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  1. jan

    New hair

    Nessa, your new hair do looks gorgeous, and so do you.
  2. jan

    Bikini in public

    Nessa you look absolutely fantastic. And you deserve it, I know how hard you have worked to get that fabulous body. You look like a completely different person than the one in your photo before you started this journey. I am so happy for you, and hope you get the life you deserve.
  3. jan

    Off the rails

    Chilly70, I would have answered your post earlier but have been in hospital. I feel for you, and will try to give you a few ideas - just my own ideas, I am not qualified to give advice. First, you know you can lose weight with your band, because you have already proven this to yourself. If you are serious about giving it another go, I would suggest you make an appointment with the surgeon who did your band, tell him you want to give it another go, and listen to his advice about how much fluid to start off with etc. I would also definitely make an appointment with a dietitian who knows something about lap bands. I did this, and it was a great help. She did a rough eating plan for me, showing me how easy it was to make sure I got the right amount of protein etc each day. Also perhaps you are due for a general check up with your GP? Losing hair can be attributed to many more things than a protein deficit - perhaps he/she can run some blood tests to see how you are functioning. Hope this helps - you can and will get out of your ''hole'' if you really want to. I have been there and back, and I am sure plenty of banders/sleevers or whatever have been like this. Try to remember why you did this in the first place, to regain some of your previous drive. Good luck!!!!
  4. jan

    3 years ago today

    I'm with you Nessa! Let's get our priorities right here girls!!
  5. jan

    3 years ago today

    Oh Nessa, can you please bring me one of those home in your suitcase? Don't bother to wrap it. I can do that..........
  6. jan

    3 years ago today

    I have said it before Nessa, but you are truly an inspiration to us all. Your photos look like 2 different people. You look absolutely gorgeous, and your dedication to going to the gym etc was so good - you just kept at it, and it is not easy to keep up with a regular exercise routine. I really believe you have done an incredible thing, and you deserve a medal!
  7. jan

    A newbie but an olide ;)

    Hi from me too, Iamabeetle. I have only been posting for 2 years or so, so may not have met you yet. Anyhow, nice to meet you and am glad you have found your way back here. Every problem is so much easier to solve when you have all of us to talk to, and we all understand how hard it is to lose weight, and also hard to stop yourself from comfort eating. Hope being back will be helpful for you.
  8. jan

    Updated pics

    I am glad you have us to ''talk'' to then Nessa, so whenever you feel the need, talk away.
  9. jan

    Updated pics

    Nessa, I don't think a few awkward silences are a negative thing - from what I can remember of dating, these were to be expected. We can't chat all night with someone we only just met, man or woman. It was nice he asked you to let him know you got home safely, and also that he said the night had no ''expectations''. From what my daughters tell me [22 and 29], hardly any men ask you for an actual date - you just start talking at a bar or whatever and it goes on from there, and they said most of the men certainly do expect the night to end up at one of your places, and the woman is expected to be the ''dessert'' [if you know what I mean] to finish the night off. Personally, I would no more jump into bed with a man I had known for a few hours than I would poke needles into my eyes [and that's my daughters thinking too thank God!]. So him saying that to you was a good sign of a decent guy, if you follow my warped thinking. Glad your friend is okay. Also would like to apologise to you for asking for updates on your private life. I mean, I love to hear when things are going well for you, but I have no right to ask for details, so if I have caused some offence I am sorry. Your private life is just that - private, unless of course you don't mind talking about it. I find it a good place to get things off your chest, because the people you are 'talking' to you are not people you ever see, just ordinary people who all struggle with weight control, which as we all know is a situation no-one can really understand unless they have been there themselves.
  10. jan

    Updated pics

    Eek. I have been busy having a ''date'' with my husband, which consisted of sitting in a recliner [eating some chocolate coated peanuts I confess] and watching one of the Hobbit movies for the millionth time, so it is now 10.30pm and I have only just read your post Nessa about the car accident and ''?cancelling''. I hope you didn't! Also hope your friend in the accident is okay. I will check again in the morning to hear all the goss about what happened last night. Fingers crossed. x
  11. jan

    Updated pics

    Nessa, have a great time tonight. I am sure your co-worker wouldn't set you up with a creep. Have a couple of drinks for dutch courage, and just talk and get to know him. He is probably just as nervous as you are, and if you really don't like him, you can leave after a respectable time, and don't have to see him again. But as I have said, I am sure your co-worker will know what sort of guy you would like. Just enjoy.
  12. jan

    Updated pics

    God you lot crack me up. I wish we could all actually go for coffee and a laugh together, we'd have a great time. Excuse my confusion Nessa, are the drinks Friday night with the trainer toy boy, or the cop who I am surmising is older than the pt?
  13. jan

    Updated pics

    So glad you had a good night Nessa. And there is no way that anyone you went to school with could have twins in Grade 11!! She is either delusional or got pregnant when she was 5! Don't be scared of putting yourself out there, because you are in charge of yourself moving forward. You can do it at your own pace - if you say you need more time, any decent guy will respect your decision. Your self confidence needs a boost - looking at the photos from the reunion you should have heaps of it. You look really, really attractive and I know from your posts the last couple of years that you are a clever, well spoken woman. When you are ready, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and step in there. You will knock their socks off!.
  14. jan

    Updated pics

    Nessa, you look terrific!! What a difference from your school photos. I bet some of them won't even recognize you. I am very, very happy for you - you deserve congratulations because you have worked so hard. Hope you have a great time tonight. All ears for any updates on the physio
  15. Wolf, I can assure you you are totally sane. I was banded in 2012, even though I have lost 40 something kilos and still have some to go, I can't tell you the amount of times I have done what you are doing. [in fact, I am in the middle of doing it now]. You know you are doing the wrong thing, but you can't seem to stop yourself, and stuff crap food in as much as you can. However, I will try to reassure you that these feelings come and stay for a while and you overeat junk, BUT they go as well. Then you just tell yourself you have been a dickhead, pull your socks up and start eating as a bander should. I am sure there are many people who don't sort of binge like you and me, but others do. So, I do what you are doing, and I have steadily lost 40 odd kilos. It might be a bit slower than if I ate like the perfect bander, but I still get there, and so will you!! Just remember the story of the hare and the tortoise - plugging slowly along will still get you to the finish line. I promise.