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  1. Specialized29er

    The Alfred waiting times

    Hi Sophie, is that a maximum waiting period of 365 days? and is that the first meeting with the surgeon. If you have to wait 365 days plus maybe taking out private heath coverage would be a better option. Hope all goes well for you and the band treats you well.
  2. Specialized29er

    Weather is warming up...chaffe season is here

    I use the 3B Cream an unbelievable product, who ever came up with the product should have won an award.
  3. Specialized29er

    What exercises can I do?

    Leading up to major Mountain Biking events I'm a gym junky but first how's your knees. If alls good then good fat burning cardio type exercises is the way to go, I particularly like the stair master and the sitting down cycling type machines. Then again the rowing machines are good to, really good at raising the heart rate and getting us sucking in the air . Any type of exercise to get the heart beating harder is good, ask the gym to put a program together to suit your needs and tell them about the band. 60kgs in such a short period WOW you have done well.
  4. Specialized29er

    Updating signature

    Trying to update my signature but can't remember where to make the changes.
  5. Specialized29er


    Thats crazy, I paid cash via a direct deposit and then would have used my private health cover should I have complications after the surgery.
  6. Specialized29er

    Bad stories on the band???

    5 years a Bandit and love mine to but there are the days I wish it was gone but without the band I'd now be pushing up daisies.
  7. Specialized29er

    Band removal

    Hi Janine, is having the band removed due to a health issue its just that having the public hospital system remove it for a non medical reason might be an issue. Next time you see your GP as them what are your options.
  8. Specialized29er

    Tired of lapband..

    5 years a Bandit and with it and the cycling the whole journey has been very easy. Only at Easter I was thinking I'd love it out so to eat a big steak but without it I'd return to my morbidly obese days.
  9. Specialized29er

    Taking the band out - 6 years banded

    Sorry to see another banded going but hey if its for you health then go for it. Just wondering have you had all the fill removed and tried living a normal healthy lifestyle. Just before October 16 I had all my fill removed and although with the band I live a healthy lifestyle it wasn't long before my 2011 habbits returned and so did 10 kgs Now have my 5mls back and have already shed those 10 kgs I'm in training for another 6 hour Mountain Biking event. I've Googled and Youtubed the CAVU band and nothing came up, how does this one differ to the everyday band. Best of luck with the further.
  10. Specialized29er

    Bad smelling bandage

    Are your incisions the same as when the band was installed, if so I'd go with applying new pads. Do you have any stitched or are the incisions like mine at surgery with no stitches just the steri strips.
  11. Specialized29er


    Just remember to chew, chew, chew and chew some more. You'll get the hang of it after a few stuck moments. How much fill have you received so far, I think I had 8 or 9 over 18 months. Best of luck with the remainder of your journey.
  12. When I had my Band installed I wasn't aware of any other form of weight loss surgery and now 5 years latter knowing what I do know I'd suggest you go for the Sleeve or maybe the Bypass. If the Band hasn't worked this time then I'd doubt it'll work the second time. Even though mine has done the job I think eventually I'll see about having a Sleeve done.
  13. Specialized29er

    Advice on feeling feel

    For me stopping is easy, I have no choice when I'm full that's it and now 6 years down the track I just stop and without even knowing it I stop eating. Here's a tip, after having a few blockages stopping will never be a problem again, 2 days of constant pain in the gutz isn't fun .
  14. Specialized29er

    I'm a Lap band failure!!!!!

    Gord I feel for yous that's so rough being years down the track and still struggling What I find has helped me keep my weight down is exercise its not always easy during summer. My band is tightish which I've learnt to live with, just today I had for smoko one too many crackers and vegemite and had to remove that one . What I've found after 5 or 6 years? is I now know what I can normally eat and when and this alone helps me from overeating, even today just thinking about eating some foods makes me feel uncomfortable. What I love about the band is that I don't have to diet, just eat the normal foods and the band does the rest. Wishing you's all the best for the furtther.
  15. Specialized29er

    Band removal

    It seems what we can't and can do is totally opposite to having the band installed. For me the recovery after the installation was so easy but the removal sounds a little rugged.