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    Chest pain update

    Have now had a barium swallow - nothing abnormal thank god! My lapband is still in place and working perfectly after 11 years. No evidence of reflux and no overly large pouch. I definitely DO have some reflux though because I do get burning pain some days and nexium relieves it. But I think that that might just be me, as in I would have had it by this stage of life band or no band - both my parents suffer. Next step I guess will have to be a gastroscopy
  2. Hopefully your remoteness will be a factor they consider. I think its a valid one as the band takes quite a bit of to'ing and fro'ing. I've just been to see my doc and copped the peak hour traffic and that was bad enough!
  3. jachut

    2 days post-op and starving!!!

    I don't have a sensitive stomach that swells, so I got over surgery very fast. I woke up hungry! The first two days I had to do clear liquids and I won't lie, that was hell. Then I moved onto thicker liquids. I initially tried their suggestions of yogurt, custard, optifast but it wasn't cutting it. I got by by blending up real meals - not big serves, I stuck to the half cup suggested, but I needed real meat and real veggies etc - I just thinned our regular meals with extra stock. I was banded a few weeks before Christmas and I had my Christmas dinner blended up with gravy and I even managed a tiny piece of plum pudding some hours later as I had started mushies that day. So in summary, I got by by thinning out and blending real food in very small quantities, not by trying to survive on yogurt. Mushies were HEAVEN. I never thought a scrambled egg or lentil dahl could taste soooooo good or be so satisfying!
  4. It can only be marginal - at the end of the day you're starving yourself on a very low calorie and low carb diet designed to get you into ketosis and empty your liver of all its glycogen. There is no way on earth they can tell which shake you used. Just get started on what you have.
  5. jachut

    Man flu + flipped port

    You really have to fix it anyway in case you ever needed an emergency unfill. What a nuisance for you! I love my band and what it has done for me, but it does have a number of inconveniences.
  6. So I have been totally unfilled for eight weeks now. I feel SO much better than I did even though at the time I didnt realise I was too tight - I only ever vomited if I ate too fast and I could eat most foods. In reality I had a stretched out pouch which enabled this to go undetected until I had a couple of major attacks of chest pain. Anyhow, if you ever think your band is doing nothing and you're doing all the work, try unfilling it! Boy oh boy, it took a few weeks but did hunger come back with a vengeance! I thought I disliked fruit and meat and things like sandwiches but once I recovered a bit suddenly EVERYTHING began to look appetising to me. I have white knuckled it through eight weeks, including a European holiday trying to stick to my usual portions and fill in the chinks with fruit and veggies but on holiday, a few croissants (impossible before) and one three course meal with wine did sneak in. I have gained 2.5kgs in total and am getting hungrier every day. My metabolism is waking up, and my body is demanding 2000 calories plus of food, which in no way is compatible with staying a size 12! What I have learned is that looking for hard stop restriction is not the answer. With the band, you really DO have to do most of the work. It should help you to be not hungry and to stop when satisfied. If you feel full, you're stretching out your pouch and there will be a price to pay down the track. Its taken me 11 years to really learn this. The lovely Karina at CBS took pity on me and gave me a full 1ml (I had 1ml left in there) and at 2ml, I just felt quite happy with a bowl of clear based vegetable soup. I think I'll need another one or two small ones but for now, I'm happy if the weight gain stops!
  7. jachut

    Back to Basics!

    I find I cant do the "healthy alternative" thing. Anything snacky/sweet I will binge on. I just feel this compulsion to eat it until its gone. So for me, getting back to basics means NO snacks EVER. Just none. Even if I allow crackers, I'll overeat those. I will allow a cappuccino if I'm out and if I'm really going all out, lol, I"ll have two sugars in it. I don't generally sweeten coffee but I do like sugar in a cappuccino.
  8. I'm really really hoping to get some fluid back tomorrow. I'm supposed to check in with my surgeon but I cant get in to see him without taking a day off work and having to go to North Melbourne, I've had soooo much time off work what with hernia surgery and unpaid leave to go to Europe and getting about a million colds, I cant ask for another day! So I'm going to see the doc I usually see at CBS and hoping like anything that she will give me a little fill back after nine weeks without any! I found it easy not to gain at first but the longer I go, I'm getting hungrier and hungrier!
  9. You know what? Your weight loss will be what it will be. Everyone's bodies are different and their own personal circumstances between intake and output differ. There is no amount you "should" lose per week. Your surgeon sounds rather aggressive fill wise which is unusual. They are usually a little more cautious because the less fill you can have, in general terms, the healthier your diet will be because you can eat the protein and the fibrous foods.
  10. jachut

    Normal X Ray?

