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    Lap band removal

    I know Defence Health covers bariatric surgery because my lapband removal a month ago was covered - it was not a break up but a sad parting of ways as it has been a very successful tool for me. Not sure if a new one is on the cards until I see my surgeon next week. Did you have it put in privately? Or does your health fund now not cover bariatrics? As for surgeons, I find the Centre for Bariatric surgery marvellous.
  2. Thanks for your empathy guys. On a good note, yes, its scary to feel how you just dont get that hard stop without a band but thankfully, the foods my body is driving me towards are all the healthy ones - fruit, salad, and All Bran cereal! I know from being completely unfilled for 9 months whilst I had my cancer treatment that this lasts a good 6 months or so before the desire for bad foods starts to creep in. With my band, although I *could* eat anything, my taste for those healthy foods falls way off and I just want things like custard, chocolate, biscuits - easy things that take no work to digest. So no doubt, I will begin to feel pretty good on this healthy diet in the near future, like last time. So I dont fear massive weight gain in the short term, as long as I stick to 3 meals, no snacks and reasonable portions. In fact this whole ordeal has given me a real kickstart and I'm on the downward path, under 75kg for the first time in 3 years. And I will follow the advice of mu surgeon when I see him.
  3. jachut

    Bad stories on the band???

    I've got a fairly alarming update to my post above. I made my own thread. Its long, so thanks to anyone that reads it. Here though, I'll say that I STILL dont regret being banded. But one thing Ive learned this week is that once you do have complications, only your lapband team can help you. There is NO help to be had in emergency rooms, that's for sure. Nobody knows a thing about it and once they know you're not dying, they cant get you off their hands fast enough. Surely, in 2017, an emergency room doctor should at least have the ability to fill and unfill a lapband!
  4. I've used BeFit before and they're pretty good - expensive when you consider you get half the food Light and Easy would provide, lol, but I hate paying for food I cant eat. I found in the past that there's simply not enough variety for long term, after about three weeks, you're over it, but for a short term pre op diet, much much better than shakes. Bleurgh. Chemicals, colouring and artificial sweeteners!
  5. jachut

    Bad stories on the band???

    I've had my band 13 years now. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Am I struggling with some excess (to me) weight - yes. But I'd be 120kg, not 80 if I hadnt done it - I'm 5ft 10 and a bloody perfectionist so I want to be 65kg and size 10, not 80 and a 14 dammit. I'm having troubles with reflux and chest pain, I think my band's days are limited, but I was told right at the beginning that it would not last forever. Trouble is, I thought I had the best team in the world looking after me. I attend the Centre for Bariatric Surgery. But now that Ive begun to have some troubles the only answer seems to be to unfill. That leaves me right back at square one. I know my band is ever so slightly out of position - it appears a little bit too horizontal in scans. So why am I not offered repair? I have put off going in for a year and I really must do something about it - my bowel surgeon (I've had cancer) sent a letter saying they found chest infiltrates in a recent ct scan - I'll bet you dollars to donuts its aspirated stomach fluid, not long mets. And last night I woke up with it coming out of my mouth (that has never ever happened before, I wont ignore it). I am gathering up my courage to go in and demand they actually do something because there is no point even having a band if it has to be left unfilled, its just not good enough to keep saying lets unfill for six weeks and see what happens. Last time that made my chest pain much worse and I got shoulder tip pain too because it seems to really irritate things. I will repeat though - I was not promised a miracle. I always anticipated that this could happen longer term. Thirteen years, probably 11 of which have been trouble free, even through a health problem like cancer is not something I'd complain about. I just always was told that something better might be available in future so the reversability of the band is good and now that I'm here, nobody seems to be rushing to offer to repair or do a sleeve!. I am incredibly grateful to be whining about 10kg not 50! And that's AFTER menopause and the weight gain that goes along with it.
  6. jachut

