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    I love to travel...who doesn't ?
    Absolutely adore my 2 fur children
    Looking forward to being able to meet more people that can relate to my weight loss trials and tribulations.
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  1. LemonPoppySeed

    Banded Gastric Plication

    I ended up having a Sleeve..on March 22nd will be a year..to date I have lost 27kgs..I feel fantastic.Would like to loose another 5 kgs..
  2. LemonPoppySeed

    Post op struggles

    Glad to hear you are doing better Hoosieroz...I'm making lots of notes as I'm booked for the 22nd. I've read that Buscopan is good for pain in the tummy,so it's good to know that it's good for settling too. I didn't realise you had to start having shakes so soon after surgery...just when I thought I was going to see the end of them..LOL. Good luck for your speedy recovery..
  3. I'm having a sleeve...woo hooooo !!!!!

  4. LemonPoppySeed

    any march sleevers ?

    Hi March Sleevers.. Officially today I am now now a sleever. I was initially booked in the for the gastric band plication,switched surgeons and told my new surgeon what I thought I should be having...but now third time lucky I am switching to a sleeve..I'm a tad scared...as my Mum keeps reminding me of the 85% of stomach that won't be there anymore. Are you all going to be in hospital 4 days too? Starting Optifast tomorrow..booked in for the 22nd...that's 14 days away....... !!!!!!!!!
  5. LemonPoppySeed

    Going to Dr Craig Taylor tomorrow...how to get there?

    Thanks for the advice everyone...driving it is..
  6. Hi Dr Taylor devotees...I've got my appointment tomorrow and am wondering what is the best way to get there? Is there a railway station nearby and is it a long walk,or is easy to find street parking and not be worried about getting a parking ticket? Also I have blood test results from another surgeon that I went to but deciding against going with him for surgery...does Dr Taylor send you for blood tests before surgery?
  7. LemonPoppySeed

    4 months banded and 18kg lighter :)

    Well done....you look fantastic!!!!
  8. Well thanks for the feedback ladies...looks like ill have to make friends with my thighs..lol
  9. Just wanting to know who has suffered a lot of jiggly areas since surgery? Of course I'm expecting to have saggy skin as I'm nearly 43...but I haven't had kids so that surely has to be in my favour? I've aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways had big thighs...and now I'm worried that once I have surgery they'll go reeeeally jiggly and saggy.For as long as I can remember I have always been extremely conscious of them...so much so I won't even swim at the beach!!! I know that exercise can help tone certain areas,but I know from over the years there isn't many exercises that tone the inner thighs... Has any one experienced problems in their thigh areas?
  10. LemonPoppySeed

    March 2013 Bandits

    I'm joining the March bandits too. I was initially booked for April with a different Dr,but decided to have a Dr change...I felt like the surgery I wanted was going to be a total inconvenience. So booked for the SAN now on 22nd March...not long now
  11. LemonPoppySeed

    Pre-Op Surgical Appointment

    Congratulations Roz...it's so exciting isn't it. Do you have a date set for your surgery? I'm booked for March 22..OMG thats 20 days from now...:-)
  12. LemonPoppySeed

    April 2013 - Are you changing your life in April?

    Wow there are a few of us heading for the April bandits group...we need to start a list..:-)
  13. LemonPoppySeed

    One month sleeved

    Congratulations...you must be very proud of yourself.:-)
  14. LemonPoppySeed

    March 2013 Bandits!!!

    I'm booked to have the Gastric Band Plication on 22nd March.. this is long overdue!!
  15. surgery booked for March 22nd...yaaay!!!

    1. kateye_diamond


      Congrats, mine is the 7th :) les than 2 weeks to go for me :D

    2. LemonPoppySeed


      Congratulations to you too...are you nervous? Which surgery are you having done? I'm going for the gastric band plication...;-)