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  1. Brenden47

    Eating in public...still awkward.

    I told everyone everything from day 1. Three years on and no one even bothers to ask or look. Even at work functions I can eat as much or as little as I want and no one cares. I felt it would only be a big deal if I made it a big deal. Seemed to have worked out well.
  2. Brenden47

    Husband BIG problem

    I'm no Troll. If this question is not sexist, then why is the term "partner" missing, and the term "husband" present? There is a forum called "Secret Women's Business" and if this was posted there I would have no issue but it wasn't.
  3. Brenden47

    Husband BIG problem

    No problem with my husband. My wife is no issue either. Another example of sexist language on this site....
  4. Bought a Fitbit. Fun to play with but hope it works.

    1. HaysieJo


      have had my fitbit since boxing day, i love it its helping with the weight loss

    2. duckie


      I am a techno phobe, but these gadgets sound great

    3. Belsie


      You will love your fitbit 😃

  5. Brenden47

    Able to eat anything?

    I didn't say "never", I said "days after surgery". I even admitted to doing the wrong thing myself in the long term on occasions. The concept was alien to me, and I was curious how/why that could be an option for some people. In my mind, it is akin to smoking after a lung cancer diagnosis. I understand it happens, I just don't understand why or how. So rather than write it off and judge,, I thought I'd seek some insight into the behaviour.
  6. Brenden47

    Able to eat anything?

    I'm no saint and do eat what I shouldn't (and drink too) but I'm astounded how a large number of people admit to consuming junk food days after surgery. I really don't mean to judge, but I am having a real hard time getting my head around that. I would be curious to hear how that happens.
  7. Brenden47

    Goal weight

    I'm doing this. Seems to be working.
  8. Brenden47


    I've never been big into sweet stuff but October this year I started wanting desert after meals and late at night. It was so apparent even my wife noticed. Don't know why but the urge went away as fast as it arrived. No harm done so I'm not worried. I hear you on the healthy eating thing. That phases in and out with me also. When I think it's really bad, I take multi vitamins to compensate. I did feel like I needed a bit of a kick start for the New Year so I went back on Optifast on Jan 1. That seemed to help with heaps of small issues like sticking and eating poorly. Also got the Christmas gain off in a real hurry too.
  9. Optifast Rides Again...3Kg down since new Year's day

  10. Brenden47

    Weight loss after banding

    What your surgeon is talking about is the mean weight loss. Look at it in terms of height. Say you have 3 people who are 175cm, 150cm and 210 cm. The mean height is 178.3cm. No one is 178.3 cm, it is just a mean average of the assesed population. You will also note that 2/3 of the people in this example are no where near the mean height so the average is meaningless in relation to them. You can't look at mean results and predict an outcome for an individual as you can see in the simple example above. If we are talking statistics, there will be causal and corelative factors that can predict an individual outcome but population averages cannot. Hope this helps.
  11. Back From USA and 3 Kg lighter than the day before I left.

    1. duckie


      Fabbo, thats a good holiday surprise

    2. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      Awesome! welcome home

    3. Brenden47


      No suprise. If you've ever been to New York, or New Walk as I call it, you'll know what I mean. Averaged 18,000 steps a day. Chicago was the same.

  12. 3 Days until Route 66.

  13. After a 6 month plateau my weight has dropped 3kg in a week. Go figure.

  14. 39 Days until Route 66.

  15. 50 Days untill Route 66.

    1. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      48 Days now :) Another one going over there, is there a convention or something? LOL Enjoy!

    2. Brenden47


      46 Now. But who's counting. Lol.