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  1. BandedJules

    'nother newby

    I have had my lapband for 3.5 years with no issues and love it for the flexibility. I like to travel and often before I go overseas I will have some of the fill out so I can relax and try foods I wouldn't normally be able to eat without struggling. When I am going really well with my weight loss and my motivation is high I can have a little less fill, but when I am struggling with motivation and need my lapband to stop me I can have enough fill to really cut my portions right down. I also like that I have to keep visiting the clinic for fills and unfills, it really keeps me in line (this is entirely dependent on your Doctor though - mine is amazing and it makes all the difference). Being a bit younger I didn't like the thought of the permanent surgeries and I knew there would be more work on my behalf if having the lapband but I was and still am up for it
  2. BandedJules

    Confused about cost

    Are there companies that pay above the schedule fee? I'm with Hbf and they don't but I would be keen to change if others do.
  3. BandedJules

    9 months in...

    I have found that weight loss (unsurprisingly) all comes down to what you put in your mouth, the band helps but it wont stop you from eating high calorie foods unfortunately! Have you tried calorie counting? I hit a bit of a stop about 3 months in and to get back on track I calorie counted religiously, weighing everything I ate and always trying to stick to 800 calories a day. Exercise helps but not as much as some people think, you just really have to work on having a calorie deficit every day by eating less energy than your body uses
  4. BandedJules

    Eating and Drink at the same time...

    I was never told not to drink while eating so I still do some people are of the belief that it helps food slip through the band but I find the opposite!
  5. BandedJules

    Desperately Need Suggestions

    I would try finding some recipes for high protein soups (maybe add minced meat and blend) and maybe try adding fruit and blending up your protein shakes. If you are having decent liquid meals regularly and still feel hungry maybe think about whether it is head hunger or actual hunger? It can be hard to get used to no longer being able to eat solid foods.
  6. BandedJules

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I weighed in the same as last week
  7. BandedJules

    Private Health Insurance

    I'm with HBF top hospital and have found them great, they fully covered for me to have an ovarian cystectomy earlier this year. I also just had a tummy tuck (reconstructive) and they paid out 5 nights in hospital, all theatre fees etc and up to the MBS fees for my surgeon and anesthetist without any arguments and both surgeries were in private rooms with no excess. I don't find the extras cover to be all that great value though.
  8. BandedJules

    Newbie considering WLS

    I would definitely be looking into PHI too, it is really important as a back up and worth the money. Many surgeons are concerned about doing surgery on those fully funding the surgery with super as you have no options in the case of complications, and in the rare case there is a complication the costs can sky rocket.
  9. BandedJules

    Husband BIG problem

    Just completely ignore it on online forums there are always people who intentionally cause drama.
  10. BandedJules

    Just for Fun! "I Lost What?"

    I broke it its in pounds, and I have lost 125 pounds. The games only goes up to 100 I don't know whether to be happy or sad haha
  11. BandedJules

    Husband BIG problem

    Really? this site has both men and women, the women obviously out number the men but in my experience the number of women having this type of surgery is much higher than the number of men. If you find a woman praising her husband sexist then perhaps it is your attitude that needs to change.
  12. BandedJules

    Cost of an Endoscopy??

    I imagine it would be different depending on the surgeon and hospital. Your bets bet would be finding a surgeon who performs them at your preferred hospital and ringing their rooms for a quote.
  13. BandedJules

    Blonde question from blonde person

    I would count day 1 as the day you first start having nourishing fluids. When I was banded I only had water the day of surgery so I would call it day 0. If I had early morning surgery and was drinking soup or protein shakes after asking from surgery I would have called it day 1. All that matters is you have 3 days if nourishing fluids before moving to the next stage.
  14. BandedJules


    What area do you live in? i've got it in Perth before
  15. BandedJules

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm at 82.9kgs this week, down a few kg's from last week but still up a good few kg's thanks to tummy tuck swelling. Hoping it starts going down soon, I had a super flat tummy after surgery and now I look pregnant