    The xray doesn't tell you a lot without a barium swallow too. My band is a bit horizontal and I do have (or did, I hope) a pouch dilation shown by the barium swallow. As long as the pouch has normalised again after eight weeks unfilled, nobody cares if the band isn't sitting exactly right so what you're seeing my possibly not be a problem. But you need to know how fluid is moving through. On my swallow you could clearly see a big bulge to the left where the pouch had bulged out. tt depends on the direction and plane that it slips whether it looks circular/oval or not. You really need a concurrent barium swallow to tell you the full story.
  11. The same thing sort of happened to me - my advice is to be very careful about trying to get the same feeling back again, because you probably wont. What frustrated me SO much is that my band was so so perfect and I unfilled totally and didn't even need to. I was having cancer surgery and my colorectal surgeon told me to unfill completely. So I did, of course. I never ever got that same restriction back and a year or two later my lapband surgeon said to me that it isn't necessary to unfill for a surgery except in very unusual circumstances - so I stuffed it all up for nothing. Anyway, skip forward four or five years and I never got that good restriction back. It wasn't bad - it was working. I did regain weight but I had become skeletal due to chemo etc and I didn't gain past a healthy BMI of 24 or so. But I'd been sitting on 20 and LOVING it prior to unfilling. I kept looking and looking for that restriction over a couple of years to get back to that weight. It never came but six months ago I began having a little night time reflux - nothing bad - and I mentioned it and out come some fill. Anyway, long story short, turns out I've been WAY WAY too tight for ages, have dilated my pouch, causes esophagitis and lost the rest of my fill eight weeks ago. So far I have not gained significant weight (2kg or so) but I have been very very careful. What I noticed after the first unfill was that if I listened, the restriction was there afterall. It just was a matter of following the rules. Eat slowly and LISTEN and it will quietly tell you that you've had enough. And I wasn't hungry between meals. Now that I've had more out, I find myself eating fast, eating FULL plates of food (plates I fill with salad and vegies to keep the calories down) and I am starving two hours after eating. I really can tell now that my band WAS doing something without that hit you in the face, stop now or you'll burst kind of restriction. So my advice would be to refill slowly and carefully and really listen to your band. It is supposed to work to decrease hunger and enable you to make the good decisions - that realy sucks because the way most of us want to use it is to just eat what we want and have it stop us from eating too much! What I have also learned is that the band got me so far - down to a healthy ish weight but if I want to be really nice and think, like a BMI of 20, the band isn't going to do that for me and my surgeon isn't going to help me do it - he only cares that I'm not obese. I have to do that myself. Unfortunately I suck at it as much as I ever did!
  12. jachut

    Cover Story for surgery

    That's a fundoplasty and is exactly what I was going to suggest - if you're already got reflux that will work AND usually people that do bariatric surgery also do that kind of thing. It will also explain an altered diet. I've had SO many surgeries due to having rectal cancer that I can just mysteriously say I need another surgery and people don't like to pry in case it turns out to be something yucky and poo related, lol. But I did have bilateral inguinal hernias fixed in April - symptoms were lumps in the groin, pain on physical exertion and my lapband surgeon fixed them because he also does hernias. Nobody's going to ask to look at your groin for scars! So that's one you could always use. You could also make it something gynaecological but just research the condition and surgeons that treat it to satisfy your nosy parker colleague. Its a bit like saying your mother in law or father in law passed away as an excuse for a few days off work. It'll do the job but you'd better hope they don't actually pass away while you're still working in that job! I'd go the fundoplasty personally because it explains the whole post op diet thing.
  13. jachut

    Should i unfill?

