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  1. Mine looked likes walnut sitting under there. I'm more pear shaped and am pretty slender though the middle, it was somewhat visible even at the beginning. I had a touch of tidying up done afterl all my cancer operations - got a reconstructive tummy tuck covered by private health insurance (!!) to get rid of the bad scar from my stoma ( had an ileostomy for a year, wore a bag) and it also ruined my belly button. I didnt have a lot of loose skin, just enough to make it possible. The surgeon moved my port nearer to my new belly button where you have a natural pad of fat and he took the back off it o lower the profile. Now it's just a vague lump that's not really noticeable, before you co uld even see tubing!
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    Whats your REALLY special treat?

    Hmmmm - I do love an hour to myself, a magazine, coffee and a muffin at Muffin Break. But I usually make that early lunch to allow for the calories. Tends to make for a hungry afternoon, but worth it. Takes me aaaaaages to eat since eating muffins at normal rate = pb. I especially love it when they make the coffee walnut ones with a coffee bean in the icing. Or really good carrot cake mmmmmmm
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    My Big Fat Operation - ABC2

    Omg, I just thnk my lucky stars to be blessed to live in Australia with a decent healthcare system and the financial freedom to have this surgery when my BMI was 35. To face a journey as long as they faced.......what courage that must take.
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    I got to goal!!!

    Congratulations! Savour the moment, you deserve to.
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    Gotta love auto correct, lol! Mmmmmm crud kits.
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    Do you find you are after hungry and have cravings? I eat bandsters size portions and I try to choose healthy low fat options. A yogurt and a cuppa at 6.30 m gets m through to 11.30, few cruskits with cheese will do me for lunch. But I get wicked cravings and urges to eat without feeling actual physical hunger and I tend to have mini binges each afternoon. Today I had a Big Mac for lunch! It's been at least 12 months since I had a burger, fast food never was my thing.i was able to eat it slowly. It's nearly six now and that was at 12.30. Not one thought of scotch finger biscuits has entered my head. Dinner is still n hour and a half away, it's no problem. Now I'm a 5ft 10, 68 kg teacher who runs daily, strength trains rice a week and fits in a few spin classes hen I can. My calorie needs must be quite high, I'm not petite by any means. I think rather tan beat myself up for being "weak" perhaps I need a real MEAL at meal times, not a tiny snack.i need some fat and protein - not necessarily in the form of maccas a and then maybe my band will do what it should. I am also off for an iv iron infusion next week - poor nutrition? This is my new years vow - I will FEED myself and stop starving!
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    Having my main meal at lunch would really suit me, I'm rarely that interested in dinner if I eat well at lunchtime, but it's so hard to do! I'm always out and about or taking lunch to work.
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    A bit about me

    Hi, I'm Jacqui, 45 years old. Ive been banded seven years, I had my op at The Avenue in Melbourne, through the Centre for Batiatric Surgery. Best decision I ever made, I lost 45 kg over three years and am now 68kg at 5ft 10. I've maintained my weight for four years. Life's been rough in the past few years.i was diagnosed with rectal cancer on my 43rd birthday, have been though a whirlwind go radiation, surgeries and chemo, including spending 9 months with an ileostomy. I endured a brutal early menopause, loads of depression, several bouts of anemia and am left with a pretty dysfunctional bowel too, but at least I'm here to tell the tale! I had to unfill my band for all this, god I was so scared to do that. But my weight actually plummeted to 59 kg skeletal for me. But oh, how I loved it, I really verged on anorexia for a whil,e there, did everything I could to stay that thin, including running 8kms a day in the summer heat a mere three weeks after a huge surgery. My body has recovered and my weight come back to a healthy level. My band is filled again, but it's just not the same as it was, I have less restriction. I have some really complex feelings about having regained weight and have realized just what obesity does to your self Esteem (ironic because to most people, I am tall and thin) - like diabetes or epilepsy or whatever, I really believe obesity is not a disease you recover from, it is one that you manage and the band is a great tool for that. But as I struggle to move on with my life post cancer and bring my feelings about my weight back into balance, I'm feeling the need to connect with other bandsters again. So..... Hello!
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    Does Fat = Miserable?

