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  1. jachut


    Restretching your stomach happens with bands too. And not through "overeating" the way people think about it so you should not feel ashamed. With the band, you stretch out your pouch above the band it causes all sorts of problems. I was very unwell as a result, 12 months ago but I was a pretty compliant band patient and very successful. Even so, I overate, just that bite here, that bite there, and over time, I began to have problems. This time, with my sleeve, I am going to measure that half cup portion FOREVER, and I will take heed of the advice that when you get to the stage of needing more than half a cup three times a day, eat more often, not more at one sitting. I do think we need to remember, our bodies are smart and we are deliberately underfeeding them. That bite here and there that's one more than your new stomach can really hold is a survival instinct, not greed or gluttony and it really takes vigilance and determination to avoid it.
  2. Hi, I'm having a sleeve tomorrow but will respond in relation to WLS in general as the principals still apply. My story is I was always "big" but not clinically obese. I'm 5ft 10 and spent my teens at about 84kg, a miserable existence in the 80's. I couldnt wear jeans, was teased mercilessly and generally suffered all the indiginities people talk about. I thinned out a bit in my 20's but ballooned after preganancies, ending up at 113 kg when i was banded in 2005. My experience is this: its a tool. I was compliant, I followed the advice, I took up running and I was extremely successful. Then I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2010 and unfilled my band as requested for surgery. It wasnt a problem for a long while in fact I got down to 59 kg but eventually as I got better I began to gain and started to fill my band again. However my band was never the same and I continued to gain. I sat at about 78kg for the past four years, which is OK for a 5ft 10 woman of 50ish. Then I began to have reflux etc and eventually my band slipped completely and was removed exactly 1 year ago today. Even despite all of that, I would do it all again in a hearbeat. Well, as I said, I am, but the sleeve has since proven to be a better surgery than the band and my view is I cant have it buggered up by stupid colorectal surgeons insisting I unfill it, should I get sick again! But oh boy, once you've gone down this path, you need your tool forever. I've gained 28kg in six months without makign a beeline for McDonalds, scarfing KFC or eating crap. I simply eat normal person volume of a very healthy diet and that has been enough to skyrocket my weight. Your metabolism adjusts to eating very little and you can never ever eat normally again and maintain your new weight. But I dont care. I accepted that years ago and cannot wait to get on with things tomorrow and back to my interrupted life.
  3. jachut

    january sleever

    Im having my op tomorrow and I didnt have to do the pre op diet. I didnt have to do it before my band either. I think its because I'm a relatively low BMI patient - just 30 now, and 33 when I was banded 13 years ago I lost my band a year ago, but had been at a BMI of about 24 for years. Have gained a stack of weight in the past six months which is why I've been approved at such a low BMI, but I guess that means my liver is unlikely to be problematically large. However I do often have an optifast shake for breakfast. The way I do it is to make the shake and freeze in an ice cube container, then I add a bit of hot water and blend it when I want it. Makes it thick and creamy like a thick shake. Because I am just using them as a healthy breakfast, I blend frozen fruit in too. A favourite is the chocolate flavour blended with black coffee.
  4. jachut


    This is way late but maternity pants all the way! I dont have a stomach, my jeans problem has always been tight round the thighs with a meter of excess fabric at the waist, I'm so pear shaped. However, I have a colostomy and I really HATE being cut across the middle with a waistband - it even causes leaks as poo cant drop down where it should into the bag. I also have love handles at the back and the dreaded muffin top is not a good look. Maternity jeans solve all that for me and they are perfect for ladies who carry weight on their tummies.
  5. jachut

    Removal of Band

    I had my band removed after almost 13 years - same thing happened. Over time a pouch developed which I had for literally five or six years. Over that time I gained weight, but I was very successul with the band, getting my BMI down to 20, so the weight gain I had was not problematic, I was still well under the top of my healthy weight range. Then the chest pain started. I had once incident where I left work in an ambulance, in 2016. Everyone thought I was having a heart attack - I knew it was my band though. However, NOBODY knows anything about bands in public hospital emergency departments! Saw my surgeon, he unfilled, it got worse, then started the fill, unfill cycle. I was honestly better with more fill even though then I got reflux. Long story short, after a very tight fill at the end of 2017, it slipped completely and came out in an emergency surgery, not by my own surgeon who was away at the time. Everyone, including my surgeon, said basically "youre fixed now, you wont regain weight". Huh. I did keep weight off for four months but now have gained over 20kg in the last five months - and its still going. This is without overeating. I eat like a normal person - but not like a lapbander - and that's the problem. Three meals a day, 1800 to 2000 calories (I'm 5ft 10) has been enough to cause a huge weight gain. You cannot keep to those tiny portions without your tool - once your body wakes up, you just sort of slide into it. I thought I could fill in the chinks with salad, vegies and the like but I have had a lot of intestinal surgery and have a colostomy and I simply cannot tolerate that much fiber, so I have begun to eat things like bread again, and that doesnt help at all. I went back to my surgeon - he referred me onto someone he felt would be better able to manage the scarring etc left by my band and to work around my other surgeries. I'm getting sleeved on 19 December!
  6. jachut

