in the ones that have. Or do you have any other travel insurance recommendations? Pre band I always used cover1 but to use them now with a band it is difficult. I would appreciate your help and suggestions. TYIA
  4. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    I was all ready to go with insure and go until I read some really bad reviews on trip adviser about them...so I got scared off lol
  5. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi all Its been ages since I last popped in. Great to hear everyone is doing well. Its a hard road full of ups and downs isn't it! Not easy like everyone things! I've been doing really well, still loosing slowly but I'm happy with that. I am now below the drs goal weight although I'm still wanting to loose more although I'm counting down 6 months to when he will do my tummy surgery. It gets me down that I have lost all this weight but still have a horrible apron. I still can't wear what I want to wear and it gets really depressing. This is what happened last time and I eventually gave up and thought I still don't look any good skinny so whats the point. The difference this time is that I know I won't put it back on! I joined the gym too and have been going at least 3 times a week. I hate the gym but I do classes which are ok. I'm getting ready to go away in June, but geez finding travel insurance is hard. Its amazing how much the cost goes up with the band, I never even thought about it before but I wouldn't go away without it. Just need to find someone who will cover it and not charge the earth!!! I'm pretty tight at the moment so I think I will have some removed before I go away. I want to get able to enjoy a meal with the family while I'm away instead of having to sneak off to the horrible asian bathrooms to vomit lol After my last fill on tuesday I am able to eat soup and thats about it. I can't even eat stewed pureed apples lol I have the saliva thing too Fitnfab. I have it all the time and I have many stuck moments especially at the moment. Its really really thick, I figured it was normal and I also get that feeling in my chest. Lori hang in there. This is no walk in the park. Getting rid of the life habits is not going to be cured in a couple of months. I think we would all be lying if we said we didn't eat stuff we shouldn't. The difference is that we can only eat small amounts of it now which means less calories and certainly not as much as we did previously. So thats a win first up. The slower it comes off the better your body will look after the the longer it will stay off. Its also alot harder to put it back on now we have the band than it was before and we are being constantly monitored (unlike before). Take care everyone. If anyone has been away and got travel insurance I'd love to hear the details. xx
  6. Sarahbelle

    voucher companies for trips..

