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  1. Angelina

    Back to Basics!

    Sounds exactly like my story - I have managed to put on 3 kilos and am getting very very depressed - I need to start getting my butt into gear again - I was floating on air before now I feel like a "lump". I'm due to go back and hopefully have a fill next week - I feel like I have absolutely NO RESTRICTION at all.
  2. Angelina

    serious reflux

    Hi Missy O this sounds exactly like what I was going through. The problem with me is that the reflux medication I was taking wasn't doing anything. Anything I would eat would come up. It felt like food was just lined up in my oesophagus. I constantly felt hungry and found that I could almost eat anything even though the effect would be that I would have a stuck moment. I would only have relief once if vomited. Sometimes even water would cause a problem. Anyway my surgeon thought maybe I over ate (it was over xmas) and maybe a pouch had formed. It was decided that she would remove some fill. I'm not sure how much fill was removed but I can tell you what the relief was instant. I was able to sleep without vomiting in my sleep and I was able to eat. I was also able to eat much much more and was constantly thinking of food. My weight slowly crept up to 64 kilos (my lowest before these problems was 61.5). I have been seeing my surgeon every 2 weeks and she has slowly been putting in more fill. I am now at the point I was (fill wise) before all the problems started. I am starting to lose weight again and not constantly thinking about food. I had my last fill on Monday and Monday night even though I did only have fluids I did feel some reflux whilst sleeping. As the days have gone by the reflux has become less of a problem and sleeping is much much better. I am sleeping with two pillows but feel it may not be necessary. I don't know whether the problem was a pouch or if food was stuck (which I really doubt - I can't see food being stuck therefore 4 weeks) but I'm just glad it is over and I am now back on track. Hope you overcome this hurdle soon. Best of Luck.
  3. Angelina

    serious reflux

    Hii guys well i had some fill removed about 3 wweks ago after Wendy suggested i do so as a pouch may have formed. Since then i have not had any reflux at all. I'm still trying to eat as healthy as i can and restricting certain foods. I have however put on nearly 2.5 kilos in the 3 weeks. My question is can i get some more fill put in out will my pouch reappear. I'm just very concerned because since some of the fill has been removed I've been feeling quite hungry and constantly thinking of food.
  4. Angelina

    serious reflux

    Thanks for your replies guys. Im finding Nexium isn't really helping that much. I noticed last night I had about 3 or 4 cashews and went to bed probably about half an hour later(around 9.30). About 3 a.m the reflux started so I sat up for about 2 hours. I then lied down to sleep and I kept coughing because it was like an acidity liquid was coming up my throat and nose area. I got up and I could feel sort of like a "stuck" situation which disappeared after 1 hour. This "stuck situation" is common after I suffer from reflux at night. Anyway to cut a long story short I had a breath test done which revealed that I have H pylori which is apparently a bacterial type of infection in the stomach. I am on antibiotics and nexium for 7 days then I need to take Nexium for 3 weeks then after a week off the nexium I need to have another breath test to see if the H Pylori bacteria has gone. I have tried to find some info on the H Pylori but the info I find doesn't mention any symptoms of severe reflux. Im just so scared that my band may have slipped or something because if that is the case I won't be able to do anything about it till August this year (as I only upgraded our hospital cover in August). Has anyone experienced similar.
  5. Angelina

    serious reflux

    thanks t_elle. can i ask is it absolutely necessary to have the fluid taken out before starting the nexium.
  6. Angelina

