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  1. Off to HK for 2 weeks so having .1ml out just to be safe :)

    1. Sara M

      Sara M

      Happy travels lovely lady

  2. Minnie TM


    Ironically I've barely had a headache since being banded in January. I do drink Hydralyte regularly maybe every second day and I also try to sip as much water as I can throughout the day - I don't leave home without a bottle of water! But saying that sometimes water doesn't cut it hence the Hydralyte. I also have coconut water every one in a while. I also drink Berocca a few times a week. I also take an Iron supplement - Spa-tone. Not too sure but a lack of iron might cause headaches? I think too Kateye_Diamond is onto something in terms of your body withdrawing from stuff, but you were banded about the same time as me so you would think your body would have well and truly withdrawn by now. Good luck, hope you get to the bottom of it.
  3. Minnie TM

    January 2013 Bandits

    Any Melbourne Jandits heading to Helen Bauzon's dinner tomorrow night? If so, I'll see you there!
  4. Minnie TM

    The Biggest Loser

    I think The Biggest Looser is an evil show that does nothing to genuinely help the plight of everyday overweight Australians (or Americans for that matter) and in fact perpetuates the stigma, discrimination, misunderstanding and misinformation that overweight and obese people have to deal with on a daily basis. It's cruel, it's dehumanising, it's a lie and it's made purely for ratings and advertising dollars. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!
  5. Third fill tomorrow - need it to kick start some more weightloss. I'm just hovering around 11kgs and it's getting annoying!

    1. libby83


      Good luck Minnie I know you can do it ad the weight will shift. YOU ARE STRONG GIRL

    2. Sara M

      Sara M

      Go minnie , keep the mini you foremost in your mind :)

  6. Minnie TM

    January 2013 Bandits

    Well done Kate! You need to update your Lap Band and Weight Loss status in your profile to reflect all your hard work
  7. First flight tomorrow since banding - only Melb to Syd so shouldn't have too much of an effect. Packed an Up n Go in case!

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    2. Sara M

      Sara M

      Hope all goes well :)

    3. libby83


      How did your flight go today?

    4. Minnie TM

      Minnie TM

      All good but I must say I kinda 'felt' the band whilst I was in the air! Ate solids perfectly fine a few hours after landing!

  8. Minnie TM

    I think I hate my Band

    Hang in there Mary! Try not to get yourself in a spin. Get back to the Prof and talk to him about the issue of being able to eat one day and not the next. No doubt he has come across this issue before and he knows how to fix it. Please try to think of the positives, particularly your weightloss so far. When you say you ate because you wanted to, maybe eating was such a good friend to you in the past that you are mourning it's loss a little. But think of all the new friends you could make - walking in the fresh air, not sweating profusely when it's only 23 degrees, buying clothes in 'normal' shops, meeting and talking with other bandits, having more energy, keeping nasties such as diabetes and heart disease at bay..... there are heaps. Come on girl, please cheer up and get to the Prof.
  9. Minnie TM

    January 2013 Bandits

    Currently away for the weekend as a secret Bandit. A comment already about how slow I am eating but fortunately no comment yet about the amount! It's so hard to keep this under wraps!
  10. I dunno if I'm doing something wrong but I can't get to the recipe I just keep coming back to the normal recipe forum page. Can you write it in this feed? I remember it had a bit of mint.
  11. 6 week bandiversary: lowlight - had my first hideous stuck moment, highlight - hit 10 kgs lost. Pretty happy :)

    1. libby83


      yeah good for you the weight loss I mean not the stuck moment.

    2. Sara M
    3. Sara M
  12. Minnie TM

    Op date booked in

    Congratulations. You should start a thread for April 2013 Bandits & build a little online support team around you.....
  13. Minnie TM

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi everyone! I take Spatone. It comes in single serve sachets so it's nice and portable. I stir it into OJ if I'm out or at work. I actually like the taste (when mixed with OJ) cos it tastes like its doing you good! I have taken Floradix in the past but shifted to Spatone as its more convenient & the taste is better, in my opinion. First fill went really well although the port area was a little sensitive for a couple of days after. It certainly curbed the hunger for a week (lost a further 1.5kgs after fill) but I can feel it wearing off now - back for another fill Tues. I think I have 4ml in at the moment. I must say I am struggling with sleep at the moment. I think it's a combination of not eating enough in the evenings and either going to be hungry (but not really realising) or waking up hungry at between about 2am - 3am so I must say I've upped my protein during the day and have made sure I have a decent amount of food at night no matter how long it takes to eat! Also, trying to Keep the walking up to try & tire me! But I also have found I am thinking a lot! My mind is just racing with things to with the band, things to do with work, just things! Anyways I'm off to bed to see if I can get some zzzz. Hope everyone is doing well!
  14. Just swallowed my pride & posted some very revealing images. Oh well it is what it is!

    1. Cath1304


      Good work. It's fantastic to look back on in 3 or 6 months time and see how far you've come!!