    Given that its Saturday and that hospital ER's by and large STILL cant really handle lapband issues and you can get liquids down, its probably safe to wait until Monday as long as you keep being able to sip sip sip. You are probably going to need to take a little bit out. Are you sleeping OK - no reflux at night?
  14. Well, that was 11 years ago - I believe it has increased. I remember talk about the place a few years back being $5000, it might be even more now. But its really comforting to know that you wont be left high and dry should a problem occur in the future. Less likely with a sleeve than a band of course. - and of course a band requires so many follow up visits. It probably wouldn't be as much of a consideration if you're wanting a sleeve.
  15. Firstly check your PHI - some funds of late have actually dropped bariatric surgery. If your PHI covers it, you shouldn't need a great deal of savings, medicare and PHI will cover it but you may have some out of pockets for surgeon visits. I am banded but went through the Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Glen Iris. I'm not sure if they still do it the same way, but I paid $3,500 at the time of my surgery in 2005 and I have never had to pay another cent. After that, they bulk bill everything AND I have even recently had a hernia repair done by my lapband surgeon and he didn't charge me a cent for that either. Any revision surgery I should need in the future is covered so there really is no more to pay. I had my surgery done at The Avenue in Windsor, easily accessible to the South East area. I also find the practise in Glen Iris pretty convenient - I live in Berwick and work in Ferntree Gully - can get there after work in 30 mins and then sit on the Monash for hours to get home, lol.
  16. jachut

    One week post op

    The band works best when you eat solid food, by squeezing past the small opening it stimulates the Vagus nerve to tell you that you are full. If you drink at the same time, you are effectively turning the solid food to liquidy food and it wont send that message as well, meaning you can ingest more calories. In reality though, for many people, unless they have absolutely mastered chewing and slow eating, the liquid will sit on top of the food and often make you vomit, if your band is tight enough. Of course with a looser band, this often doesn't happen, but nor does the full message quite so soon.
  17. jachut

    Second time round

    Don't be too hard on yourself - 8kg in 11 weeks is very good weight loss! Its hard to be patient but slow and steady is what does it, its not a race and a lot of the time what you lose very fast, you put back on very fast! I'm assuming that you lost that weight with no fill? In that case, that's a truly excellent effort and of course it will be slower and harder than when you have restriction. .
  18. jachut

    Wasting Food

    This does happen at first, but it does get better. I'm finding my food going cold a bit now, I'd fallen into the habit of bigger bites/sips and I have developed a bit of a pouch so I've really tried to remember those bandster rules I followed so well 11 years ago. But after a while, you get to know your portion size and what you can eat. I have 3 teenage kids so we don't waste much food around here - DH is banded too but eats huge portions for a bandster (I think!) but we manage to make most things that serve 4 serve 5 of us. I tend to underserve my kids because I simply cant believe the size of a portion and I always buy small steaks and things like that. Chicken breasts I always slice in half thickness wise so they still look big but aren't,, that kind of thing and I think that way we actually spend less than we probably would on food - although at about $400 per week for groceries I'm still looking forward to the day the kids move out. I just don't buy big tubs of yogurt and other things like that that the kids don't eat because yes, it will go off before I finish it. But overall, these days I don't overserve myself and I can eat at a more reasonable and normal pace albeit still not fast, so I tend to finish what I serve and it doesn't go completely cold. And I think I've taught my kids reasonable portion control to boot!
  19. jachut

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    Awesome! I'm going to Europe in 4 weeks and my plan is the same - lots of walking and being busy so not sitting around wanting to eat. And sitting round surfing the net/watching TV is deadly for me - get the munchies big time.
  20. jachut

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    That's good advice. There is really no way you're ready yet to re-do a weight loss surgery. They ALL require behaviour modification and that's really difficult. I've found the hardest thing over the past 11 years is distinguishing wanting to eat from true hunger and I have to relearn this over and over. Its like when people say they need more restriction and keep really tight bands - it simply doesnt work that way. Like all weight loss surgeries it is meant to be a quiet presence and you do most of the work. Hard stops, with all of the surgeries, are not what you're aiming at.
  21. jachut

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Oooh! 75.15 despite a very big unfill three days ago. It was honestly just the kick up the bum I needed to listen for hunger and not the mini mars bars in the pantry. I think I've lost about a kilo. Maybe I will see that six in the figure before I go overseas!
  22. jachut

    Healthy Weightloss rate?

