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    Slurpee Zilched (low sugar)

    Today I discovered at Seven Elevens they now have Slurpee Zliched (low sugar). They still have some sugar in them in though. According to the nutritional info (http://www.slurpee.com.au/slurpeezilched) the calories are aproximately (as each cup can vary in weight between 80% - 110% and it is the weight that determines the calorie content) 30 cal Small 350ml 42 cal Medium 490ml 56 cal Large 650ml 77 cal Super 890ml 102 cal Mega 1182ml compare this to a regular slurpee 100 cal Small 350ml 140 cal Medium 490ml 186 cal Large 650ml 255 cal Super 890ml 339 cal Mega 1182ml --> this is a whole meal's worth of calories when dieting. I had a delicious medium Slurpee Zliched as a snack for just 42 calories. Like drinking sweet bubbles of air.
  2. missy_belle

    Sugar Free 10 Day Challenge

    Anyone who reads my posts will know that I freely admit to being a sugar addict. This includes many carbs, especially the white and/or high GI type carbs, and sugar substitutes. I stumbled onto this site that is an anti sugar documentary and it has a 10 day sugar free (including sweeteners) challenge. I'm gonna start tomorrow. I may not last long, who knows, as I've been struggling with sugar bingeing over the past couple of months. I've already been low carb'ing it since Sat, so now I just have to eliminate the sweeteners. This will be tough but it's something I've been thinking about doing for quite a long time. So here goes. Anyone else want to join? http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/fedupchallenge
  3. If you tried to vomit and nothing came up, maybe it is just irritated and nothing is left there. Just try to stick to liquids for a day or two and see if it helps.
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    Loving your new profile pic TishTish!
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    Boob job

    My breast lift was covered. Surgeon needs to quote it as a breast reduction as a lift does not have an item number. I had a breast reduction with implants and it had a Medicare item number. Cost around $10k with PHI.
  6. I still want to lose another 6kgs so that I weigh less than the total amount of weight that I've lost, but I thought I may as well share my before and after pics after and very long process to lose 65kgs. 140kgs in November 2007 at my heaviest weight in a size 26 BMI 48.4 (morbidly obese). If I was only 5kgs heavier my BMI would have reached 50 pushing me into the super morbidly obese category. 123kgs in July 2010 feeling pretty good after losing 17kgs and in a size 22 BMI 42.6 (morbidly obese) 103kgs in February 2012 climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge after losing 36kgs and in a size 20 top, size 18 bottom BMI 35.6 (obese class 2) 92kgs in December 2013 in a club after losing 47kgs and in a plus size 18 top, plus size 16 bottom BMI 31.8 (obese class 1) 75kgs in April 2013 after losing 65kgs and in normal size 12 skirt and normal size 14 top (I'm 5'7 or 1.7m) My BMI 25.7 so still technically overweight but only just. Update: 23-May-13 I just hit the magical number of 72.2kgs this morning which means I am no longer technically overweight (BMI = 24.9 healthy weight range). Whoo hoo!!! Of course I immediately updated my profile to be in the 100% weight loss club. Update: 18-Aug-13 This morning I weighed in at 69.4kgs which means that I am now literally (less than) half the person I once was. For the past few months my weight has been relatively stable. A few weeks ago I started getting serious about losing as much weight before my body lift and breast lift surgery scheduled for 29-Oct-13. Update: 26-Oct-13 Photos pre-reconstructive plastic surgery. 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Update: 24-Nov-13 Photos 26 days after body lift and breast lift with implants. 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Size 10 bottom, Size 12 top (Bras 14DD) Surgery on 29th October 2013 by Assoc Prof Mark Gianoutsos in Sydney. I am extremely happy with my surgeon's results. He is amazing! Oh and this is me just after the shower with no makeup. The before and after body lift photos are frames from videos which is why I sometimes have a strange expression on my face as I may have been talking/moving at the time. Update: 04-Jan-14 Photos pre- and post arm lift (scar in posterior position) and inner thigh lift (groin incision only - no vertical scar). 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Size 10 bottom, Size 12 top (Bras 14DD) Surgery on 10th December 2013 by Assoc Prof Mark Gianoutsos in Sydney. Refer to thread for my comments about the reconstructive plastic surgeries. Update: 15-May-14 Photo update approx 6 months post surgery for arm lift and body lift. 69kgs. Update: 1-June-15 Photo update approx 19 months post surgery for body lift. 75kgs. Plastic Surgery Details - Body Lift and Breast Lift with Implants Body Lift $14,100 (Medicare Item numbers: 30177 Lipectomy radical abdominoplasty (pitanguy type or similar), 30171 lipectomy wedge excision of skin and fat) Breast Reduction (aka lift) with Silicone Implants $8,750 (Medicare Item numbers: 45520 x 2 Reduction mammaplasty (unilateral) with surgical repositioning) (Implants 275cc silicone round moderate profile) Costs exclude compression garments ($350) and hospital costs. Additional cost of implants approx $2,300 paid by Private Health Insurance (I think they may have been paid by PHI as they are considered "surgically implanted prostheses" under the Federal Government's Prostheses Schedule) Medicare and PHI Rebates for combined surgery was $2,712 (note Medicare pays less when procedures are combined in one surgery) Note surgery costs are paid 2 weeks prior to the surgery date. Receipts are issued after the surgery date. Medicare pays on the final receipts so this is refunded after all costs were paid upfront. I have zero excess PHI so incurred no hospital charges. PHI should always cover hospital costs and Medicare will pay rebates if the surgery has a medicare item number. Plastic surgery following massive weight loss is reconstructive surgery and is not considered to be "cosmetic surgery" (which is excluded from all PHIs). Surgeon Associate Professor Mark Gianoutsos at Prince of Wales Private Hospital (Randwick / Sydney) Surgery Date: 29th October 2013 Plastic Surgery Details - Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Inner (Medial) Thigh Lift Brachioplasty and Inner Thigh Lift $11,400 (Medicare Item numbers: 30171 lipectomy wedge excision of skin and fat) Costs exclude compression garments ($178) and hospital costs. Note originally I was quoted $7,750 for the brachioplasty and a further $7,850 for the inner thigh lift but received an unexpected discount for my second surgery which combined the two procedures. Medicare and PHI Rebates for combined surgery was $1877 Surgeon Associate Professor Mark Gianoutsos at Prince of Wales Private Hospital (Randwick / Sydney) Surgery Date: 10th December 2013
  7. Added photo update approx 19 months post surgery for body lift to original post.
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    Sorry to hear TishTish...hope it's nothing serious.
  9. missy_belle

