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  1. tishtish

    Normal X Ray?

    The surgeon was umming and ahhing about a barium swallow but decided against it as I had one last November. Mind you, I wasn't having problems eating then. I think he must have been a work experience student ... lol He told me the fluid in my band is the same as pre surgery, which I think was around 4.9ml, and it was perfect for me. I noticed part of your band looks like barbed wire. I've read that some ports are attached with hooks. It looks gruesome.
  2. tishtish

    Normal X Ray?

    I haven't been told what the phi angle is but it looks to be around 60 degrees which is close enough to 58. From my understanding, the "O" sign is different to the phi angle, I'm just not sure how much of an "O" is indicative of a slip. Either way, it's looking like I'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out. In the meantime I'm having so much trouble eating and having to vomit every day, sometimes a few times a day. Even foods like jelly and yogurt are difficult and painful to get down sometimes. What surgery did you have done ?
  3. tishtish

    Normal X Ray?

    Call out to all the lovelies here who have a lapband, have had problems with a slippage AND have x rays of it. Does it look anything like the second x ray? The first x ray was done 2 years ago when my pain was, surprise surprise, right where that bottom loop of tubing was laying. Notice the lapband looks like a rectangular shape. (Completely normal.) The second x ray was done a couple of weeks ago, after my revision surgery, and my pain is now, again no surprises, located right at the bottom of that lower loop of tubing. Notice the different orientation of the lapband ... you can see through the middle of it. Now, I know a slipped band will have a circular appearance on x ray but this is oval, not circular, so I'm not sure if it's slipped or not, so just want to know if anyone who's had a slipped band has seen it like this on x ray, or, if anyone has been told that this is also a completely normal band position. For the record, after my revisional surgery to shorten my tubing it's now 6cm longer. Notice also that the connector is different, confirming that at least some of my tubing has been replaced. I'm burning mad right now. ps. I have an appointment to see my GP regarding the appearance of my lapband in the second x ray, and also to see what can be done regarding the way I was treated at my post op lap band revision appointment with the surgeon last week but just wanted to find out if anyone here has any first hand experience with this.
  4. tishtish

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm one week post lap band revision and the weight is just dropping off me. I'm down to 85.8kg (2.3kg less than 2 weeks ago). I had a bit of a food funeral prior to the surgery so went up to 90.3kg ... so I'm actually down 4.5kg in the last 8 days. It's crazy. It's like my body isn't recognising liquid calories. (I'm on liquids for 2 weeks, then mushies for 2 weeks). Also doesn't help that I've almost completely lost my appetite. It's 4.45pm and all I've managed today is 3 cups of tea and a smoothie .... and I had to force that in. I don't want to keep losing weight because I can't maintain a lower weight without losing my mind, and I don't want to do that seesaw weight loss/weight gain thing.
  5. tishtish

    Breast Reduction

    I had my surgery 7 weeks ago. Everything is settling quite well. I just have some fat necrosis that will take quite a long time to resolve. Other than that I'm over the moon happy with my results. I'm down to a DD cup. Like you, sometimes I think my boobs are too small, but most of the time I think they're still too big ... lol. I guess that'll be taken care of when all the swelling is gone.
  6. tishtish

    nasty piece of work

    I'd be more than comfortable doing this BUT I know it would make other passengers uncomfortable so I wouldn't. I've always been an exhibitionist tart ... lol
  7. tishtish

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I haven't weighed in here for 5 weeks as I've been healing from my breast reduction surgery and haven't really been concentrating on my weight. I've just been eating what I want, when I want. I've still not been back to the gym and won't be for a while yet as I'm having my lapband revision surgery next week. Even so, even with not exercising and eating like a beast (still predominantly healthy and sensible), I've only gained 1.3kg, which takes me up to 88.1kg this morning. I'm honestly fine with that. As long as I keep it under 90kg for now I'm happy. This is just the weight my body wants to be and I can maintain this easily without stressing about every single thing I put in my mouth, and I most certainly haven't needed that stress whilst I've been healing.
  8. tishtish