    A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her - same company. Because she paid by credit card she was able to get refunded by the bank. If you paid by credit card you can do the same - I'm hoping you did??
  7. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    I feel your pain Lynn. I've hardly lost anything as well. I eat small amounts and we eat well. No preservatives etc in this house. It just seems to have slowed down. Another fill is out of the question too as I am having so many stuck moments as it is. One thing I am surprised about is how much I haven't missed bread. I never thought I'd be able to cut it out but I've been fine with it. funny how your mind set changes. I also find coffee is my friend. When I feel like something sweet or I'm hungry but know I probably shouldn't be...I have a coffee. that seems to get me through the craving!!! been doing some exercise but not enough. Life is just way too busy at the moment!!! wow 30kg is absoluteley awesome. Well done...that is a massive massive effort! Good for you! You might be our star achiever lol. hope everyone has a good week!!! xx
  8. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi all. Its been a while for me...life is so busy these days with kids at school, work and sports etc. My weight has definitely slowed. Still loosing although sooooooooooo slowly! I have had heaps of stuck moments since my last .1ml fill in Jan. I'm not going back for 3 months now which worries me a bit. I seem to get more worried about what they will think when they weigh me and find I haven't lost a lot than anything else. I'm seeing Dr Dolan this time as I normally see the other dr for my fills (like Lynn). I'm worried he will have a go at me because I haven't lost enough. My worst stuck moment was when I took my kids to a fair. My son was hungry so I got his a sausage sizzle and since I hadn't eaten all day I decided I probably should, so I got myself one too. The first bite I took I chewed, and I could tell straight away that it wasn't going to 'work'. While they were waiting in the line, I tried to get myself together, but it wasn't going to happen. I could feel the saliva building. I looked at the kids and with great difficulty, told them to stay there, I'd be back in a sec. I went behind the jumping castle, tried to go further but just couldn't and threw up (trying to be discreet!!) I find when it happens, its not just liquid and food the saliva is really thick which makes it difficult to get rid of it if you know what I mean!!!! I learnt my lesson - no more hot dogs!!!! The rest of the times I have been at home so its never been an issue. Just gone to the toilet and its been fine. I'm amazed at how much .1 of a mil can make such a big difference. Before that I didn't really have many stuck moments at all and if I thought I did, it was nothing compared to now!!! I too find it hard to take compliments although I've been getting a few lately, its hard to just say thanks. I'm so used to brushing them off as its uncomfortable. Seems to be a trait of all of ours!!! Exercise has been difficult for me to fit in too. I did one boot camp session during my holidays (which nearly killed me) but it was good because there was no way I couldn't push myself! The problem is, I haven't been able to get back because I just haven't been able to get home from work by 6pm which is when it starts.. I have been trying to walk with a friend at least twice a week but with work that doesn't always happen either. Mornings are out as I am sooooooo not a morning person!!!!! Glad to hear everyone is travelling along well. xxx
  9. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Well done tegan. I'm sure you will be in those bathers in no time. Lori that sounds interesting I will definetely have a watch ...thanks for sharing! I think its official. I can't seem to eat chicken. Seems to get stuck every time no matter how much I chew. Ouch it hurts!!!! Decided to bite the bullet and go to my first bootcamp session tonight. OMG it killed me and now I am in agony!! hahaha Looks like I will be dragging my arse kicking and screaming next time now I know what to expect. Can't believe I paid for that torture hahaha On the plus side I had my gp check up today and not only am I off my insulin tablets, as of today I am now off my blood pressure meds too. Yay. Loosing the weigh now is just a bonus. (Although like everyone else its slow slow slow!!) xx
  10. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    I had another check up on monday. I now don't have to go back for 3 months. I had only lost a couple of kilos which I am not surprised about (coming off really really slow). But when she measured my waist I had lost 9.5cm in the last 5 weeks around my waist. Just goes to show how important it is to measure instead of just relying on the scales.I wish I had measured myself pre band. Just thought I'd share as there are a few of us that appear to be moving slow, but it may not be the case in your measurements!! xx
  11. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi kathryn - welcome! Like the others said - don't beat yourself up about christmas - its a time where you should be able to enjoy. Once the holidays are over it will be easy to get back to routine. ps. can't see your ticker! Lynn - I start work again tomorrow too. After all this time off I'm dreading it but at the same time will be nice to get back into routine. in 2013 I plan to be a bit more organised. I also plan on meeting my goal and keeping it that way!!!! We too have had a couple of deaths in our family last year so this year will definitely be a happier more positive one! xx
  12. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Happy New Year to u all too! xxx
  13. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi all. Glad everyone has had a good christmas. We have had lots of friends drop around in the last few days. Lots of nibbles have been eaten and I'm waiting to see it on the scales. Oh well - Once holidays stop it won't be happening so I'm happy with that. The weather has been scorching so I am so thankful for the pool (as are our friends!!) I Have also found it amazing how much loosing some weight can help in this heat. Although its been 40-41 degrees I haven't felt as hot and uncomfortable as I normally do. I had a break though today which I was rather excited about. Went shopping tried on a size 14 dress which was too big - so tried the size 12 and it fit perfectly. I was very excited and when my hubby asked me to do a fashion show lol of the 2 dresses I bought he was blown away and loved them. He said although he has noticed the weight coming off its harder to tell when you see someone everyday, but seeing me in the dresses really showed how much has come off. Although the scales haven't really showed much weight loss in the last couple of weeks, it must be coming off somewhere, somehow!!!! Anyway I just needed to share the excitement with people that understand. Others just look at you as if you are a complete nutcase for being so excited about a dress size. Not good about the stuck moment Julesy. That bloody hurt don't they. Strangely enough I can eat meat, but cold meat is a problem. I also had chinese on christmas eve and some broccoli got stuck. Ouch... I find it is easier to just bring it up. It is just sitting there as it went down and only the stuck thing comes up. Otherwise it sits there for hours until it slowly and painfully goes down. Its also great that your not hungry anymore. I love the feeling of not being hungry - I think I want that..and then I think..actually I'm just not hungry!! Previously I would have eaten it hungry or not! Anyway, enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone. xx
  14. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Hope everyone had an awesome christmas. Ours was busy with both sides of family coming for lunch. My oven died in the middle of cooking but somehow we still managed an awesome feast! Normally Christmas food is my highlight and I was surprised at how satified I was with so little food. Again I had to prioritise!!! I find this really funny and my family thought it was hilarious!! Couldn't fit in any dessert so had that for dinner!!!! Normally I would snack on seafood and nibbles as well but I just wasn't interested. We also got lots of goodies (lollies, chocies etc) which I would normally scoff on on christmas night but the thought of eating them makes me feel sick!!! Yay now thats a bonus! I have also discovered that I can eat hot meats but eating them cold ends in a stuck moment! I ate some left over cold turkey and ouch...up it had to come!!!! The kids find this funny too..they can tell my my face if something is stuck even before I get up...oops funny is stuck...better get it out mum!!!!! Anyway....enjoy your boxing day and I hope you all had a stress free day yesterday. Yet another achievement for us - getting through christmas!!!! xxx
  15. Sarahbelle

    October 2012 bandits

    Lori ..I love Cada...so yummy..I chuck in some sunflower and pumpkin seeds too. The kids and I have this on a reglar basis and even have it for an after school snack (kids not me!!) Lynn - I'm one of those people that tells people what they think of their hair and I'm not old! People either love me or hate me for it but if friends even need advice they come to me because they know they will get the truth!!!! Julesy - glad your nearly done with the move..and made it in one piece. Its supposed to be 40 here on christmas day. Thank god for the pool and aircon...its going to be a hot one! Lynn did they say another when you went for a fill about weight loss? I'm terrified they are going to yell at me for not loosing enough when I go back...especially after christmas. Have a great christmas everyone - not sure if I will get back on here tomorrow. Enjoy your families and your day and don't stress about calaries...its the one time of yea we should be able to chill. xxxx