    I found the plateauing fascinating. In my adult life, I steadily went from "solid" to quite fat in the following steps. I"m 5ft 10 for reference. In my mid teens I weighed 84kg. Huge huge huge for a kid in the 80's when girls were nowhere nearly as big as they are now. Only just in the overweight range but I have all the scars of being the fat kid. In my 20's I sat at 79kg for years and got down to 72 to get married - a nice weight for me. But still, that was the early 90's and the true obesity epidemic wasn't like it is now. So I still felt huge. Then I had babies. I sat at 92kg for ages. Had another baby, sat at 97kg. Had a third six years later, hit 103kg. Stayed there for ages. Gave up entirely and got really fat and got to 110kg. BMI 31 from memory. So I had WLS, and on the way down, blow me down if I didn't stall for months at each and every one of those weights. I thought I'd finished losing at 79kg. Then over another two years I whittled down to 72kg. Turns out, I had cancer. so I thought I was so awesome losing that last bit, in truth it was probably cancer related. Then I had treatment, hello 66kg, 62kg, and joy of joys 59kg. I looked like a fashion model! As in sick, emaciated and gaunt but geez, it was good. Size 10 at 5ft 10 is pretty freaking awesome. Hello bikini! Anyway, I did get better and what do you know - back to 72, steadily despite anything I tried to do to stop it! And just when I thought it would never ever stop, I hit 72 and there it stopped. Held it for ages - however I really did fall off the wagon with a return to full time work. I just didn't run as often or as much, my eating habits took a nose dive and I've been battling gaining for the past two years. I put some on, get it off, endlessly. But if I let it, bet you anything, I'll go to 79kg and sit there without effort!
  23. jachut

    When bands go bad

    Well, its not a happy ending for you and for that I'm sorry, but at the very least, you've gained some good insight into your own behaviours and motivations. I think the SINGLE biggest misconception about the band is that its a restrictive procedure. Its not, its meant to dampen hunger to enable you to make better food choices. The restriction you get from it is a side effect, not the main intention. But I'd say 100% of bandsters work towards getting good restriction so that they cant eat much or certain foods. And they all end up too tight - too tight doesn't mean vomiting everything you eat and having reflux, it can simply mean tight enough to enlarge the top portion of your stomach or tight enough to cause a slip. In that, its a very imperfect tool - it usually works best for people that probably could have done it on their own anyway. And the proportion of people who manage a tight band without dire consequences. The sleeve appears to be a much better option because it truly IS restrictive, which is what people really need (if they could make good food choices, they wouldn't be fat!). I say appears because it will be a while yet before there's a true WEALTH of data on long long term success. But when I had WLS the sleeve wasn't an option. So a lot of us have had no choice but to learn to manage a band. In its defence, you make a mistake and often with careful management it can be fixed - the band is very adaptable and flexible in that regard. Stretch out your sleeved stomach and you're up the creek sans paddle. I think you're very wise to be cautious of going down a path you're not sure you can commit to. Myself, I brushed all that under the rug in my eagerness to have a fix to my problem and I've just been bloody lucky that its been so successful for me. But I definitely worked hard for that success.
  24. jachut

    Barium Swallow.

    Yes, I have made a new commitment to burning 400 calories a day on my treadmill!
  25. jachut

    Barium Swallow.

    That's great news. On the other hand, I do have an enlarged pouch. The guy in the hospital who did the barium swallow said everything looked fine but my surgeon was not happy and unfilled me significantly. I'm terrified! But he said that its entirely likely I'll feel MORE restriction, not less as my stomach settles down. I must say I'm eating dinner right now and I'm getting full pretty quickly so maybe that'll be true. My kids laugh at the mountains of food I serve them and then my tiny little plate. its a good reminder that its SO important to follow bandster rules. Portion size is everything!