    Gallbladder removal/recovery

    I had mine out pre lap banding but mine was open surgery so the recovery was much more difficult than a regular keyhole procedure. I haven't had to change my diet at all, but fatty/spicy/dairy foods never flared up my gall bladder even when I still had one. I didn't regularly exercise when I had my gall bladder out, but I'd say it would have take me a good 6 weeks minimum before I would have been able to exercise again. But as I said, I had major open surgery. I was very very sick after having my surgery so actually lost about 10kg .... but put it all back on, with interest, over time.
  9. tishtish

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    I hadn't even thought of asking my surgeon for the "during" pics. Do all surgeons do this as a matter of course ? I'd love to see those photos ! I've been seeing the nurses at my GP clinic for dressing changes a couple of times a week and they've been wonderful. My GP also pops in to check that everything is going well. I cannot fault them they've been so great.
  10. tishtish

    How do you weigh yourself?

    First thing in the morning at roughly the same time, after weeing and stripping off for the shower. If I forget I wait til the next morning.
  11. tishtish

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Well .... I've heard nothing from the mods re. whether or not I can post nipple pics, and I'm really loath to post anything with cutesy little flowers strategically positioned as it just doesn't show the entire story. So ... I will give you a link to some videos I've made and you can choose whether you want to be offended by my breasts/nipples or not. Here's my breast reduction playlist on youtube: Breast Reduction Videos So far it covers from the day I received a letter giving me a date, right up to 4 weeks post op. I will be adding more videos as time goes on.
  12. tishtish

    Some Post Op Questions

    Having protein with every liquid "meal" will help to stave off hunger. Try, milk, soy milk, runny custard, runny yogurt, runny smoothies with protein powder, egg nog, protein based soups blended smooth and runny with extra stock. Whilst this time is about healing and you don't need to worry too much about what you're eating (drinking), try to stay clear of added sugar like sugar in your coffee and quik. Added sugar spikes your blood sugars and will make you hungry. If you feel like something sweet in your milk, try blending some fruit into it like frozen banana, berries or mango.
  13. tishtish

    Condemned for a piece of fruit

    OK .... maybe this "bitch" could have been more polite but the fact of the matter is, after a fill you're supposed to have fluids for as long as your surgeon tells you to. It wasn't that you ate fruit, it was that you ate solid food, very fibrous solid food, before you were instructed to. Now, if you want someone to hold your hand and tell you it's fine if you break the rules, and that works for you, fine. But if you have a fill, and eat solid food, and it gets stuck, and you're vomiting and in pain, and need to go back to your surgeon's office for an unfill ... don't whinge. The "bitch" at your surgeon's office is likely sick to death of people getting fills and then eating solid foods before they're supposed to and then ending up straight back to see the surgeon for an unfill ... and sooking about it. Put yourself in her shoes and see how long you could stay patient with people who do this. She likely deals with this on at least a daily basis. What do you want her to say? "Oh, you poor thing. You broke the rules? Nawww .... poor baby. You come on in here and waste our time because you couldn't follow the rules for 2 days." If you're hungry, drink something high in protein. Don't follow the rules if you don't want to but don't go whinging if people call you on it.
  14. tishtish

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I haven't weighed in for a couple of weeks as I've been busy having my breast reduction surgery and recovering. I'd gotten down to 83 point something kilos in readiness for the surgery but had no intention of staying that weight. Since the surgery (18th April), once I got my appetite back, I've been eating for healing and not worrying about calories. My tastes have changed quite a lot so I'm just going with what my body wants, which means no more Jarrah coffees (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and tea with regular milk instead, and vita brits with fruit and regular milk for breakfast. What's happened to me ? lol Anyway ... whilst I'm healing, my body gets what it wants. I've gone up 3.2kg to 86.8kg since my last weigh in and I'm just fine with that. It was a little more but I was very very bloated after the surgery and my body has only just the last few days started to let go of the excess fluid. If I stay around this weight I'm fine, if I go up a couple of kilos I'm fine with that too.
  15. tishtish

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Oh .... that's really good news that they're doing breast reductions in the public system in QLD ! I hope you're not waiting too long for it. I was a 14G/16H and it's looking like I'll end up a 14-16D. (I'm wearing a 16DD now with a lot of swelling.) I only had 300g removed from each side but all I had left was skin. My back is already improving ... and my neck and shoulders feel so normal and I hadn't even realised how abnormal they'd felt.