    Paleo Diet Thoughts?

    I stopped eating gluten free when I learned that it is normally higher GI than wheat based products. I'm not a coeliac but large amounts of wheat give me IBS, which is just another reason why I should stop/moderate eating white processed wheat products.
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    Paleo Diet Thoughts?

    This just come up on my facebook ads...I'm looking through it now...it's my food porn for the day! http://paleogrubs.com/paleo-diet-meal-plan BTW I worked from home today and since I was home oven baked a sweet potato with a drizzle of garlic oil, S&P. Ate it for brunch and again just now, with some hot chilli relish and a bit of cheese on top. OMG...so delicious. It would have been paelo if there was no cheese and could have used bird's eye chilli instead of the relish. And I have mashed roasted pumpkin for dinner and the next couple of days to eat with my green veggies and chicken breast.
  11. missy_belle

    Paleo Diet Thoughts?

    Yeah I think that too...people get so dogmatic about a particular set of rules. Not just paleo but any diet. At the end of the day, eat whatever you want. The only thing that really matters is the calories. Everything else, like low-carb, is only marginal in my experience. I try to limit carbs but not because I think carbs are bad as such, just that I have trouble eating a small portion of them and want to keep eating them over and over and leaves me more hungry than if I ate more protein. If I limit them then it is easier for me to limit the carbs and therefore minimise my calories. Eating any protein is a conscious effort for me because I naturally dont eat high protein foods. I spent years trying to find the magical diet that would allow me to eat a lot and still lose weight but it does not exist.
  12. missy_belle

    Paleo Diet Thoughts?

    paelo is basically just anything that is natural as it's what would a cave man have available to eat. Eg veggies, meats, fruit, nuts. So no bread, rice, pasta but starchy veggies are fine. So most people doing it would be lower carb than their normal diet. I personally am addicted to artificial sweeteners so prefer to go lower carb and clean foods than going all the way to paelo which has additional rules. I also love my dairy and didnt give it up even when I was on keto (no carb) as I just had a small amount in my coffee every day.
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    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    Congrats Scoots....Fist Bump!
  14. missy_belle