    serious reflux

    Hi all. In January it will be 3 years since I've been banded. I've managed to maintain my weight but i have put on 2 kilos in the last 6 months which i am working on losing. I haven't had a fill for nearly 6 months. Lately (probably the last 2 months) though i have been suffering from sever reflux at night to the point that i vomit. Last night it came out of my nose (sorry guys). I haven't changed my eating habits at all. I mentioned it to Wendy (Professor Nottle) last time i saw her and she said not to eat just before going to bed. however prior to the reflux starting i was able to have a snack or drink before bed without suffering from reflux. Has anyone experienced the same. ?
  7. I too am with HCF and was banded about 18 months ago. HCF told me that no weight loss surgery is covered under my policy (I have intermediate hospital) so if I have any complications and need to have surgery I won't be covereed. I will be covered if I get top hospital cover which we just can't afford. I seriously dont knew what to do. I worry if something goes wrong and need to have surgery how on earth will I pay for it. Is there anyone else in a similar situation?
  8. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    I haven't checked in for a while so thought I would now as it is getting close to my 1st anniversary of being banded. I am extremely happy with my band. I have been seeing my surgeon once per month (at my request) just to make sure things are going along ok. I haven't had any adjustment for the last 4 visits. My weight loss has been very slow during the last 5 months (on average 200-500 grams per month) and I am very happy with that. I am now a size 12 in clothes (was 18-20) and feel like a different person. I sometimes do have moments where food gets stuck, but I usually bring it up and everything is fine. My band feels tight in the mornings and usually having a class of water in the morning can be annoying because it feels like water gets stuck. But I slowly sip and it does get down and within no time I feel better. Over Christmas I lost about half a kilo (this have never ever happened before) but today I feel that I over ate. I feel very very full, a feeling I have not had for quite a while. There are certain foods I don't eat much of (mainly because I am scared of food being stuck eg. meat, chicken, bread) and certain foods I can have but choose not to (pasta, cakes), and some foods that I love and can't give up (eg. cheese) so I only have very very small portions of and eat it very very slowly. I really don't feel that I am deprived of food. I do go out for dinner and just order entrée serves or food that I know I won't have a problem eating. I make sure I eat really slow and no one has ever noticed that I don't eat as much as I use to. I usually take notice of how quick others eat and remember what I use to be like, scoffing down my food like there was no tomorrow, that full feeling that would actually make me feel sick, feeling like the food was just pouring out of my mouth because I was so full. People have been amazed at my transformation over the last 12 months and even though I feel guilty for not telling them how I lost my weight (I am a secret bandit) I tell them that I have smaller portions (well, I guess I am telling the truth in one way). We are going on a family holiday in about 6 weeks and I am so excited that I can wear bathers and shorts and not feel disgusted in myself. Before I would never have anything to wear and now I have a wardrobe full of clothes and have trouble working out what to wear because I have a large choice whereas before I only had a smaller choice. I admit I haven't really exercised much but my new years resolution is to exercise more and get rid of my flabby arms (yes I have tuck shop arms) my thighs are a little flabby too, but honestly compared to the way I was I feel a million dollars. So one year on and I feel amazing, I love life, I love shopping for clothing, I love going out and socialising, I love getting dressed in the mornings and having a different choice of clothing, I love the compliments people give me, I love being to walk around and do things without getting short of breath, I love the fact that my blood pressure is now normal and I do not require tablets, I love the way I am slimmer than I was when I got married and I love the fact that I can, for the first time in a very very long time call my husband "fatso" because he actually weighs more than me. I have now reached my surgeons goal of 65 kilos (I started off at 88.9) and want to get down to my own goal of 60 kilos, or maybe even 55. I will get there slowly. Even though people will not agree with me, I feel that I have to weigh myself every morning. It keeps me motivated, makes me keep an eye on my weight - it works for me. I have only once regretted having lapband and that was probably one week after my surgery when I was in pain, felt uncomfortable, bloated, I could feel my port and I remember telling my friend that I regretted it so much, but the pain soon went away, I was no longer full of gas, I no longer feel my port and my only regret was not having the surgery sooner. I should have done it years ago.
  9. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi guys, thought I would check in. At my previous appointment on July 29 and Wendy suggested I do not get a fill, which I was happy about. Anyway, I went back yesterday and turned out I lost 1 kilo within that month. I told Wendy I was starting with the hunger etc and so I got .3 ml in. So far my weight loss has been slow, but I am happy with that. Prior to my previous appointment on July 29 I was losing an average of half a kilo a week which was fantastic. However, since not getting a fill on July 29 I have been averaging 250gm weight loss per week, which I personally think is a little too slow.... anyway, I'm hoping with this extra fill I will start feeling fuller than usual and more restricted that before and hopefully lose more weight. I went for a lovely 1.5 hour brisk walk this morning and I think smelling spring in the air has made me more motivated to get out there and do more exercising. Wish me luck. So far I have lost nearly 18 kilos and have another 11 kilos to go. I'm so hoping to get to my goal by January 2014 (1 year banded). Hope you guys are all doing great.
  10. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    oh forgot to mention I am now over weight rather than obese..
  11. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi all, just thought I would check in. My weight loss has been a little slow having lost just under 2 kilos this month. I had an adjustment yesterday and .3ml was added. The doctor has suggested I go back every two or three weeks now (rather than once a month) so we can maybe speed things up a bit with regards to finding my green zone. Hope you all are going great.
  12. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi hope you are all doing well. I had an appointment back in May and because I was losing steadily the doctor decided not to give me a fill. I didn't lose any weight for that month and started to get hungry quite often. I guess the good thing is that I didn't put on any weight. Anyway, they decided to put in .3ml and I can already feel a restriction. I'm hoping to start losing some weight again cos I was starting to feel quite depressed.
  13. Angelina

    Well, today is the day...

    Good luck
  14. Angelina

    I've made goal!!!

    Fantastic - you must be so so proud.
  15. Angelina

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hey Guys, hope everyone is doing well. I had my last fill on March 20 and due back at the clinic on April 22. I have been doing ok. On average im losing half a kilo a week which I am fine with. I haven't started exercising yet (only rode my bike twice last week and did a Jillian Michael Work out once) but am going to get into it tomorrow now that school holidays are over. My eating has been fine. I don't have an issue with it. I find that I am eating everything I want but just very small portions of it. I am so into my Yonana machine at the moment which is like having ice cream made out of frozen fruit and I love it. I could eat it all day and I guess it is healthy too. I find it so refreshing and tasty. One thing that has me a little worried and Im hoping some of you lovely people out there can help me. I can feel my port. Before I would have to rub my had over it before I could feel like it (its like a ball under the skin). Lately it seems to hurt a little, nothing to serious just like a hard feeling. I mentioned to my surgeon last time and she said that I am probably over eating and that is why it feels like it is there. However, today, even before I had breakfast I could feel it. It is hard to explain but its almost like there is something there. Which I know there is but I have never felt it before. Today I went to the bathroom (I didn't sit there too long either and it was a nice sitting, nothing too strenuous) and when I got up I had a sharp pulling pain around my port area, it was almost like when you have a stich from running. I then sat down for a while and the same thing happened when I got up. I haven't done anything differently, except some bike riding and I did the Jillian Michaels workout only ONCE last week. I don't think I over did it with the exercise and bike riding. I don't know what it could possibly be. Has anyone else out there experienced the same thing. Im actually a little worried about it.