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  1. dollygirl

    First Fill

    I had my first fill on Tuesday too.... I can definitely feel the difference. One of the key messages I took away from my doctor follow-up is to learn to chew my food and eat slowly. I am trying this and I am finding with the 1st fill I am eating less and feeling fuller sooner.
  2. dollygirl

    Healthy snacks??

    hey there. I am 2 months in from my band, I have lost about 13 kgs. My snacks I try to eat is protein is either small handfull of nuts, a couple of thinly sliced of ham or rice crackers with low fat sliced cheese. I find watermelon is great too... I cut it up in the morning and just snack on it during the day.
  3. dollygirl

    Recipe : 4 weeks post op

    Looking for some recipes.... 4 weeks post op, can anyone recommend some yummy soft food recipes...
  4. dollygirl

    Oh.... it's gone so quick !!

    Thanks for your post, I am 8-days in having being banded and I was really nervous about my decision as like you I have 35-kgs to loose but tried every diet without success. Since the process started with the optifast etc; I have lost 7-kgs in 17-days! So very happy with my choice.
  5. dollygirl

    Optifast Post Op

    thank you for your posts; I have just been having optifast for breakfast, lunch and liquid soup for dinner! & of course my real coffee in the morning gone from a mega large to a small!
  6. dollygirl

    Optifast Post Op

    I just had my lap band surgery yesterday. HI to everyone on here, I have following the posts with interest and it has been great. I am on currently on clear fluids for 2 weeks. However there is no way I can stomach clear soup for brekky. Do you know if I can still have optifast for a breakfast / lunch replacement instead of clear soup. Thanks again. Dollygirl