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  1. jen16

    December 2012 Bandits

    Hi December buddies, Congratulations on your achievements so far! I've had issues from day 1. Lately it doesn't seem what I eat, how well i chew it or how long between bites - I'll PB it anyway ...about 80% of the time. I will probably throw up 5 out of every 7 days. I'm so sick of it (excuse the pun). I'm losing weight so slowly (max 300grams per week?) that the only reminder I have that I have a band... Is that I've constantly got my head over the toilet bowel, being sick all the time. *MF SIGH* I'm finally back at 5ml in my 12-14ml band. Last time I went over 5ml I went into the red zone... So my appointment on Wednesday shall be interesting. Or shall I say the outcome? BTW - I have found I actually get some sort of signal when I eat at lunch (its not a full feeling... It's more of a don't take another bite or I'll come right back up feeling), but get nothing at dinner time? Do any of you get a similar feeling? Jen xx
  2. jen16

    Good Sign - Full feeling

    I can't wait to feel this! I get it... Maybe once in every 4-5 weeks I feel it. Congrats on getting to your sweet spot!
  3. Hopes to catch up on forum reading tonight. I've been out sick with my breathing problems. Chat soon bandits!

    1. k8staar


      Hope you're feeling better soon :)

    2. jen16


      thanks hun.

      pity was after i updates my status, i never got to read anything! now Im just going through all the PM's and notifications!

  4. jen16


    Amazing! I can't wait till I reach my goal, your really an inspiration Dee! Congratulations! (And absolutely! You look like you've taken 10 years off your age! Your gorgeous!)
  5. I thought I'd stopped being sick :( apparently not. Fill out in the morning. Try again next week.

    1. libby83


      Hi Jen, how is it going today? Did you get some fill out or has it settled?

  6. jen16

    Caulfield walking buddy

    Hi Claire. Where about's is Sarah in north Caulfield? Ie: closest intersection? (Caulfield is a big and confusing area for those who don't live in or near it!) Also her age? I'm just in Ormond, off North rd not far from the station.. Up near the booran rd/ north rd intersection. I'm not in great walking form atm but will be hopefully soon (need a hip replacement!) and am always willing to meet others, especially as my banding journey hasn't been so "smooth". If you like - PM me and I'll pass on my email address if you and Sarah would like? Take care, Jen
  7. jen16

    dieticians = useless?

    I feel a similar way as Krees. I do see a lapband dietician - at my choice... And I probably won't continue to see her after the care plan from the GP runs out (+ she's pregnant and looks like she's only a month or two away.) I feel like I have a pretty good solid background in nutrition from my university studies, so originally prior to banding went into dietician appointment with both ears shut thinking I knew it all, but I'm always open to the possibility of learning something new. Which is why I proceeded to see a dietician post banding. Have I learned anything I didn't already know... No, not really but she's given me some interesting meal ideal plans... As to types of an how many proteins/grains/carbs etc per meal and what qualifies as of which. This I found interesting. I think you need to be open to suggestions sometimes. Especially if its included and then use your best judgement.
  8. jen16

    Band not tight but sick anyway

    Thank you for all you thoughts and input
  9. Damn hormones. But my bands back working again... Ie: I'm not bringing up every meal.

  10. jen16

    Band not tight but sick anyway

    Yep. Defiantly hydrated. It all seems to be working now... I've been able to eat 4 meals without bringing anything up. Hormones! It was damn hormones. I no longer hate my band!
  11. jen16

    Band not tight but sick anyway

    Hi Missy_belle! Thanks for your reply! I do appreciate it. I know my bands not tight because nothing has changed except where I am in my cycle. I also confirmed it today that I'm at the point where I'm fluid retentive and because of where I am in my cycle it makes everything tighter. I have only lost 400grams in the last week... Or 9 days rather. And when I have been in the red zone, I lost 2.5kg in 6 days. I have tried a variety of different foods - much more than what I had listed in the first message and still PB'ing during some point during the meal. I see my banding dr. on Wednesday, if things don't settle I'll move my appointment and have fill removed.
  12. jen16

    Band not tight but sick anyway

    Thanks hun, yeah I can't wait to catch up with you either. I'm leaning towards hormonal too, especially as this is one of the first times I haven't tried to skip my period...and just followed the course of the pill. Normally I skip it because its so much hassle with my hip but I've been getting breakthrough bleeding... So I've just gone with it. So this is the first proper cycle I guess? Which is why I'm leaning towards hormonal and not jumping in to have fill removed.
  13. Just got food down without being sick for the first time in a week! Hallelujah.

    1. libby83


      Hooray about time, hope it all goes down today and you are on your way again. Libby

    2. dondon
    3. Notlongnow


      :-) its a good day for you

  14. jen16

    Band not tight but sick anyway

    Ok just successfully got down a crumbed chicken thigh. It's taken about an hour with really small bites though. At the beginning I felt like I could of been sick but I took some time, waited and had a sip of water.