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    I didnt want to do anything for my 40th OR my recent 50th. Its not my scene. I'm very much a person who has a few valued friends but am not one for a million acquaintances. People seem to feel comfortable inviting everyone they know to a party I'm eaten up by anxiety - will they think its weird that I ask them, will people not turn up etc. We also had an experience where we built a new home in Melbourne's outer south east 24 years ago while the rest of our group (at 20ish) got help from their parents to buy in much more prestigious suburbs. Our friendships sort of fell apart because people just couldnt be stuffed driving out to where we lived - it was really hurtful and they werent the people we thought they were. I still have hang ups about that and dont invite people to my perfectly nice perfectly ordinary house in a perfectly normal suburb because everyone else I see to associate with in any social or work capacity seems to have a $2 million property in the inner suburbs. Including my own family. So nope, definitely no party here! At 50 (two months ago) well, the last seven years since I had rectal cancer have been shit pardon the pun. Its been one long, challenging decade for me in many many ways and I really would rather slam the door on my 40's. I spent a quite evening with my immediate family and parents.
  7. I've just been in to Jenny Craig - have put on a few kg's due to an un fill and recovering from a surgery that's kept me from running and the gym. At this stage of the game, post menopausal and in a rapid state of decay from old age, lol - it takes an actual calorie counted program to shift any weight for me, sigh. The ladies were chatting to me and saying "oh the lap band must have worked for you, look at you now, I've never seen ANY positive results from it. We have ladies come in and they're still huuuuuge blah blah blah. Turned into a chat about changing eating habits to make surgery work and how hopeless these people are and how they need to just get real and this lady the other day was starting tomorrow and just going to Maccas first and how COULD she and you know the type of conversation. These were Jenny Craig consultants!!!! You know, the people who are supposed to support you through the journey. And they obviously confided in me because I'm no longer fat, just have a bit of pudge to move so of course I must have it all together. When are people going to freaking realise that ALL humans these days indulge in the odd binge or pig out and that the difference between being fat and thin is largely down to a) lucky metabolism/body type and b ) can be as simple as overeating by 200 or 300 calories a day, adding up over many many years to a big problem. That's not a lot of food. That's two cappuccinos a day - skinny milk and no sugar! When obese people claim not to eat a lot, quite often its actually TRUE. I was disgusted and you'll be pleased to know, I said so and told them I would take my business elsewhere. I will also write to head office.
  8. jachut

    Newbie to exercise

    When my 20 year old son wanted to lose some weight - which in the manner of all young males he just decided to lose 20kg and did it, no fuss, no bother, no special diet - he was getting up at 4 am, going out for a run in the dark with nobody around to see him and then going back to bed till his usual 11 am or so. I thought it was hilarious but it kind of intrigues me too - if I get up at 5.45 and go for a run and then go to work, I'm dropping with exhaustion at 2.30 pm and I am fit and have run for years! But I wonder if I got up that early and did it and then went back to bed for two hours, would it work for me? Nah. You do get over the issue of feeling self conscious very quickly, but I did enjoy having a treadmill at home. I barely use it now because we've since got a dog and she knows the instant I go up to the front of the house that I'm going to exercise and she guilts me into going outside and taking her. But honestly, just do it is the only way. I would probably notice someone very obese out exercising but only to think admiring thoughts for their courage and strength.
  9. Scar tissue is supposed to grow around the band - that's part of what helps to hold it in place. But they still slip unfortunately. Part of the band to sleeve conversion or band to band is dissecting out the old band and all the associated scar tissue but of course, if there's enormous scarring that causes issues.
  10. jachut

    Emotional eating and VSG

    My experience from 11 years of being banded is that those dysfunctional eating habits dont go away. I had a good year window where they abated, and I lost tons of weight but my response to stress, anger, etc now is still the same - binge on sugar. The difference is that the rest of my diet is so much better that it evens out and I remain a normal weight but my feelings of loathing from eating half a packet tim tams in my car yet again are more of a reason to try to keep it under control than weight is. I say "binge" but I dont have a binge eating disorder, I just overeat crap food in response to being tired and stressed.
  11. jachut

    Soooo cold

    I went through that, I nearly died one winter a few years back, but my BMI had gotten down to 20 - no matter how many clothes I put on, I was always racing home from work to sit in a scalding hot bath. I thought it was from being so thin - and it was to a degree but my iron levels were really really really low - maybe get that checked? After an iron infusion (I'd had chemo and radiation too, wasnt in the best of health) I warmed up significantly.
  12. jachut

