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  1. Loopyloo

    Wheat Belly

    I've started to read Wheat Belly. Has anyone else read this book and put it into practice?? I have a Coeliac son and I am intolerant to wheat. I've researched it online and think it's definitely worth trying. Just interested in others experiences!!
  2. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Thanks Merrynda, the Pristiq gets stuck at the top of my band and then expands and blocks the food tube?? I don't have any problem swallowing capsules to hope Effexor works for me. Isn't it funny how different everybody's experiences are?
  3. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Hi again, I've decided to stop my Pristiq because I can't get any more than 3ml in my 10ml band so I'm not losing any weight and gaining!!!! I've spoken to my Dr about this and I've now gone from 400mg down to 100mg so have another couple of weeks reducing to nothing until my system will be clear. I'm then going on to Effexor, as it's in capsule form so I'm hoping I'll be able to get more fill in my band. Is anyone else taking this medication and if so please can you give me some pointers on what helped you and what your fill is. Thanks guys
  4. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Oh yes Beebop,food cravings were stopped lol!!! It's not so much that I eat too much, more the wrong things. It's not often I get hungry but tend to eat out of boredom. Also being house/bed bound for the next several weeks I can't do any exercise, meaning my large round midrif carries on growing!!! I am a classic apple shape. I am quite happy with my arms and legs just hating the middle lol!!
  5. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Beebop, I've been putting off going to my surgeon because I've gained so much weight. Last time I saw him he said he didn't think the band was for me ( when the Pristiq was jellifying and blocking the band) and that I should think about getting the sleeve, but that's not something I want to do. I need to get off this weight before I go back to him. Kazbo, what is the morning plug??? I haven't experienced this?? I'll definitely talk to my dr about liquid meds Thanks
  6. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Thanks everyone!! Eggzy82, I wish it was in a capsule, then I'd just open it and sprinkle. I'm really stuck as I can't tolerate any more fill than 4ml in my band. This is my second one, my first one flipped. I went down to 96kgs with the first one and 61/2 mls in 10 ml. I'm now back up at 110kgs and stuck!!!! Does anyone suffer with the tummy sloshing?
  7. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Thanks 2nd chance but unfortunately Pristiq can't be cut up. Wish they could, but I tried that and got a big no no from the doctor. Also when you've taken them they kind of jellify and don't melt?? Go figure!!
  8. Loopyloo

    I need help!!

    Loopyloo Help, I have only 3ml in a 10ml band so very loose!! My pristiq medication was getting stuck on 4mls. Since having it loosened I have no restriction and the weight is piling on. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, I find when I drink it goes straight through to my "normal" stomach and stays there sloshing around all day???? I need to lose weight but have just had surgery to my ankle so have 8 weeks non weight bearing. Help!!!
  9. Does anyone know what size the band is and how much fill Dr Dolan puts in at a time??
  10. Loopyloo

    Leap of Faith

    Good luck for tomorrow Sez!! I'm also a WA bandit......NOR!! Was banded on 8th January by Kevin Dolan. Nursecutie, have you had your fill yet? Was it sore? Do you feel full? I'm desperate for mine but have to wait until 12th February for my appointment!!! I'm getting hungrier and have a fear of piling on any weight I might have lost!! Did you find you were eating more from about 3 weeks on?? Can't wait to hear how you both got on!
  11. Loopyloo

    January 2013 Bandits

    Good luck to all this weeks jandits
  12. Loopyloo

    January 2013 Bandits

    Good luck Angelina
  13. Loopyloo

    January 2013 Bandits

    Ooooooo that doesn't sound too good ReneeJay, did anything happen for you to be feeling like that???? Hope it passes soon
  14. Loopyloo

    January 2013 Bandits

    Thankyou so much DizzyDame