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  1. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    up again to 62.5 a gain of 700g in a month :-( Gotta get my head together! Snacking is going to be the death of me!
  2. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    up again, 61.8 put on 300g from 2 weeks ago! :-(
  3. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Have had a stressful few weeks and have had sliders mainly chocolate and have put on 800g so back up to 61.5! Grr!
  4. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Only 149 cm so tiny! I did get down to 50 kg a couple of years ago and would like to at least get back to 55kg which brings my BMI to 25 (healthy weight range)
  5. dondon

    After false starts here I go

    good luck for Tuesday Andrew! The start of a new you coming up!
  6. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    60.7 a 200 g loss since last weigh in 3 weeks ago!
  7. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    weighed 60.9 today so that's a loss of 1/2 a kilo since last weeks fill! woo hoo! :-)
  8. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    61.4 another 900g up this week, hopefully should drop back down soon, had another fill today, am getting closer to my original fill! Can't seem to get motivated enough to stop the crap snacks though!!
  9. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    haven't weighed in since 23 of nov with a weight of 59.8 and after Christmas I am now up to 60.5, not to bad considering they are going slow at putting my fill back in after having it all removed a few months ago! So a gain of 700g in 6 weeks! Go back in for another tiny fill at the end of the month!
  10. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    59.8 put on a kilo in a fortnight! :-(
  11. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    up again, to 58.8! Started to put fluid back in slowly again last week, but am still eating too much and the wrong crap!!!!
  12. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    i weighed in at 58 kgs yesterday! No fluid in band and am eating more often!
  13. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Was 57.5 on Wednesday, that's a loss of 2.5 since my last weigh in, have had band issues and have had all the fluid taken out now!
  14. I had my flipped port fixed while I had my gall bladder removed and it was better than banding! Not exactly what you are asking for though, but the most soreness of that combined op was probably where he stitched the port back.
  15. dondon

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am up to 59.9 which is 2.8 kgs........booo hoooo!! Last way in was a month ago, have been on a holiday and got cellulitis and have been on strong antibiotics since I've got back, no exercise allowed until now and eating all the time to stop the sick feeling that the antibiotics create, and of course eating the wrong crap!!