    From years of frequenting lapbandtalk, I would say you've struck upon something I've always privately thought. You can't generalize. All in all, I'm happier with me at a normal weight, but my life hasn't changed, and due to having had cancer, I'm significantly less happy, less positive and less energetic than I was fat - but we're working on that. However, I think in overweight population, you will find a significant number of "victims". It's a chicken and egg thing but there always seems to be the case that many overweight people blame anyone and anything other tan themselves for their current circumstances. They lie to themselves about how much they eat and how little they do. I am the first to admit I was banded and list my weight when I was a stay at home mum with fairly grown up kids, I had time to run, go to the gym and really get my shit together to lose weight. It's harder for many. But I manage it now with a full time job and I managed right through cancer. Do I want a medal? No. It's simply tat if you don't do it for yourself nobody else is bloody going to and this I learned from hanging around fat people listening to them whine that the needed a fill because the could tstill fit the triple choc american shake with syrup and quadruple whipped cream down the sultana sized hole in their gullet. And all the while casting aspersions on anyone who dared suggest diet, exercise and to step away from the ribs - protesting that their circumstances made it harder for them. I really don't mean to get on my soapbox and this really is a sweeping generalization (which I just said you can't do). I certainly do not mean to suggest this is the norm and I even believe that it's the despair of being obese that leads people to become this way rather than some sort of moral failing. But I reckon you've hit the nail on the head with your friend's attitude towards you. She's pissed coz youre no longer her enabler or partner in crime. Its amazingly common. And far from being treated better now I'm thin, quite the opposite - ive had people assume I'm vain and shallow many times. But just to balance out this rant, I've got several dear girlfriends who are very obese and whilst they worry about their weight they are vibrant happy women and mothers with full lives, amazing talents and loving friends and families. They are less picky, controlling and critical of themselves than I am and I envy them their ability to just drink life in, indulge their appetites and partake in all life has to offer. Fear of weight regain has made me less happy in that regard.
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    South Eastern Suburbs

    I'm in narre warren south
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    band fluid

    I wouldnt touch it! I unfilled my and for bowel surgery and chemo, scary to do but made sense. I stayed unfilled tilli finished chemo and then began filling again. All is ok, but my band is just not the same. I have 3.8 ml in my 4 ml band and can eat a sandwich! A barium swallow showed its tight but I can't feel that, the only explanation is that they can shift a bit when unfilled. Out of frustration I saw my surgeon at CBS instead of one of the docs and he said their advice is usually not to unfill these days (it was my colorectal surgeon who told me to). So I went through my ileostomy reversal and then a tummy tuck - both big abdominal ops - with fill in place. After the ileostomy reversal I was on liquids for a few weeks anyway due to risk of bowel obstruction while my guts healed. After the tummy tuck I just needed to be careful for a few days, I was a bit tight. If you tend to vomit after aesthetics then obviously, do unfill but otherwise there's no real need.
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    Non-medication Remedies

    Running is the bomb for me - I have a very irritable bowel and often get very gassy, I also struggle to have a bowel movement after bowel surgery, some sort of obstruction or nerve damage going on. I get bloated and just blah and a long run always relieves this kind of digestive discomfort. I find it also gives me scope to eat a few danger foods if I run befor I go out. Any really hard exercise - running or spinning for me - is an awesome mood lifter if you go ard enough to get that surge of endorphins. Peppermint tea is great for a upset stomach. As is ice cold soda water for nausea - hot me though three pregnancies and chemo. I don't do it anymore, we all know the dangers but I find a solarium session a rel mood lifter - oh how I wish there wasn't the risk of cancer and the certainty of skin aging - a good dose of uv and of course being all nice and brown is good for anyone's soul. I lso make my own toasted muesli and I include almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, ground flaxseed and chia - a bowel if this superfood every morning really helps need nutritional needs! Oh, and vinegar is awesome if your children get lice. Do the treatment, comb, then pour half. Huge bottle of vinegar over their head ( press a towel tightly to face and get them to lean over the bath) comb again and see how much more you can comb out - its miraculous, dissolves all the glue on those hard to remove eggs.