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  1. banditbabe85

    Fallen off the Wagon

    Hi all, I had my lap band fitted 5 years ago and I am embarrassed to say that I have still yoyo'd and not achieved significant weight loss. There have been many reasons why but it's time to take control again. I've been given this amazing tool for weight loss and I want to use it. I need help to get back on the wagon. Can people please help me with what I need to do to get the ball rolling? I have recently moved from Qld so don't have a local bariatric doctor or dietician. I feel so overwhelmed and embarrassed at failing. Would appreciate some tips as to what I can do to regain focus and start losing weight again. Thank you in advance xx
  2. banditbabe85


    Thanks Meg, this kick in the butt has come at a great time :-) You rock!
  3. banditbabe85

    One week today!

    Well done!!
  4. banditbabe85

    IPL Hair reduction

    I have heard laser is much more effective than IPL as the light is much more intensive. I also have the same issue which I'm hoping to get fixed..let me know how you go!
  5. banditbabe85

    optifast and lack of energy

    my dietician recommended 90 g of additional protein for dinner as well as particular vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini..think ratatouille!) when I was on the optifast pre surgery. I was also given a book which had recipes etc, so don't think a tin of tuna will hurt :-)
  6. banditbabe85

    3 months in

    Thanks everyone for saying hi and for your fabulous suggestions :-) what a welcoming community, it's really great to see :-) Good luck to everyone who is yet to be banded, I feel it was the best choice I could have made.
  7. banditbabe85

    3 months in

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself as I've just joined today. I was banded 20th May this year and have had 3 adjustments so far. I am slowly adapting to my new life, and loving that I'm getting more confidence as each day passes. Would love to hear everyone's stories and how they have dealt with their bands and how they have overcome their struggles. My main struggle is battling the psychological hunger, and wanting to reward myself with food. I've really had to adopt a strict mentality of only eating when I'm genuinely hungry and really listening to my body. My dietician and doctors have been absolutely fantastic, but would like to meet more people in my situation and talk to them. So please stop by and say hi! I hope you're all enjoying your Monday :-) CJ