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  1. DebbieMcV8

    1 month post op

    i am just over 2 months banded and still have lost nothing! since being banded i droped 12 kg on optifast now i am just staying the same i feel your pain.
  2. I feel depressed and totally over this whole thing... no weight loss since banding and it feel like all i do is spew, yes chew i know i do! Watch calouries i am eating one meal a day ... I dunno i just suck at this.

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    2. Shorty


      Maybe someone here could recommend a good banding dietician near you??

    3. scoots


      It sounds like you might not be eating enough calories, if you don't e at enough your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to everything it gets coz it thinks it won't get anything ever again, you should aim for at least 800 calories per day :)

    4. BackinBlack


      Must be related to the same dietician that advocates KFC mash and gravey lol. Sorry to hear about your issues, perhaps get a round of blood tests to see if there is a medical issue perhaps?

  3. DebbieMcV8

    Having a bad couple of days

    I am with you girl, i spent most of my second month still unable to handle solid and just vomiting yet the scales said tada your still a fatty no weight loss yay. It sucks major. We just need to keep plodding along and hope for the best.
  4. No fill in my band and still having trouble with alot of solids. think i am going to get some primer taken out.

    1. Karin


      cut up small,chew well, take your time between bites.

  5. So second month banded no weight loss and another.5ml take out! This is totally getting me down!

    1. Mookie


      Debbie, I didn't start losing weight till probably the 4th month. That's when I started to feel restriction. But you're having fluid removed, so you must be too tight already? Could it be the types of foods you're eating?

    2. DebbieMcV8


      yer it is cause i could keep anything down. the only things which would stay down without vomitting were chocolate, icecream, soup and optifast. Currently at the moment i can occasionly keep solids down but i think i need to get some primer taken out.

  6. Can't keep anything down today :( even will 0 fill in.

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    2. DebbieMcV8


      yer i can keep water down but no solids sux. been like this the whole time i have been banded. coming up to two months.

    3. Shorty


      Please make and appointment and go and see your doctor. Water only isn't good for you and two months is too long to live with an issue like this one.

    4. DebbieMcV8


      sorry i also ment other liquids and mushies eg, mashed potato, soups,shakes. Just not fruit or veg or meat. I actually had pasta and salmon today and it stayed down was very stoked!

  7. DebbieMcV8

    A Little over a month in and a few things i have learnt.

    It isn't really the way i prefer it i just don't have much choice, i have .5ml in my band and i find it the same without anything in it. I am just one of the lucky ones who doesn't need much fill so i have no room to move, just have to deal. And i was able to drink a few drinks but yes i got drunk alot easier.
  8. I can't keep suimin noodles down no mater how much water i add. Coffee club does take away so they don't mind wrapping up your left overs... cause mine seem to be heaps lol Coffee club also make an awesome omlet which i can actually enjoy, eat and keep down! Christmas cake... nope can't keep that down. Barocca replaces energy drinks just fine. I can drink alcohol whilst banded and not over indulge. Fizzy drinks i have not touched since banding and doubt i will bother. small amounts of cheese is ok (as in half a match box) before you spew. chocolate and cheese cake and ice cream are now my biggest enemy as they are easy to eat yet i can't eat much of them, excluding choclate cause a block can go over an hour (yes... i had a real bad day) Sushi doesn't stay down boo, miss my sushi. multi vitamins and mashed potato are my friends. However, mashed sweet potato nope hates me go figure right. Fish also love me yay! excluding smoked cold salmon... it hates me. and last but not least cold eggs = bad hot eggs = good
  9. DebbieMcV8

    My Wedding 11.11.12

    you look amazing!
  10. I'm not hungry la la la :)

  11. DebbieMcV8

    A Week after my first fill

    It happened to me a few times mainly because my band was too tight... as i said i am one of these ppl who doesn't need much fill. But it has happened when i have eaten too quick (remember not to let yourself egt too hungry or you tend to scoff) or forgotten to chew. But it isn't painful and is managable, i think it is just learning my limits i have some days nothing goes "wrong" and others i forget i am banded so i eat silly.
  12. DebbieMcV8

    So Bizarre

    Yer my doc said as you lose weight the tissue the band surrounds also shrinks... so when we find teh green zone it isn't perminant.
  13. had to bash out some frustration... 100 10kg kettle bell swings, 50 push ups (knees), 100 squats, 200 walking lunges, 50 rows and 50 seated bench press WOOT going to be ouchie tomorrow :)

    1. Anna


      so, can you move this morning?

    2. DebbieMcV8


      yes but sitting down takes alot of effort lmao

  14. DebbieMcV8

    A Week after my first fill

    Offically according to the doctor i am down 10kg, YAY I have not blogged in a while because i can't even believe my queer life after the band. To start i have invested in some doggie poop bags to keep in my perse as i had a over full moment at the car park at my local shopping centre... yeah vomiting on the grownd around mid-day in public... SHAME! I found that 1ml in my band was way too much for me and had to get .5ml removed, whilst i can't eat anything too dence at this amount it is better than nothing! Non-band related - i have also found out someone at work likes me... great *sarcasim* he does not seem detered even though i am married and only a few weeks earlier he was chasing my best friend who he apparently didn't really like was just trying to get close to me. may i say Psycho much? But apparently he always gets what he wants... which is looking like a kick in the nuts. O and FYI if that is what being skinny means... They can keep it! Creepy fruit loop stalkers. eeewww. I have also found that my lady times are unbelievable sensitive! As in i forget 1 pill and bang got ya! I have my period! ... luckily it wasn't bam got ya! You have a small money drainer in your stomach which is cute so you don't leave it in the woods when you can't stand the crying any more. Well thats my high light run for the week...
  15. DebbieMcV8

    First two weeks

    This is so true! Everyone is different I had 1ml put in and found it too tight! So i am currently sitting at .5ml in my band and i can barely eat!