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  1. pink74

    going home today!

    I got sleeved on Monday & now going home Thursday. Feeling confident I'll b ok. Just need to listen to my body. I'm dying to get on the scales tho, is that bad?!
  2. pink74

    weight loss by xmas?

    Getting discharged today.... heading straight for the scales! (In going to b addicted I can tell already)
  3. pink74

    That can't be right

    Well done!
  4. pink74

    weight loss by xmas?

    Thanks kazbo. All went well, my biggest complaint is nausea atm
  5. pink74

    November 2012

    Ok I'm 30 hrs after my sleeve and going ok. Biggest complaint is nausea. Have a drain but it's just a bit tender, no shoulder tip pain either. Am a little thirsty and taking the smallest of sips. Makes my stomach sort of contract & I get like a big hiccup! All in all, it's not too bad at all. My noisy inconsiderate neighbors are annoying me more!!
  6. pink74

    November 2012

    Morning everyone! Just a quick post to pop in. Got sleeved yesterday around 1pm, it's 4am & can't sleep. Everything went well, my liver was grt apparently (phew!). Pain is very manageable. No shoulder tip pain as yet (fingers crossed). I'm thirsty & starving!!! I also have a drain. Can anyone tell me if thesis going to b gross when removed?? Hope my fellow same day sleevers are ok
  7. pink74

    weight loss by xmas?

    Thanks ladies. I'm hoping on 1-1.5kg per week. It's one sleep to go!!
  8. pink74

    Real complications of the sleeve.

    I hope it gets better x
  9. pink74

    weight loss by xmas?

    I'm getting sleeved on Mon (12.11.12 Yippee!!). I'm wondering how much weight I'll loose by Xmas. I'm currently 102kg..... is 12kg too much to expect? How did everyone else go? Any tips? x
  10. pink74

    November 2012

    2 sleeps to go!!! Am so excited! I've got that niggling worry about my liver & optifast efforts. I've stuck to it as best I could so about 95% I think. I'll be devastated if he can't operate. I'm getting the sleeve, so I'll try my best to keep u updated xxx
  11. pink74

    November 2012

    Hi everyone. It's comforting to see others are struggling on optifast too - it's horrible!! But I have lost 4kg in 14 days. Although am really only doing it for my liver. I have only 4 days til surgery & til now super excited. Now I'm getting a little nervous. Just want to wake up & b post op! I guess I'm doubting myself as to how well I'll go. I mean, if I could control myself I wouldn't b obese in the first place. How is everyone else going?
  12. pink74

    reflux after sleeve - what does this mean?

    I've never had reflux other than during pregnancy so we''ll wait & see! Thanks for your advice x
  13. pink74


    Woohoo!! Congratulations, I'm still waiting to hear about my super cross your fingers for me!!