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  1. Dan Tyson

    No feelings of restriction!

    Thanks Missy. I'm a little surprised my surgeon didn't tell me this. I feel much better about things now. My next adjustment is the 21st of Feb. I'll make sure I ask my nutritionist about 'sliders'. I'm not a chocky person but I'll have the occasional Tim Tam with my coffee. I'd hate to think I'll have to rule out Timmies all together because they are my only sin really. I already know Capucinos should be avoided but only human. I can't think of anything else that might be a slider but I'll just bet my nutritionist will
  2. Dan Tyson

    No feelings of restriction!

    I was banded on the 26th of November last year and had my first adjustment on the 16th of January. On only two occasions have I felt a slight restriction and have actually gained a few kilos since the op. I can eat anything, it's as though the band isn't there. Reading the above though, it seems I need a few more adjustments before I feel it working and start to lose weight. What's a 'green zone' by the way? At least I'm not panicking......yet.
  3. Dan Tyson

    Optifasting my head off.

    G'day, I'm Dan. I'mm 55 and live in Ryde, NSW. My operation is scheduled for the 26th of November and I'm getting it done through the O Clinic and Dr. Taylor. I've been on Optifast since Monday, it's Thursday and I'm wondering if I'll make it to Friday. Just kidding really, It's not too bad at all. Dan Tyson