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  1. So I've been experimenting a little folks, I've found that really fizzy drinks like Soda water or Sparkling mineral water work wonders. Instead of trying to draw the food through the restriction on it's way through like still water does and compacting the food, the bubbly ones seem to bounce the food away from the restriction and thereby allowing it to break up and find it's less painful way through.
  2. oh and Heinz English Recipe baked Beans are softer than the regular ones, easier to mush in the mouth
  3. I don't know how many experience tihs, but I've become very adept at making like mother bird, you know, being able to push the excess back up my esophagus on command
  4. I thought of that, but I'm right in the zone as far as taking my time, chewing food to death so I dunno, I did fall asleep in a funny semi upright position last night, and have been having funny feelings around my band today so possibly related I haven't had my band put in...so I don't really have any experiences with this. I just remember the surgeon at the last appointment I had say that things like white bread and other doughy things could cause problems. Would the steamed dumplings perhaps be a bit doughy? the coffee I had straight after the water didn't help, though I haven't had my cuppa soup for a while, been too hot. I will admit to not having seen my surgeon for a few months, too scared to get a fill after how tight it feels, 'spose I should book another follow up
  5. <p>Woke up this morning and had my usual glass of water, trouble was it wouldn't go straight through like usual. it's still sitting there slowly draining into my stomach, I don't understand at all why it wont go through, feels like I've got something stuck above the band.</p> <p>No real problem with dinner last night, only a couple of steamed yum cha dumplings, plus I was able to drink normally after dinner.</p> <p>Shoulder point pain and everything</p> <p>Any ideas folks?</p>
  6. Marchpig

    San Choi Bow - warning, messy!

    Yup, I too prepared this for my meal tonight, YUM!!!!!! and really easy, but the messy warning is spot on, wow what a mess I made!
  7. Marchpig

    Camping foods?

    I'm using these and other brands for most of my slushy stage, brilliant.
  8. Marchpig

    San Choi Bow - warning, messy!

    will be trying this tonight, thanks
  9. Marchpig

    Husband BIG problem

    Well, they would be rather 'Ghost-like" afterwards.
  10. Didn't have Barium at all, but was encouraged to drink water in small sips from the moment I woke up
  11. Marchpig

    September 2012.

    See my post just above yours My GP lets me use theirs anytime, it's the ones that told my GP that I needed to do something so why not use 'em hey?
  12. Marchpig

    September 2012.

    I'm now 2 weeks post op, water and coffee, 1 multivitamin/day, porridge/egg on toast for brekky, steamed dim sims etc. for dinner and baby food for lunch, walking 1km without issue and lost nearly 12kg, occasional shoulder pain but other than that feeling pretty good actually.
  13. Marchpig

    Husband BIG problem

    Tell him you know some really big blokes who will shut his mouth for him if he keeps on like that
  14. Marchpig

    This breaks my heart.

    Nope, never had to, my daughter's mother buggered off when she was 11 months old, so we became incredibly tight and close, so her eating habits were easy to shape.