    Dreaming of Peanut Butter

    My favourite breakfast is a coffee and a generous spoonful of peanut butter. I agree with having it in moderation. You can get pb2 powder in coles now - it tastes great dry straight from the jar with much less calories and fat.
  13. jachut

    Medical tummy tuck

    Mine was done as "medical" because I was incredibly incredibly lucky - I didn't need at tummy tuck at all really, I had a perfectly flat, if somewhat loose stomach, but no apron at all. But because I had rectal cancer and had had lots of abdominal surgery and a big horrid scar where my ileostomy had been, my colorectal surgeon got a friend of his to remove all the scarring for me, which of course meant tummy tuck, and it was put through with a medicare item number. But it still cost me $5,000 out of pocket even though it was deemed necessary. I also got muscle repair done - but technically, a medically necessary tummy tuck is often just a panniculectomy - whack off the apron, no muscle repair, no belly button replacement, so you'd want to be sure what's being done.
  14. jachut

    5 years same band and port, who else?

    12 years now. This year was a little rocky, I think I've been overfilled for a long time and I started having severe chest pain - found out I developed a stretched pouch and had to be unfilled for a while, but its all good again now. What I will say though is that losing weight is nigh on impossible now I'm nearly 50 and maintaining it is quite difficult - despite being a regular exerciser, my body is really wanting to relax into that middle age spread. My band IS working, but its by now means easy or automatic like it once was. I have over the years, despite being a compliant bandster, learned to eat around it and my body has definitely adapted to strongly want high calorie, high fat foods because it knows that the intake will be small. Its just something that happens. In that way, I think the band has definitely led to a tendency towards a WORSE diet, not a better one. I fight that constantly because I just don't fancy fruit, salad etc because I subconsciously know its hard to eat and not that pleasant. That said, although I'm hard on myself and very critical, people cant believe I'm 49 - I may not have Elle McPherson's body and I may think I'm still 25 and that I look disgusting, but in reality, I probably DO look great for a middle aged woman. I've got a flat stomach and decent legs, I can wear most things that I want apart from clingy tube dresses and the like, and if I don't turn heads on the beach, well, I guess I can survive that. I've also gained probably 8 or 9kg over the past decade since getting to a very low goal weight no matter how I've tried not to. However, I'm still in the healthy weight range and in reality, probably look younger for a bit of extra fat around the face. Its just that I'm a little disappointed I guess that the flabby bat wings and loose thighs are still happening to me - like they do to all women as they age - in my imagination a band was going to give me a perfect body forever, lol.
  15. jachut

    Youfoodz and BE Fit Foods

    I'm still going strong too - I am a person that likes to meal prep for the week ahead so when I get my delivery, I transfer it into containers and pad it out with spiralized zucchini and squash and some spinach. I also add a handful of cashews to a lot of the dishes too because halved, they're only like 200 calories and I don't know about you, but my body STILL knows its being starved and I will end up eating chocolate and junk because even though my band stops me feeling physically hungry, there's only so much I can cut back by without my body rebelling with binging urges. I usually make one or two dishes myself for the week, get a couple of containers out of that and add some youfoodz so I'm not cooking ALL weekend. Loving the variety - it would cost a fortune to buy the ingredients for that many dishes and at half a meal at a time, its very economical!
  16. Just a bit of a product review as I have tried both these things recently. BE Fit foods (BE stands for Bariatric Essentials) at www.befitfood.com.au - is a bariatric surgery specific service. You can put together a sub 1000 calorie a day diet for about $139 a week - not cheap when you consider how small the portions are!!!! But things like Lite n Easy dont work for me - too carby and just huuuuuuge. The food is pretty nice - the soups are all awesome, but the breakfasts arent worth it - the yogurt pots go soggy during the week and the porridge is absolutely awful - tastes like artificial sweetener. Plus I may not be able to make myself seven awesome calorie and portion controlled meals for lunch during the week but I think I can manage a bit of fruit, a glob of yogurt and a sprinkling of muesli. I think you can probably get this delivered only in Melbourne. Today I got a big youfoodz delivery - looks amazing. Just having the vietnamese bowl for dinner - because its fresh I was able to half the portions into containers - I chucked some in the freezer just as they were because I dont 28 containers for 14 half meals but half the meal is about right for me. And that works out at $5 per meal which is very cheap for home delivered food. I just like the ease of home delivered meals even though I still cook for my family and I like to know the calorie count is OK without having to do the weighing and measuring thing.
  17. jachut