    Dr Dolan tummy tuck

    I choose a plastic surgeon as they specialise in plastic surgery. Other surgeons do not.
  15. missy_belle

    Food Porn :)

    I had seed grain toast today with butter and topped with 1 scrambled egg, 1/2 bunch asparagus and some guacamole (1/4 avo). I made the guacamole using a small avocado and added thinly diced green chili (mild) and small red chili hot) and added lime juice, lots of coriander and salt and pepper. It was so spicy from that little hot red chilli. Loved it. Sorry no pic.
  16. missy_belle

    AB's Bandiversary

    Congrats AB....
  17. missy_belle

    My Interview on Queensland ABC Radio

    Great job TishTish!
  18. missy_belle

    Banding when obese.

    I was banded at 24 weighing 140kgs. Lost about 30kgs over a year and regained it back by about the end of the second year. I then lost 71kgs starting 8 years after banding and am now around 70kgs (at 170cm) which is healthy weight range. It didn't work for me for the first 8 years because I choose not to change my diet and continued to live on sugary crap (which all easily slide through the band eg chocolate and ice-cream). You can also eat a lot of calories over the course of the day under any WLS from continually grazing. So, any WLS can assist but you still have to be ready to change your diet which I wasn't when I was 24. I just thought back then that the WLS would do everything for me and there'd be no effort on my behalf. But as you lose more weight, it gets harder to keep losing weight as you need to have a better diet (calories wise). I've now had my band for 15 years and am generally quite happy that it continues to restrict quantity but it's still up to me not to eat around the band or I will easily regain weight.
  19. missy_belle

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    I think people dont realise there are also conversions from sleeve or by-pass to band. As the sleeve is relatively new in Australia, it makes me wonder if in another 5-10 years we will start seeing people fail at the sleeve and get a band put over the top. Or perhaps there will be another WLS popular then. 15 years ago when I was banded there was only band or by-pass and as I was only 24 there was no way I was going to have a by-pass as I thought it was too drastic for me at that point in time.
  20. missy_belle

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    I agree, it does seem like the sleeve (and bypass) is much easier than the band which is why people loose so much weight fast compared to bandsters. What I'm not clear about is, even though it is easier initially to drop the weight whether that then slowly changes in the years that follow since most sleevers bounce back upwards by around the 2 year mark. Then I'd be back to where I currently am which is that in order to loose weight and keep it off you still have to work at it and make sure you are not consuming excessive calories or you will regain weight. This is why I'm not rushing to convert to another WLS and even though I have a pouch I don't have any issues with the band and can eat any foods in small amounts.
  21. Banded in 2000. Didn't lose my weight until starting 8 years later finally hitting goal weight in 2014. SW 140, Goal weight 69 (bmi 23.5). CW 75.
  22. missy_belle

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    I've had my band for almost 15 years. I have a pouch but it's not bothering me and in fact at times I think it is a slight advantage since I can eat more normally when out at restaurants with others since more food can sit above my band waiting to go down. I asked my new surgeon at my last fill about whether I should switch to bypass or sleeve and he told me that I'm best to stay with a band because my main issue is sweet foods. Even if you get dumping at the start following bypass or sleeve you can gradually build your sweet food consumption up over time and dumping stops apparently. That's what he told me. So basically I need to work the band and stop dreaming about life being easier if I switched to another WLS. I have no problems with the band and can eat whatever I want in smaller quantities. I just need to avoid eating sugary crap and I will stay a normal size. It seems like a very large number of people are switching WLS at the moment. I'm not really sure why everyone is changing from one to another though. Just makes me wonder whether everyone switching really have issues with the band or whether some think their life will be easier with a different WLS. While weight loss is faster with the sleeve or bypass I still wonder about how much weight people actually keep off over the long-term.
  23. missy_belle

    what are peoples experiences (good or bad) with excess skin....

    You can't fix or prevent excess skin. You either live with it being thinner, go back to being obese or surgically remove it. I lost 76kgs and had reconstructive plastic surgery. Before I had surgery I lived in compression garments to suck it in so that it wasn't noticeable under clothes.
  24. missy_belle

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Just wore a bikini on the beach in Hawaii. OMG. Can't believe I can do that.
  25. I don't understand why he needs to go to the hospital from the above post. There was nothing saying he is currently physically ill. I'm also supprised he's able to consume those foods. I would have thought he might vomit or dump having a bypass.