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  1. Thank you all for your responses. I feel a lot more reassured and need to relax a bit I think. Early days yet!
  2. Hi All, just after some advice please. I had my band put in on the 21/9. A 20 ml band and so far I have lost about 4kg. I had my first fill of 6 ml on Friday 23/10 and to begin with felt a bit of restriction but not heaps. Today I feel like I can eat anything and feel like I've eaten quite a bit. I don't know what to do? Do I call my dr and go back for another fill? I feel like I can't get past this 4 kg loss either as I've been stuck around this loss for two weeks? Any responses/advice/experiences greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Taaamy I had my first fill of 6ml yesterday (20ml band). Definitely working, have that satisfied feeling again and not focussing on my next meal. Yay! I go back to my dr in 4 weeks. I bought a really good book called portion perfection for bariatrics and portion plate/bowl also a recipe book called knife fork and band. They have some great ideas. Would recommend you to check them out. Good luck!!
  4. Thanks ladies! All true. I have calmed down a bit after emailing my Dr and asking him if my loss is ok, will I be getting a fill at my appt on Friday and is it normal to be feeling hunger etc and his reply was yes to all. Bring in Friday!
  5. Hi Ladies, I'm 4 weeks post op yesterday and have my first appointment with my Dr this Friday. At this stage I've lost 4 kilos. It's great and the recommended weight loss to lose per week overall, but I can't help feeling a bit worried that I haven't lost enough! I have a large band apparently which will allow me to eat more like my family (drs words)and no fill at this stage I don't think? The thing is I have actually been a bit hungry in last 2 weeks or so! Argh, I don't want to be hungry!! Anyhow I can't get weight loss off my mind, bring on Friday. You all sound like you are doing very well. Do you know what size bands you have?
  6. Good luck Meg! You will be fine today. Bring on the rest of your life!! I'm sitting here one week post op and feel completely normal! My stomach aches if I'm on my feet too much, but honestly it's surprised me the recovery has been great. My weight loss from last Monday until today is 2.2kgs so I'm thrilled with that (brings me under the 100kg mark to 99). Getting closer Jo!
  7. Hi Jo, liquid diet going well. Better than I expected, I'm just not hungry?! So weird. Have felt better than expected too although I didn't rest today and did a 4 and a half hour shift at work tonight and my stomach and back were killing me. Think I overdid it. I also have two children under 4 & my Partner had the week off to help out. Couldn't have done it otherwise as there is no way I can lift them even now. He's back to work Monday and I'm a bit concerned. All up though I am so so glad to have made the decision to do this and can't wait to drop some weight. Monday I will officially weigh myself but I had a sneaky weigh and I think I've lost 1.5 already. So exciting!! Good luck to you, any other questions please ask!
  8. Bette

    Getting banded, TODAY!

    Not too bad actually? I was expecting the worst but have found it bearable. How are you going with liquid diet?
  9. Bette

    One month gone!

    Wow well done! I just had my band put in on 21/9, still have a few nerves that I won't actually lose weight. What was your starting weight if you don't mind me asking and do you have one of the bigger bands?
  10. Bette

    Getting banded, TODAY!

    Hi Taamy, I had mine done the day before you. All going well. So itchy at incision sites though! Think I'm allergic to the sterile strips
  11. Hi Jo, great idea! I had my lapband put in on the 21/9. So far everything is going well and I'm feeling better than I expected! What date are you getting yours?
  12. Bette

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi all, just a question I have my op on 15th Jan and my dr said I will be fine to go back to work on the 21st? In your opinions do u think I will be? I work part time so it will be three days work only and I sit at a computer basically the whole time, what do u think?
  13. Bette

    The Beginning....

    Good luck for today, let us know how u go please. My surgery is the 15th January.
  14. Bette

    January 2013 Bandits

    Hi everyone, I'm booked for 15th jan....argh! Bit nervous but sure it's the right thing for me to do. I have dieted myself fat over the last ten years and enough is enough!