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    Banded on 7th of Jan 2013

    Heaviest weight was 119-121kgs (morbidly obese)
    Current weight - 67.9kgs (overweight)
    Goal weight - 58kgs (upper end of healthy BMI)

    I am 28 years old and wish I was banded years ago. I was banded on Jan 7th 2013.
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  1. KeepStrong2012


    I know this is old..but for anyone else wanting to travel. I just booked my travel insurance online using Southern Cross travel insurance. Gastric banding was only $10 to cover. All completed online.
  2. KeepStrong2012

    70 Kg Before and after

    Looking smoking hot!
  3. KeepStrong2012

    Bad stories on the band???

    I miss being able to eat bread, sandwiches and burgers. You are forced to change your diet. You can even throw up eating chocolate or drinking too fast, as I have found out. It makes going to restaurants tough and can be awkward when you take 1 hr to finish a meal and everyone else takes 15 mins. I'm sick to death of people saying, "you don't eat much, or eat more" when I order a small meal. It actually makes some healthy food hard to eat too.. I cant eat certain veggies like broccoli. You really do need to learn to chew more.
  4. KeepStrong2012

    What Health Insurance providers cover Lap Band?

    BUMP I am looking for a new CHEAP cover as Medibank have now taken off lap band surgery from their basic hospital cover options. I don't want to pay $160pm for hospitals and extras!!! Now I should have cancelled sooner, because now if I swap to a new fund I am only covered for the same level of cover. So I have officially cancelled my hospital cover from today and even though I have the lap band.. I think it might be wise to have it as a Just in CASE I need revision. I do wonder though, has anyone had the lap band long term with no need for corrections. I really don't want to fork out money for more surgery. I know I am complaining about money...but I feel like since I have no family to give me money... I have a mortgage, I want to have kids and take a year off, I need a new car and lots of other things... I just want to lead a relatively stable life and not struggle financially. #sorryfortherant
  5. KeepStrong2012

    Weigh In Wednesday

    You must feel amazing! I have been trying to get under 70kg for almost a year. I get to 69kg then it's up again and it's always back to 70kg. I have crept up even more but stomp it out via regular weigh ins!
  6. My band just randomly tightens and I am not pregnant! I can eat a meal one day and will struggle the next. Sometimes it is my fault.. I pick foods I want when I know they will be difficult to eat.. i.e. hot chips! Having the band is not easy, but I don't think any type of weight loss surgery is. Losing weight is hard work! It is still safe to lose weight when pregnant, so don't worry if you can't eat heaps.. "eating for two" is a myth. Your body will have enough reserves. Good luck with the pregnancy and just eat soft mushy foods/soups on tight days! Mash potato is a love of mine/pumpkin soup and eggs!
  7. KeepStrong2012

    What's everyone eating for lunches

    Most days (work days) - two cups of tea with skinny milk and a handful of cashews/almonds/walnuts/pistachios etc. I portion them into little containers those sestia brand you buy from the supermarket.. bc otherwise I eat too much! If I am feeling more hungry - I will eat a can of sirena tuna in light oil. I eat this on it's own with a fork. Sometimes with small round crackers (max 6 per can). or I buy the delights box of sweet chilli rice crackers (100g) and although I love them.. I try and stop at half the packet.. but they are yum.. so.. on a bad day I will eat the 100g rice crackers but not eat any nuts or other food until dinner.
  8. KeepStrong2012

    50 Low Sugar Snacks

    Thanks for the link! Some very creative ideas that I would have never even have thought of.
  9. KeepStrong2012

    back to the beginning.

    Dont give up! keep losing weight.
  10. KeepStrong2012

    Still a'round' after 5 years

    I am terrible at maintaining weight.. I'm either losing weight or gaining weight.. Every time I think, "Oh, I'm at a good weight.. I'll relax trying to lose weight" I end up adding a kilo or two.. I weigh myself everyday and try and stay focused..but life with the band, is life with the band. It doesn't get easier. Some days, I can eat a whole meal at a restaurant or at a friends place or even my own dinner.. other days I can eat 2 bites and need to run to the bathroom. I never know what day it is going to be. I have come to the realisation that if I want to stay at a healthy weight.. I need to watch my weight... everyday.
  11. KeepStrong2012

    Changes to Medibank!

    Hey guys (I'm back) OP, I would get that in writing from Medibank. I'd hate for them to come back and say, 'Actually, you aren't covered- surgery needs to take place before September. Anyways, I just got an email saying i won't be covered. Considering it won't be covered for revision surgery. I'm going to cancel my insurance with Medibank or change providers. Medibank used to offer great prices and I even used to get a massage with a small fee with Medibank, then they changed it to $100 limit. Which will be about 2 massages.. Anyone recommend any good priced insurance companies for Hospitals and Extras with good rebates on extra. Particularly, dental, optometry and remedial massage?
  12. I am concidering dropping my PHI and if I do need further surgery doing the 'wait a year' think. It just seems like a big expense for no real benefit.

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    2. duckie


      I know the costs are high, but at my stage of life and having an auto immune disease in 2006, i would never give it up. Gives me peace of mind, personal decision for each of us.

    3. JouJou


      With the band, you never know when it might stuff up. Trust me, as someone who self-funded for band in, I sure was glad that I took out PHI as 18 months later there I was having the band removed due to constant throwing up - even with ZERO fill. I know I certainly couldn't have waited for 12 months going on like that.

    4. Nessa1977


      I had top cover with AHM for my sleeve and changed to Medibank Private in March last year and only required standard/basic cover to be covered for my tummy tuck (depends on what further surgery you are referring to).

  13. Wow You look AMAZING You even look younger. I am being really slack lately and haven't been able to reach my goal weight, but seeing you and your story is a new inspiration. Thanks for sharing
  14. KeepStrong2012

    people like this make all us fatties look bad

    I agree with the others, she needs therapy. I actually feel sorry for her because she doesn't know what living really is. The money you get on welfare is not enough to actually enjoy living. It's annoying that she gets a free house and does nothing all day, when us tax payers are working hard to save and buy a house or pay rent. Honestly though, there are heaps of people on welfare that are just out of luck and do need a break (those job hunting places the government link you with are useless btw) The government should have an arrangement directly with business to hire a % of unskilled labour when possible rather than linking them with job network places that don't really do that much (I know from my friends being linked with them). But there will always be underserving people on welfare. Some of them get free housing, smoke, drink and do drugs all day and neglect to care for their kids and I've heard stories of cases where the person on welfare destroys the public housing they are given and then they just get given another one. Others are getting benefits and only want to work "cash in hand". I am a teacher. I was in the staff room when an ex student came to visit another teacher I was sitting next too. The kid was asking for a reference. When the teacher asked "what are you doing with yourself" the 20 yo replied "Nothing, I am looking for a job, but only a cash in hand one".
  15. KeepStrong2012

    Goal weight

    In exact same boat I just want to reach goal but I feel like I'd have to eat nothing forever to get there and stay there.