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  1. Me too. I've PB'd about 3 times in the 20 months I've been banded. So the reality is - zero times a week.
  2. krees

    Please help

    You'll know - trust me!
  3. krees

    May Challenge (2014)

    Would love to join - but am going to the UK in a week...really quite worried about what food I'll be able to eat! I also need a fill, but not getting one before going overseas Have put on about 3kg lately - would love to have that back off when I come back. Maybe my goal will be not to gain any in England?? We will see....
  4. krees

    Duromine and lapband

    And if it doesn't work, it's a very expensive trip. I tried it in 2 stages - the first stage was 30mg, lost maybe 10 kgs and that was it. Went back after a break (they only let you have it for 3 months), and got put up to 40mg and didn't lose A THING. All I got was racing heart, dry mouth, insomnia and my depression got worse. I couldn't stand the side effects - especially the insomnia.
  5. krees

    Advice .......

    Have juice, painkillers, pillows and loose clothing ready for home. As well as what the others have mentioned. You won't be able to sleep on your side for a while, so if you have a pregnancy pillow they can really help with the comfort when trying to sleep.
  6. krees

    Surgery Scars?!

    A year and a half banded - 4 scars. Again, the port one the biggest. But all of them are mostly faded - port scar is still a little visible, but the others are pretty much impossible to see, especially through the stretch mark scars!
  7. krees

    Excessive burping

    I burp a lot more now after banding - no longer bothered by it.
  8. krees

    Stuck + Heartburn?

    I have a hernia (pre and post band), so I have reflux all the time if I do not have my prescription medication. Somac is the one I take - as the tablet is tiny, and I have no trouble taking it. It is for long term use, so if you have a reflux attack, taking one of these will not stop the pain immediately (unlike Mylanta). But it's effective long-term and small enough for banded people to take.
  9. krees

    What does being "stuck" feel like?

    PAIN is what it feels like! My pain is more in the chest if I have a stuck moment - if it is in the stomach, that is usually when I have eaten too much. If you are worried, call your doctor ASAP. You will find that the time of the day will affect how well you can eat something - dinner is usually the time when I have little trouble eating - but in the morning, I often cannot have more than a cuppa and yoghurt due to the band being tighter. And that time of month also affects tightness.
  10. krees

    Protein whilst on liquids (week 1)

    up and go's etc also have protein - but drinking yoghurt is good too.
  11. krees

    Weigh In Wednesday

    First time I have weighed in a little while - I wasn't eating well, and was feeling bleh - but I have lost weight, and am at my lowest yet...85.2 I have never been below 85 in my adult life....so close!
  12. Agree completely with Kazbo.
  13. Once you move onto real food, you don't lose any weight for a little while. And do try and get a few more calories in - milk would be good, as it has lots of vitamins and minerals too.
  14. Same as Kazbo - that is a big sign I have eaten too much. Also, if I find I am picking at the food, and not really interested - then I know I should stop.
  15. krees


    I've now upgraded to the Fitbit Force - should be released in Australia soon. It's a wristband one, which I prefer, as I don't have to think about putting it on or off (except for the shower). And I like to be able to read where I am at - which is the better bit than the Flex.