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  1. I agree that gall bladder is a definite possibility, also there is potentially some irritation or damage around your diaphragm or similar area and the nerves around there, one of the reasons that you get the radiating pain to neck, arm, back etc with a heart attack is that the nerves that supply those areas are all very close together and can be stimulated at the same time, if that makes sense. I had fundoplication surgery prior to my sleeve (actually had it twice as the first one failed), it is where to support the sphincter at the top of your stomach and stop reflux they wrap the top part of your stomach around where the sphincter is. After i had that surgery (both times) i found that i got pain in my left shoulder, especially when i swallowed something that i hadn't chewed enough so it got maybe a bit stuck on the way down. I would definitely be making an appointment with your gp and getting them to have a good look at you and getting your gall bladder investigated as a first step, hopefully you have a good gp who will look at all the possibilities and not just dismiss you, you shouldn't be having pain at the level you describe just because.
  2. scoots

    issues with changing clinics

    Contact the health complaints office, your old clinic can't prevent you from getting treatment elsewhere by withholding your information, health complaints should be able to give them a kick in the arse, or advise you who can if for some reason they can't
  3. Woohoo, hit the 70s this morning, have now reached my initial goal of 80kgso feeling like anything else is just a bonus really

    1. Jacqui66


      That's awesome well done :)

    2. denzel


      Congratulations! I hope that you are walking around with a big smile on your face because you deserve to! Well done on all your hard work :)

    3. scoots


      Thanks, and yes, though it feels a little weird too

  4. scoots

    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    Have actually reached the 50kg lost mark now, stuck on that number for a good two weeks now but that's ok, that seems to be happening a lot now that I'm close to goal
  5. scoots

    Anyone from Canberra

    Hi, I'm from Canberra too
  6. scoots

    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    Yeah, my reflux just kept getting progressively worse to the point where all I did was work and sleep and I was needing to take sick days from work coz I felt so bad, bypass was my only option to hopefully fix or improve it, which it thankfully has, no reflux and no reflux meds!
  7. Hi all, well I'm 700g off having lost 50kg in the past two years, in fact it will be exactly 2 weeks in just 10 days. I had sleeve in April 2013 and revision to bypass in September 2014 due to severe reflux. Finally feeling "normal" and loving fitting into normal sized clothes and being able to comfortably wear dresses!
  8. I have lost almost 50kg in the last two years with sleeve and bypass (had revision to bypass 7 months ago due to reflux), I do have some loose skin but have noticed that it has firmed up a bit with some time, the looseness I had was probably not as bad as a thought it was though. A few months or so ago I was all set to have tummy tuck and thigh lift, but now leaning much more the other way. I've particularly noticed improvement in my upper arms, they were much more chicken wing like at the beginning of the year, now not overly floppy at all, comparatively speaking. I think I am also a bit lucky genetically though and my skin has a reasonable elasticity, I did also see a plastic surgeon in January and he said my skin was not typical of most weight loss surgery patients
  9. scoots

    Learning to love the weight you are

    i should have probably said that when my doctor recommended a size 10-12 that was for me at 170cm tall
  10. Only 1.5kg away from being able to say I've lost 50kg!

    1. denzel


      That's an amazing achievement! Well done on all your hard work. I hope that you do or buy something nice to celebrate :)

    2. duckie


      Diamonds are nice. Great work

    3. Jacqui66


      So close. Diamonds are definitely nice.

  11. scoots

    Learning to love the weight you are

    I feel that I am now at a weight that I would be happy to stay at, I'm 83kg, though have just spent six weeks at 84 point something and was thinking that was where my body had chosen to stay. I'm no longer actively trying to lose weight, if that makes sense, but I'm also not actively trying to not lose weight. I'm trying (though not always succeeding) to make healthy choices with food. I can honestly say that I feel "normal"sized currently, even though I am still technically at the higher end of "overweight" with a bmi of 28.7. I do have some excess skin particularly on my gut that I'd lie to get rid of and would probably drop me a few kg, but yeah, hopefully will have money for that later this year. My initial goal was 80kg, at my last appointment with surgeon I adjusted that to 75kg based on what I had been losing and what clothing size I was, he usually advises aiming for a size 10-12, I'm currently a size 12-14, if my gut was flat I'd probably be a size 12.
  12. Hi, I've had bypass in sept last year after getting severe reflux from sleeve I had 2 years ago. My main concern with your partner is the potential life threatening damage he is doing to himself, increased pain is not generally a good sign post bypass, and can signify a leak. But as others have said, you can't control his behaviour or what he puts in his mouth, you can talk to him openly and honestly about it but ultimately it's his decision. The others have all given good advice, and you need to make sure you look after you (and the kids). I keep my fingers crossed that he gets that click moment in his brain and starts following his Drs advice, and doesn't have any of the potential side effects or complications he's putting himself at risk for
  13. scoots

    Plastic surgeons Sydney

    I am looking at joining a gym but I'm moving house in a few months about a 20-30 minute drive from where I live now so although I have found a gym close to where I will be living it's currently too far for me to actually go regularly. I am going to try and start swimming regularly, I still have 18 entries on a 20 visit pass I bought last year, but when I got it about a month post bypass with plans to swim 2-3 times a week, I didn't realise how much swimming would take it out of me that early post op, took me a week to recover from a 20 minute swim! And just haven't managed to get my arse into gear and get back there. Interestingly my gut seems to have suddenly shrunk in the last day or two, to a point where I wonder if I will need tummy tuck in 9kg or not...guess I will see when I get there, obviously if I don't feel I need surgery that would be great, given the cost and pain and time for recovery etc.
  14. scoots

    Plastic surgeons Sydney

    I was hoping my thighs might shrink to the point that I didn't feel I needed a thigh lift, but the more I lose the worse they are getting, it's very uncomfortable having loose skin rubbing together when you walk . But I still need to lose some more before I can have surgery. I can't wait to have a flatter stomach so my boobs look bigger! Lol
  15. scoots

    Plastic surgeons Sydney

    Lol, We just can't win can we