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  1. Bandy_Alexander

    Getting The Band Out :(

    I have had nothing but trouble with my band, including an extra surgery because I couldn't swallow even liquids and an ambulance ride because of burning pain in my chest and back. I am now in my 4th month of banding and have lost nothing (in fact I think I may have gained a kg or two). The last 6 weeks have been a TOTAL nightmare. First, I had another episode where I had terrible pain in my chest and back for about 30 minutes, similar to the episode before where I called the ambulance and went to hospital. I was just sitting there when it happened, again there was no reason for it, I wasn't eating or doing anything (watching TV in bed at night). After this episode, I suddenly felt the band “working†I felt full after small portions, I stopped vomiting every single meal as I had been prior to this episode (often multiple times in the course of a meal, including mushy weetbix and the like) and I started to lose weight. I lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks. Then while doing grocery shopping (again, not doing anything that would cause a problem) I had another of these episodes and I lost the “working†effect of the band. I am back to being hungry ALL THE TIME and frequent vomiting. I have just sat down now, exhausted after spending an hour over the toilet trying to loosen stuck mashed veggies. MASHED VEGGIES. I cant even swallow those little red krill oil capsules and they're tiny. Meanwhile I am STARVING ALL THE TIME. SO hungry. Hungrier than I was on the Optifast diet. Hungry like I have never been before. This is leading to old habits and bad food choices. My go-to good food all gets stuck now - so this has made sticking to a good quality, low calorie diet MUCH HARDER than before. When the band was loose, it did nothing. Right now it has 3mls and it's killing me. It's clear after those two good weeks that the problem is in the way the band is fitted and that these painful episodes are the band moving. I am going to see the doctor on Monday to learn how one gets a band removed. I am so sad, not just because I still have $2130 left to pay off the surgery.....but also because I am back to square one, hopeless again. It's also disheartening that I seem to have a special talent for being the one that fails at such things. Anyway. That's how much this whole experience has sucked for me. If you're considering this surgery, consider it HARD.
  2. Bandy_Alexander

    All mighty pain....HELP

    I have the most horrible pain right where my band would be, and in my back at the same place. It came on suddenly while I was working. I havne't eaten in two hours and it isn't something stuck. It feels like really really bad heart burn, like the worst heart burn of my whole life and it feels like it almost goes all the way up to my throat. Can you get heartburn with a band and if so, does it feel like someone stabbing you in the back? My car is in the shop and there's nobody near by who can take me to a hospital....if I"m going to call an ambulance, I want to make sure it's important.
  3. Bandy_Alexander

    What do you do when food gets stuck ?

    So that sucked. One hour of vomiting up my own spit and feeling that agony of when you gulp and it hurts....tried walking, rocking, vomiting, head between my knees, standign up straight, drinking, eating, coughing, gagging....nothing worked until I drank a still fizzing Barocca (no fizzy drinks in the house, it was that or soluble Panadol) and then it was instant relief. It wasn't even like a burp, it just seemed to wash it down - that sucked royally. I was getting panicky!
  4. Bandy_Alexander

    What do you do when food gets stuck ?

    I have something stuck right now, have brought up all I can but there's still soemthing stuck. Doing my head in. This sucks.
  5. Bandy_Alexander

    Help I did something really dumb

    I am still on liquids so it's bad. And, after not having pills get stuck, last night a pill got stuck, so I think the experience did something - maybe caused a bit of swelling. Got a doc appointment today ,wil ask
  6. Bandy_Alexander

    Help I did something really dumb

    I was encouraging my three year old to eat his lunch/morning tea/food whcih was cut up meat and veggies. I was feeding it to him like a little bird and he was chomping it like a crocodile and thought it was funny. He picked up a bit of meat and did it back to me, and I chomped it like a crocodile, chewed and swallowed without even thinking....until it hit the band and got stuck, instantly and painfully. I came in, posted "what do I do" just in time to bring it back up..... Lesson learned.
  7. Never mind. I just learned a lapband life lesson.
  8. Bandy_Alexander

    Total banding disasters

    Feeling a bit bette rbut really tired and yucki still
  9. Bandy_Alexander


    Had emergency surgery the night I posted this. Vomited all day at hospital. DISASTER
  10. I made potato, chicken and leak soup and it was awesome: Slowly cook 3 - 4 chopped chicken thighs in a 2 cups stock with onions and garlic until the meat is soft enough to break apart. Add two large leeks and cover, simmering until the leaks are partly cooked Finely, finely finely chop four potatoes and add to pot Fill to just above the potato line with skim milk Add 1 can evaporated skim milk Cook on really low for 15 mins or until potatoes squish when pressed Fork the chicken until it's in small pieces Pour it all in the blender with another two cups of skim milk and 1/2 cup grated light cheese Blend and blend and blend If it's too thick to go through a straw, add more milk Add pepper to taste. This makes about 8 -10 250ml serves and my husband and son ate it with glee - like, I made it yesterday, the day before and I'll be making it tomorrow. Every time it's all been gone by the next morning.....
  11. Bandy_Alexander

    NO weight loss 4 days post op

    I am now 4 days post op and lost 3 kgs overnight after nothing since the op. I think it was swelling and water retention and whatnot from the pain killers and anaesthetic but today it all started to drop.
  12. Bandy_Alexander

    Any regrets of getting band

    I was banded on Monday and again on Wednesday due to complications. I was ready to jump ship and get them to take it out on Wednesday but I'm getting used to it now. I am 50/50 whether I regret it or not but suspect as time goes by I'll be happier about it.
  13. Bandy_Alexander

    Total banding disasters

    Nope, she was done by someone else three years ago and still having problems!
  14. Bandy_Alexander

    Total banding disasters

    The woman in the bed next to me had a surgical complication with her band that has all but killed her. She was in for the third time after the surgeon nicked her bowel during surgery and she got septicaemia - and the admitting nurse had a band and had her own problems too. the whole time I was there I was surrounded by banding horror stories.
  15. Bandy_Alexander

    Total banding disasters

    Just back from the hosptial after my second surgery in two days. First band was....they won't tell me what was wrong with it, but I vomited constantly until at 9.00 last night I had emergency surgery to fix it. Feeling a bit better today, in heaps of pain in my neck and shoulders. going to bed.