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  1. Mrs B

    11 months and 46kgs later...

    That's a great difference!! Good work!
  2. Mrs B

    My New Strategy

    I found the same thing worked for me!! Now where I work isn't near shops and there's no vending machine or anything. Makes life easier without the temptation!
  3. Mrs B

    53 Kgs Gone!

    Wow! Excellent work! Great to see. Us jan 13 benders are pretty slack! I'd love to see more people's progress. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Mrs B

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    At 7 months pregnant I'm fitting into clothes that I was wearing about 3 months post surgery, so not even at my biggest! And they're not tight now!
  5. Mrs B


    This is so sad. I haven't been on here in a long time and was expecting to see updates from Craig, not hear that he's passed...
  6. Maybe call HCF and see what they suggest about the upgrade and if it would be necessary for replacement surgery?
  7. That's why I said most, not all. I have intermediate cover and mine was partially covered. Most insurers don't fully cover WLS unless you have top cover. Same as hip replacements and pregnancy...
  8. Mrs B

    Banding and Pregnacy

    I fell pregnant 8 months post banding and had lost about 20kg at that point taking me to a bmi of 26 point something. I lost another 3.5 in the first trimester and at 22 weeks had put on 4.5. So 1kg gain. I've had no fill removed but I find I am eating more, satiety comes after more food. I'm now 26 weeks and haven't been weighed but I'm assuming I've put on another 3-4kg. My clinic takes out 2ml when you get to 32 weeks if you haven't had any fill previously removed. So I still have a while to go before finding out what I've gained. It's hard seeing the scales go up even though there's a reason for it
  9. Hospital advanced savings sounds like it's not the top hospital cover? Most PHI only cover WLS in their top cover, not basic or intermediate...
  10. Mrs B

    How much did you pay for WLS?

    I think mine was $6,000 to the surgeon, all inclusive. Anaethetist was about $800, dunno what I got babk from Medicare. And a $250 excess to PHI.
  11. My self and a few other girlfriends met out husbands online! Go for it Missy!!
  12. Mrs B

    January 2013 Bandits

    Gosh! It had been a year, hasn't it?! I didn't realise. I can't believe how my priorities have changed. So I started at 110 on surgery day and got down to 89 in August when I fell pregnant. During the first trimester I got down to 86. Now 6 months in I'm 90. I'm really struggling with seeing the scales go up (silly I know). Also cause I'm an apple body shape pregnancy weight is all in the same area as my normal weight gain which is also hard to see. For ages I just felt I looked fat, now at least it's an obvious baby bump Congrats on everyone's weight loss. Allycat, that's phenomenal!! Mrs Y, sorry to hear about the issues you experienced but it seems all sorted now! Good on you for sticking with it! I know completely having it removed would have certainly crossed my mind too! One thing I do think about most days is wondering where I would have got in my weight loss journey if I hadn't got pregnant... I'm planning on walking 5-8km a day after bub is born and when I'm well enough to kick start the process again. Here's hoping they like the fresh air
  13. Laser reduces had growth by 80%. It won't get rid of everything, but with realistic expectations it's great! I'm a lover of the epilady. It kills like hell at first but you get used to it surprisingly quickly!