    Post Operative Protein Hemp Smoothie

    I'm about to have sleeve surgery but yes, after my band twelve years ago, I made fruit/protein smoothies. The only thing I will say - and its not so much of an issue post surgery when quantities are tiny - I enjoy a lot of these "superfoods" like hemp seeds, flax etc. But boy oh boy they are packed with calories. Whenever I go on a "health kick" and begin eating a lot of those sorts of foods, I gain weight pretty fast! Not discouraging anyone from including these foods as they're natural, healthy, nourishing foods that in my mind are better than something manufactured like Optifast but they are very calorie dense and you need to keep the quantity controlled. Calorie dense and highly nourishing is important when you have no stomach space, but the calories can add up!
  7. jachut

    Could this be silent reflux??

    This is late but you never know when your replies help others. I had SEVERE reflux with my band and didnt know it. Well, I knew I got heartburn occasionally but the other symptoms, which I complained to the GP and my surgeon and the doctors at CBS about where all symptoms of reflux/slipped band and nobody did anything about it. Eventually I had a gastroscopy (my surgeon did it) - erosive esophagitis. I was put on Somac and that made me more comfortable, I no longer got heartburn. But over time, I still had that burning, prickling in the roof of my mouth. I had a weird asthmatic feeling in my chest. I had a vague pain behind my right breast. And I would get bouts of this incredible chest pain, I'd get a premonition that it was about to happen, the ache would start, it would hurt in the roof of my mouth, my cheeks, under my chin, and build to impossible to tolerate steady aching in the chest. In one week I called the ambulance five times, attended three hospitals, was in and out of my surgeon's office. He did send me off for a barium swallow which showed a "pouch" - that's all. My mother has had incredible reflux related problems as well and its taken simply YEARS to be recognised as reflux. She had to have the PH testing done over 24 hour and the specialist was quite simply astounded that she'd been functioning at all. She had a fundoplication done and has been much much improved for some time now. But never did she get "heartburn" or any typical symptoms. She was just prone to terrible coughs, chest infections etc.
  8. jachut

    Band removed pre sleeve

    I had my band removed after 12 years last December. My own surgeon was away and it was done in somewhat of an emergency by another surgeon from the practise, and I wasnt given the option of revision as it was just days before Christmas and I was lucky to be on a list at all. I had major chest pain, five ambulance calls etc etc. There was no time to think about where to go next. I was extremely successful wth the band but it had been failing for the past three years. I did gain weight over that time, but was still within a healthy BMI. After removal, I worked extremely hard to maintain my weight as I was the lightest I'd been for quite .a few years due to being so sick. I managed four months with no weight gain, but it took a super human effort of sticking to 1000 calories a day. But of course, nobody could do that forever and in the past five months I have gained 25kg, so so quickly! I feel so much pressure and shame because of all the comments I had along the lines of "oh, you've learned good habits now, you'll never regain" etc etc. People just dont understand that by having WLS and living on 12 to 1500 calories a day for twelve years, you permanently change your metabolism. You will never again be able to eat like a normal person. I have not made a beeline for Maccas, or scarfed down whole pizzas - no desire. I eat 3 times a day and I have still gained all that weight. I'm having a sleeve on 19th december even though my BMI has barely reached 30. I am in so much trouble because of the fast gain - terrible foot and leg pain, I'm exhaused, my back is killing met etc - putting on that much weight that fast is really hard on your body. I retain a lot of my fitness cut cant possibly run or even power-walk daily becuase I just pull up so damn sore, so of course, that's causing me to gain as well. Now I've started getting reflux again too. I feel like I am counting the seconds to 19th December! I know logically 100% of banded patients who lose their bands regain weight and I know I have not overeaten ridiculously but I cant help beating myself up about it and feeling too ashamed to tell people I'm having another WLS.
  9. I finally saw my own surgeon - he was a bit shocked. I dont know what it is with these doctors (my colorectal guy is the same) but they just dont believe me when I say I'm experiencing pain. They seem to write me off as a hysterical female but he was really shocked when he looked at my barium swallow - he called it a slip this time, not a pouch. Ok, so the way I experienced it was not text book - no vomiting, no restriction, no difficulty eating, just heart attack like pain, but jeez, when I say its 10 on the pain scale, I mean it! I dont mean a 5 but I'm a big wimp! I asked if I had a "window" for this to be revision surgery and the answer was it would really have had to have been done at the time, in the one operation for it to be a revision, as it stands now, he will not replace it because I am a normal weight. This is more than OK by me, I have not gained any weight at all and I am so enjoying eating normally. Nor will he replace it even if I regain 10kg! I pretty much will have to be well on my way to morbid obesity again. Its been a really big lesson. Being without my band now, has made me realise it has been doing absolutely nothing for me for the past four or five years. Other than some weird, inexplicable altering of the foods I find desirable. With my band I could eat anything - I never vomited. But I had gone off fruit, salad, meat, bread, anything healthy basically. All I wanted was soup, chocolate, biscuits and coffee. And that's what I ate for the last three years. Once it was out, that sugar dependence disappeared like magic. I have not even thought about those foods and suddenly I really love healthy ones again. So it has been effortless to control my weight - all I have to do is be strict on portion size, but choosing the right foods is no effort at all. Have I been hungry? To be honest yes - but it is normal to get hungry in between meals after a few hours, especially if you are trying to be moderate on portion size. And you dont die from having a grumbly tummy for an hour or two. I've just accepted that hardly anyone can eat what they want, when they want and be a normal weight. Especially 50 year old post menopausal women! The moral of this story is that a tight band is not really the answer. I have no doubt I am partially responsible for what happened, but I do think that my doc knew about this problem and should have done something about it two or three years ago rather than just unfill me and hope it went away. But I was definitely looking for my band to do the work and it was way too tight and all that happened was I was living on sliders. It really was down to my choices the whole time!
  10. Just an update - a month later I have stayed under 75kg - I have not gained any weight at all. Its really all down to making good choices - at first I was not hungry at all, and got full pretty quickly but as my stomach has healed, I am eating more. I have a blanket rule - no eating between meals EVER and absolutely no biscuits, cake, chocolates or other junk. And stay away from alcohol apart from the odd occasion. And I've been walking for an hour every day. I'm absolutely determined that if I do have another band put in, I will not spend the first six months of my new banded life working to get off the weight that I gained.
  11. jachut

