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  1. Mich111

    July Challenge

    Been sick for rage past week and have been munching too much. Scales haven't moved Feeling better so will push this week
  2. Mich111

    July Challenge

    I'm in this month. I've haven't done one yet. I've been hovering around 82kgs the past six months. Got a fill on Monday. Broke the 80 kgs for the first time yesterday. Aim for this month is 3 to 5 kgs.
  3. I've found that as well. Mainly that time of the month but stress seems to do it as well
  4. Mich111

    Plastic surgeons/surgery

    Hi Maria I'm in Perth as well, I've been getting some prices to get a boob job done. YOu said he was cheaper, was he much cheaper? I'm even looking at going to Thailand Michelle
  5. Mich111

    Travel overseas

    I think I better go and get some fill out before going after reading that post
  6. Mich111

    Travel overseas

    I'm going to Bali in two weeks. I've heard that some people get some of their fill removed prior. Not sure whether the band changes with pressure. I had my second fill two weeks ago. Dr increased by 1ml, now 6ml. I didn't think 1ml could make much of a difference. Prior to second fill I could eat any food other than mango without an issue. Now I'm lucky if I can have more than a few mouthfuls of food without the need to be sick. Can't eat most foods now. Scared that it may get worse overseas Does anyone know
  7. Mich111

    December 2012 Bandits

    I've been trying a few things like stir fries. Tacos without the taco but with a lettuce leaf. Celery sticks and hummus. Breakfast consists of egg whites, tomato, spinach and mushrooms and capsicum. If in a rush I prepare the night before the veggies.sometimes just boil a couple of egg so I can eat on the run. Try to have different flavours each night.
  8. Mich111

    December 2012 Bandits

    I've got 5ml in my band. At first it felt like ihad no restriction however lately I haven't been eating as much. I don't know whether it is because I'm being more conscious about quantities or not
  9. Mich111

    December 2012 Bandits

    I have cut out nearly all carbs and feeling better for it. Eat baked chicken with salad or steamed veggies Stir fry with no carrots. Give the rest of the family noodles or rice
  10. Mich111

    Easter challenge

    I'm 85kgs now and aiming to be 75kgs Hope I am as I am going to be in Bali
  11. Mich111

    December 2012 Bandits

    Thanks Matandi I can't help not weigh myself daily. I do measure myself weekly as well that has stayed the same in three weeks. Thanks Jen, trying to stick with it. Just one of those things you doubt what you're doing when you don't see results I have been investigating insulin resistance after the doctor told me I had high insulin. Sounds like I'm insulin resistant, explains a lot
  12. Mich111

    December 2012 Bandits

    Hi all I had my band done 3 dec and a fill on 7 jan. I have lost 10kgs up till the. My fill was 5 ml in a 10 ml band. I didn't notice any change to the amount I can eat. I ty not to eat more than 1000 calories per day and normally stick to three meals nd a snak. Frustrated as I haven't lost anything since the fill. Trying to exercise or t least an hour a day Losing motivation
  13. Mich111

    Nail Polish - surgery

    Hi Kylie. I have had by band surgery in dec and I have false nails. They weren't an issue. I have also had four others surgeries for different things over past three years with them on. So shouldn't be an issue. The reason they want to see the nail is so they can check on circulation and oxygen levels. The oxygen clip that goes on your finger is ok with or without. They normally press the nail to see blood / colour come back to it.
  14. Mich111

    Exercise in the beginning

    Hi Jaxy I got banded in dec and I have been exercising about one to one and a half hours per day. A mixture of exercise bike, treadmill and cross trainer. I have also been doing a little bit of swimming but I don't seem to be able to fit that in as much. The main thing I have been doing is always moving, instead of sitting on bum. I got my first fill yesterday so it will be interesting to see how I will be today Michelle
  15. Mich111

    So Addicted

    I am addicted to Pepsi Max. Before being banded I could drink 10 cans per day easily. i would have one on the way to work in the car, three in my lunch box. most days I would still go and buy more. Then when I got home it was open slather. I have been trying to not have any since being banded. I have however had one or two per day the past few days. I saw a naturopath a few years ago who assisted me to fall pregnant and maintain the pregnancy. We had multiple miscarriages. I lost only a little bit of weight then however she did advise on why the body craves certain things. Apperently if you are craving alot of chocolate for example you are more than likely deficient in zinc. As we have shocked our bodies with the band and not consuming the amount of food we use to it is probably really craving the nutrients. My naturopath also advised that when the body is stressed it craves a well as it is using up the zinc. she recommends high school girls to double their zinc intake around that time of the month and also exams. I have started taking a soluble multivitamin the past few days as I found my other ones were too big too swallow. starting to feel better for it