    Getting portions right and being sick

    I would ask for a barium swallow to check things out. I never felt like I was tight and hadn't had a fill for a few years and yet I was too tight and had formed a stretched pouch. When it reached a certain point I began getting the nighttime reflux.
  18. jachut

    Vitamin Patches

    I take the gummies too they are certainly much easier to take than large pills, although they repeat on me too.
  19. jachut

    Vitamin Patches

    They exist? That would be frigging awesome! I loathe taking vitamin pills - I alway burp up the horrible flavour for hours.
  20. jachut

    Youfoodz and BE Fit Foods

    I pad out the halved meals with some spiralized zucchini or a big handful of spinach too - goes with most things and adds nutrition.
  21. jachut

    Getting portions right and being sick

    Its very common to be tight in the morning! What do you mean by fluid build up? It may be that you are a tad too tight - you can be this way for a long time and not realise it. And whilst most bandsters fear unfilling more than anything, a little bit out could relieve things and make no real difference to your restriction/appetite. Eating too fast - well, that's just a matter of constantly reminding yourself not to.
  22. Trouble is, if you are a person who scars excessively or forms adhesions you could have trouble with any WLS. You can develop strictures and bowel obstructions when the adhesions form. No abdominal surgery is without risk for people who are prone to this. And oftentimes, if WLS is your first, you won't know.
  23. I can only relay my recent experiences to help you maybe make sense of what these doctors are saying to you. Firstly, it is possible to be overfilled and way too tight without knowing it. I think I have been for over five years. For some people, they will vomit often and have very obvious issues but for others, like me that doesnt happen. Instead, my pouch just quietly dilated. Therefore I never got the sense that I was getting over full, and although I couldn't eat huge meals and did feel restriction, it was less than what I should have expected at that level. I had no reflux, no vomiting, no discomfort, and I've been at goal weight for years and years so no need to visit the doc either. Anyway my symptoms DID start all of a sudden. Suddenly I began to get nightime reflux. Suddenly I began to get chest pain. It was just that at a certain point in time, the pouch dilation got bad enough to begin to cause noticeable symptoms. Believe me, the chest pain was bad enough that I did think gallstones and I did ring an ambulance thinking it was a heart attack - spent two days in hospital getting checked out. Of course, I ended up with an unfill and that in itself caused a lot of pain as my oesophagus moved around etc. it took four or five weeks for the pain and discomfort to settle and I had to go onto Somac because I'd had silent reflux and had really bad esophagitis that had to be healed up too. It is amazing the symptoms oesophageal pain/reflux can cause. I felt it right through my back, in my shoulders, my cheeks and the roof of my mouth would ache unbearably! So your doctor, despite his bedside manner, may indeed be right that its a case of being overfilled. You could go to your gp and ask for scans of your gallbladder etc, and get some peace of mind that way because you know your body and I am definitely NOT discounting what you are saying. But believe me, I was in enough pain to ring an ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack and all I needed was to be unfilled. And this after 11 years of absolute trouble free lap band.
  24. jachut

    Back to Basics!

    I found that I got through about five weeks unfilled with no gain - I was able to follow my normal portions/foods with a LOT of willpower but I did it. Like you I then went on holidays and well, with that extra stomach capacity (and appetite, which steadily grew over the time) I too indulged a little in a glass of wine a night and although I tried to be very careful, eating out every single night really does make it hard. I only had one really big indulgent dinner - but I got down three courses and wine no trouble at all. That was scary. But I walked and walked and got back only a kg heavier. And then over the past few weeks another kilo crept on. Soooo glad to have some fill back. But short term it is definitely possible to keep the weight away.
  25. jachut

    Chest pain update

    Lol, I had the gastroscopy - my lapband doc did it. Turns out I had pouch dilation and esophagitis - barium swallow did show the dilation but the doc who did it told me everything was fine. When I was admitted with the chestpain the hospital would not perform a gastroscopy because of the lapband - they insisted I go elsewhere. So.... long story short, I have been substantially unfilled for the past seven or eight weeks - I think I still had 1ml in there. I just got some fill back on Tuesday!