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  1. dragonflyblue

    How many days needed off work for a sleeve op?

    I took 3 weeks and needed every second of it. just the driving to work part hurts not worth the risk to go back any sooner
  2. dragonflyblue

    Dietician circle of care

    I went to her once and never went back she seemed like a stoner from Byron bay . ( nothing against Byron bay just an expression ) she is very impersonal , doesn't listen -doesn't care-doesn't understand . I did officially complain as did about 4 others in my group of sleevers at the time but nothing was done about it as a result I never went back for any of my other appointment NOT ONE. considering all those extra appointments are included in the price of my sleeve I tried to get my money back for that portion but they wouldn't.
  3. dragonflyblue

    journalist calling about cirle of care

    I went with circle of care and no-one has rang me....?? its is weird. I would sue them too if I could be bothered!!!!!!
  4. dragonflyblue


    don't be surprised if some ppl don't say anything its really fricken annoying..... its like up hang on ive lost 54 kilos since you saw me and ur not gonna say a word..... makes me sooooo mad.....
  5. dragonflyblue


    I waited 3 months then my first glass of wine got me so drunk.. its effects you way differently after the sleeve. its crazy ( but save allot of money ) everyone calls me a light weight now I used to be able to drink anyone under the table... how things change
  6. dragonflyblue

    My first stall! 😩

    hello, every single time I hit a stall I drank more water and ate something completely random and out of the blue, seemed to move things along just by mixing it up from the same thing everyday.. water water water
  7. dragonflyblue

    Tattoo help

    hello, i have 7 tattoos some before my surgury 5 after it. im 45 and have lost 55 kilos in 16 months and my skin did tighten but i have mine on my ankle, wrist, side of leg-ankle area & back of neck where the skin has bounded back nice and firm. ( the ankle is great as you can wear jeans or long pants or a long dress if you have a wedding or nice occasion to go to and the skin is generally nice and tight. i have seen many of the uv tattoo apparently im told they fall out very easily and are lucky to last 6 months to 1 years as the ink can not take the same amount of use as in swimming showing bathing . so think carefully and read reviews if going for the uv as it would seem a shame to have to get it re-done and somewhere else as that skin would need to heal etc.
  8. dragonflyblue

    Any regrets sleevers?

    best thing i have ever done for myself in my whole life
  9. dragonflyblue

    Wow! a miracle just happened - husband willing to be supportive

    so happy for you without close support this is so much harder. ps. did he ever really say why he wasnt supporting you in the first place ? like fear of u being hurt or just not feeling you need to take this step in the first place? ( just wondered )
  10. 48 kilos gone 2 to go then hot air ballooning here i come

    1. dondon


      well done!! so close, wont be long!!

  11. dragonflyblue

    anyone else cold?

    I agree im sure this winter will be very hard for me. ive lost 48.6 kilos since last march so this winter or even now im really feeling it. I have a blanket & heater for under my desk at work & at home im all rugged up. I hope by next winter im a little more used to it as I literally feel as thought im cold right through to my bone
  12. dragonflyblue

    hospital stay time.

    I was in for four couldn't wait to get out lol.
  13. dragonflyblue

    How long and How much???

    im 11 months sleeved & im down 46.8 kilos
  14. dragonflyblue

    Would you do it again?

    im a sleever & yes in a heartbeat. best thing ive ever done for myself a lot of hard work but yes yes yes
  15. dragonflyblue

    Hints for shoulder pain?

    i had a bath everytime mine was bad the heat really seemed to help in every way