    Lap band removal

    I know Defence Health covers bariatric surgery because my lapband removal a month ago was covered - it was not a break up but a sad parting of ways as it has been a very successful tool for me. Not sure if a new one is on the cards until I see my surgeon next week. Did you have it put in privately? Or does your health fund now not cover bariatrics? As for surgeons, I find the Centre for Bariatric surgery marvellous.
  12. Thanks for your empathy guys. On a good note, yes, its scary to feel how you just dont get that hard stop without a band but thankfully, the foods my body is driving me towards are all the healthy ones - fruit, salad, and All Bran cereal! I know from being completely unfilled for 9 months whilst I had my cancer treatment that this lasts a good 6 months or so before the desire for bad foods starts to creep in. With my band, although I *could* eat anything, my taste for those healthy foods falls way off and I just want things like custard, chocolate, biscuits - easy things that take no work to digest. So no doubt, I will begin to feel pretty good on this healthy diet in the near future, like last time. So I dont fear massive weight gain in the short term, as long as I stick to 3 meals, no snacks and reasonable portions. In fact this whole ordeal has given me a real kickstart and I'm on the downward path, under 75kg for the first time in 3 years. And I will follow the advice of mu surgeon when I see him.
  13. jachut

    Bad stories on the band???

    I've got a fairly alarming update to my post above. I made my own thread. Its long, so thanks to anyone that reads it. Here though, I'll say that I STILL dont regret being banded. But one thing Ive learned this week is that once you do have complications, only your lapband team can help you. There is NO help to be had in emergency rooms, that's for sure. Nobody knows a thing about it and once they know you're not dying, they cant get you off their hands fast enough. Surely, in 2017, an emergency room doctor should at least have the ability to fill and unfill a lapband!
  14. Feeling melancholy today - my band and I parted ways in dramatic circumstances last Tuesday. Made a lot more stressful and emotional by some pretty appalling treatment by the very peple who are supposed to have your best interests at heart. As I have said here before, I've had a problem with a "pouch" for a few years now. I've also had weird chest pain episodes - a kind of dull gnawing ache would start, and the radiate to my throat, jaw, ears, through my back and even down my right arm. Its been escalating for a while now and I've had lots of days where I've just felt "off". I had also begun to gain weight - not seriously but I was feeling fat and unhappy. I went back to my clinic, ready to discuss revision surgery. The doc suggested putting fluid IN so we tried it, 0.3ml in my 4ml band. Took me up to 2.3ml where in my good days before problems I'd been at 3. I was so very tight. Had the nighttime reflux (which to be honest I had anyway), but it felt PERFECT in terms of eating and my weight begain to decline - very slowly, sigh. I had an appointment with my surgeon for six weeks hence so I toughed it out. Of course he took the fluid back out even though we were concerned that it would set off the chest pain. And it did. Two hours later I was home and BAM, on it came, so intense. It must be what having a heart attack is like and causes me to hyperventilate and faint. I had to call an ambulance as I could not get to see my surgeon, we went to The Valley and I was stabilised on lots of morphine - they had to max me out to settle it. Had an ECG and such too of course. I rang my surgeon and he said to go back to the clinic and put fluid in. But before I could do that I had another attack and had to call another ambulance. Same routines, maxed on on morphine and sent home, this time with a "cant help you here, go somewhere else next time". My surgeon kindly fitted me in very early Friday morning as he was flat out finishing up to go on his own holiday. He put some fluid back in to settle it and prescribed a fair few medications and gave me the name of a colleague who was covering him over his break. I was OK Saturday but woke up early Sunday in extreme pain again. So call the ambulance and back to hospital, dandenong this time. Another five or so morphine shots settled me down but again, nobody could say what was wrong. And the minute they