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  1. Victorius Nanna

    Man threatened by wife's weight loss

    This one will make your blood boil. http://www.youtube.com.watch?v=ZdKAcaZddtiA
  2. Victorius Nanna

    Wedding Chatter

    We just want it to be perfect:). I'm sure it will all go off just as you planned.
  3. Victorius Nanna

    "My Lap-Band Disaster" article, Salon

    These surgeries are not for everyone, no matter how much they want it or feel its the only way. I am a big supporter of strong psych advice prior to the procedure. It really is life changing and anyone who is still in the thinking phase of the process cannot afford to underestimate that fact. Some have an easier time adjusting than others but its still a very big deal and one not to be rushed into.
  4. Victorius Nanna

    Sharp Tummy Pains, Bloating and Gas,

    I get a pain more towards my back/kidney area if I eat too fast. The gas and bloating comes if have too much dried fruit. I am sure its the sulphur. Other than that I am fine.
  5. Victorius Nanna

    I Made It :)

    Audacious I LOVED those leg bags because they kept my toes and feet nice and warm and I found it so relaxing.
  6. Victorius Nanna

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Going into ANY boutique I want to and know there will be something gorgeous in there that I could buy if I wanted to.
  7. Victorius Nanna

    Dr Phil (My Mates Not Hot Enough) Dec 9 2013

    Men like that are never satisfied.
  8. Victorius Nanna

    Dr Phil (My Mates Not Hot Enough) Dec 9 2013

    I agree he can be very bossy and uses his power wrongly in certain situations but I do love the way he sticks up for kids.
  9. Victorius Nanna

    Dr Phil (My Mates Not Hot Enough) Dec 9 2013

    I think Dr. Phil needed to be convinced that she was doing it for her, not to keep the dropkick happy. That girl is still selling herself short IMO.
  10. Victorius Nanna

    Dr Phil (My Mates Not Hot Enough) Dec 9 2013

    Dr Phil offered to pay for the surgery for her.
  11. This lady has lost a lot of weight and he won't marry her or get physically involved because the loose skin revolts him. He wont even lend her the money to have plastic surgery which she can pay back. Very sad story. She just cannot see how shallow he is and its a lesson to all of us about self esteem and how much we are willing to trade off as second best because of what other people think. It made my blood boil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zigvTpZR104
  12. Victorius Nanna

    Magda Szubanski

    Maybe we can get Magda to join our group so she can have all the support that we have got here? How would we do that though, (if others agreed to invite her)?
  13. Victorius Nanna

    Magda Szubanski

    I love Magda and she is one of those people I would love to spend an afternoon or dinner with just to talk because she is not just funny but very intelligent. No amount of money would be enough to make me lose weight and guarantee to keep it off. I wish her well because she deserves it.
  14. Victorius Nanna

    Wedding Chatter

    Keep your chin up Leanne, it will be perfect. You have to believe it. Most weddings have last minute things that change or go wrong.
  15. Victorius Nanna

    Greetings from the sleeved side!!

    I woke up feeling like all my ribs were broken. There is NO WAY I could have been up in 5 hours. I even tried to get out of having a shower the next morning it was so bad. There was no way I wanted anything but ice chips but they were rationed and my mouth felt like a cocky cage despite the IV fluids. I could not stomach any of my favourite fluids even when I was allowed to have them and the Barium swallow the next morning was like torture. They were a very rough couple of days but it all got better really fast after that.