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  1. supporting partner

    Living with my bandit

    Hi all - So its been a while since i've even logged into bandingtogether.com.au, but i guess i want to let people know how i've coped living with my bandit fiance. I have to start with, i couldn't be more proud of her, she's done and is still doing everything she needs to do get to her goal weight. We've had our ups and downs (mostly ups) and she's so much more happier than ive ever known her to be, she's more confident than ive ever seen her and much more comfortable with her body than ive seen her in the 4 years we've been together. She has had a couple of moments where he weight has plateaued and she's lost motivation, but for me that was a sign i needed to give her a little nudge, weather it be getting on the exercise bike or just going for walk with our son. The doctor has said she's doing really well, and we havent had any surgery related dramas at all, her scars have healed well, and i dont even notice them anymore, they may always be a reminder as to what was past, but there's no looking back for my little bandit. I feel that not only has the band helped her but its also helped me, helped me realise that i needed help with my own weight, i've never been big but i've always had a belly on me the makes me look 6 months pregnant, i work away and on site they provide fitness classes so ive been going to classes on a regular basis and eating a hell of a lot better than was (which is hard when you have a huge range of food to choose from every night) This is good because when im home my fiance cooks great food for us both and i eat it, im finding myself eating stuff i never would have thought id eat - and im learning to love it. If anyone out there is thinking about the surgery or if you're a partner of someone thinking about it - i recommend it, we thought long and hard about it for a long time and now - well the fact is i had my doubts but our quality of life style is so much better than ever before and for our little boy i think we made the right decision. If anyone has any question for me, feel free to ask.
  2. supporting partner

    Here to support

    Hi all, Im not a bandit, but im here to support my fiance who is also a member here. She hasnt asked me to come on here, ive done it so i can try to understand what she feels and also see what other people are going through so i can try to get some idea of what to expect and if theres any tips anyone has to help me to support my already gorgeous fiance. She is couple of weeks out from her surgery and shes getting very excited, i support her decision to have the surgery, and i do my best to show her i support that decision.......though as a typical male i guess i have trouble expressing my feelings and emotions about certain things. So if ANYONE has any advice for me on anything at all please let me know.