hear "lapband" they dont want to know you. but the did some chest and abdominal xrays which were clear however the doctor did give me some Coloxyl as he said I was really full of poo! Thinking about it, I had had no output for days (I have a colostomy). They called the covering surgeon who didnt want to know about me, he refused to do anything and said "tell her to go back to the clinic, they know her there" Anyhow, they too said "dont come back here". So come Monday my DH took me in for a barium swallow which showed not exactly a slipped band but it was pretty horizontal and worse than I know it was before. It was functioning perfectly though, the barium went through fine. The instant the test was finished I was in trouble again, only this time, my husband took me straight into the clinic (not fun on the Monash). He was amazing, I was so numb all over because of hyperventilating. We staggered in (they were expecting me) and the practise nurse and doctor were so amazing. In a long, scary and traumatic week, it was so comforting to see a friendly face and somebody who had some knowledge. The fluid all came out immediately and the doc got on the phone to this surgeon - and she had to fight for me, he was NOT keen. They got me a bed in the hospital and off I went to be operated on the next day. I did meet him briefly pre op and of course I was FULL of questions but he really didnt know me and couldnt answer then and all along, my symptoms have had everyone baffled. So I had the op and it was quick and easy. I came to very well and was a bit emotional but go over it and on with recovering. The next morning the surgeon came in and reported that it went fine and I said "please tell me it needed to come out". He shrugged and said "are you better?" So cold! I mentioned that I was by now feeling extremely constipated, being full of morphine and barium and he put up his hands and said "Hey, not my speciality". I then proceeded to have another full blown chest pain attack, and had to be kept in the entire day. I went home that night, sad about losing my band but sure that when I see my surgeon next, we will discuss where to go from here. So Thursday morning I wake up pretty uncomfortable - its now eight days since there's been ANY stool or gas output for me. I took a huge dose of lactulose and walked on the treadmill for a bit, but I began to have some quite awful symptoms which I wont go into. To cut this very long story short, within two hours I'm in Cabrini emergency (my colorectal surgeon is there) with a bowel obstruction. In the midst of writhing and screaming in agony, who should appear beside my bed but this surgeon, interrogating me as to why I came to Cabrini and why I'm seeing another surgeon. I assured him this was a different matter and I did not think it was connected to his surgery two days before. He had a quick look and said "Well, I dont think its anything I did" and left! I ended up enduring 9 hours of agony before having a decompression done later than night by my own colorectal surgeon and then spent two more days in hospital. Thanks to anyone who's read this far. I just feel so upset and angry over how I've been treated, I really needed to write it down. I've not mentioned a single name becuase I dont want to raise concerns about anyone's doctor, clinic or surgeon as every case is individual. I really dont know if I want any more weight loss surgery. My BMI is 24.5, and right now, I'm so traumatised, exhausted and drained that I cant even think about it. But I do not regret being banded. It changed my life, completely. I'm quite aware that most people regain eventually, so that whilst I'm full of resolve now, eventually that will wain and the inevitable will probably happen. So I dont know what lies ahead, I will speak to my surgeon in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure I can have another band. On a good note, despite a day or two where it continued, the chest pain has disappeared - although it happens so suddenly I cant say. And I ate cherries! Bliss.
  15. I've used BeFit before and they're pretty good - expensive when you consider you get half the food Light and Easy would provide, lol, but I hate paying for food I cant eat. I found in the past that there's simply not enough variety for long term, after about three weeks, you're over it, but for a short term pre op diet, much much better than shakes. Bleurgh. Chemicals, colouring and artificial sweeteners!