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    Gallbladder removal/recovery

    Fear not soul sister, its the drip. They fill you SO full of fluids in hospital. It makes me really cranky. Unfortunately I have had six surgeries in the last five years and each adn every time I got so bloody cranky with that drip. I get to the point where I'm so full of fluid, I cant bend my fingers and I cant see any bones or tendons in my feet! And still they insist on leaving it in. I'm always four or five kg heavier for a week or more when I get home.
  2. jachut

    Surgeon in Melbourne for BMI under 35

    That's great.I agree, you'll probably be steered towards banding rather than a sleeve at a lower BMI. When I had my surgery the lapband was all that was available.
  3. Sounds like very good advice to me. Weight loss is so complicated, isnt it? Surgery doesnt "fix" anything at all, its still mind over matter. All surgery has done for me is make me not as hungry and satisfied quicker. Not one single one of my dysfunctional attitudes to food has changed, not in 11 years. Yet I'm still sitting here at a normal weight. I've recently been trying to pay attention to those hunger/fullness signals again, having this chest pain has really make me realise that I have been overeating - not to the point of gaining weight but still just eating without thinking. Suprisingly, although I dont feel the "restriction" I had in the early years, if I eat properly I am done after less than a cup of food. I dont need the whole sandwich and I realised halfway through my oatmeal this morning that it was really only the first few mouthfuls I enjoyed so I tipped the rest down the sink. I think that's what we all need to remain conscious of, band OR sleeve. And realise that if you need more food than you can fit in at 3 meals (as I definitely do) the answer is controlled snacking, not bigger meals.
  4. Are you a gotta pee first, take off every stitch of clothing, remove rings and earrings first thing in the morning, lean backwards, find the lightest weighing spot on the bathroom floor kinda person? Or are you like me, weigh last thing at night, stand fully on the scales, wearing clothes so you know it cant possibly get any worse, lol? It would drive me crazy - I know I'd weigh 75'ish first thing, but I cant rest on that knowing that when I get weighed at the clinic, I'm going to clock in more because of food inside me and clothes on me! I have to know the absolute worst case scenario. I hate that "oh no!" feeling of seeing an unexpected high weight.
  5. jachut

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    I actually think it might be good for you if you sought out some help. I really think you MUST be eating past the signals to tell you you've had enough, and you've probably stretched out your stomach a bit. That's the issue. The types of foods you're eating, yeah, they're bad but at the end of the day for weight loss (not health in general) its portion size that matters. Its overeating on such a big scale that you really need help with. I like quite a few healthy foods but to be honest, I will never give up things like biscuits and muffins. Never. I don't want to and I'm bloody not going to. Thankfully I don't also love Maccas, soft drinks and pies. But I will continue to sometimes eat nothing but biscuits for lunch. Early on in the peace I decided this. It was portion size that I was going to work with and I also banned chocolate - I can eat a family block STILL because its such a slider. But I can only eat one muffin break muffin and then I cant finish my cappuccino. I lost weight very successfully and have kept it off by and large. I struggle with a few kgs from time to time. I've had other issues - like terribly low iron levels and such because my diet is not ideal. I take a multivitamin, omegas and iron and the days that it feels good to eat healthy, I do it. Dinner is always a healthy meal. I cant and wont face a life without my favourite foods. Its not ideal but in the world we live in these foods bombard us from every direction and I think its just too hard to try to ban them. Eat a pie but not a huge one - have two party pies instead. Eat a hotdog but chuck half the bun away. Eat hot chips but don't finish the bucket. Try and give up one or two of those worst vices - the iced coffee and the soft drink because those are sliders that don't touch the sides. Have two beers instead of three. It will all add up to make a big difference. But the main thing is the portions. If you go on as you are, you could cause untold damage to your body. And you need to be honest about hunger. Are you trying to satisfy your stomach or your head? I'm also not sure whether you'd consider going on to a full gastric bypass? You might need the element of malabsorption too to help you out.
  6. jachut

    Barium Swallow.

    Reflux can be a very curious disease. I'm sure that's my problem too but with a barium swallow, its only a snippet of time and if you're not having reflux right at that moment, it wont show up. What you describe sounds more like band issues - well not issues, it sounds like how the band is supposed to work. Reminding you gently to slow down or stop with that pressure/discomfort. What I get with the "reflux" I think I have - never ever do I have episodes at night where I cough, choke or acid shoots up my throat waking me. I've had that before and it was fixed with a slight unfill. I've also been a little tight before and needed to clear my throat constantly. I never get what i call "heartburn" which is a stinging burning feeling in the throat. Now I get burning, gnawing pain in my stomach at random times but most particularly when I have an empty stomach and in fact this is really affecting my weight because I'm always eating something! I swallow food and some days it just hurts when it hits my stomach and wine or cold foods REALLY hurt. And then I get the massive pain episodes where it feels like something boring away at my stomach and it aches through my back, up my throat into my jaw and cheeks and has once made me call an ambulance. Those last about 5 to 20 minutes and disappear as suddenly as they start. What I think of as reflux is suffering AFTER you eat and especially after big, rich or spicy meals, with the typical heartburn sensation that is relieved by some Mylanta or quickeze or something. That doesnt fit me at all. Yet my barium swallow yesterday was totally normal! I am also FAR from tight. I can eat anything and I can eat quite a bit. Reflux can often be fixed with an unfill and I doubt that your doc will fill you if you have known reflux.
  7. jachut

    Barium Swallow.

    Ack, I have a referral too. I'm putting it off because I know that the constant pain in my stomach must be reflux and I know what that'll mean. But since I had a bit of fill out I'm having real trouble maintaining my weight and I'm NOT eating more. It seems unfill = weight gain no matter what! I hope the results are OK for you. I do wonder though, what if you were a person who was always going to get reflux anyway - I mean its not unique to bandsters, its a common problem. Can you have good fill in your band and just take reflux medication?
  8. jachut

    Surgeon in Melbourne for BMI under 35

    I'm not sleeved but banded - I was banded in 2005 by Gary Crosthwaite at the Centre for Bariatric Surgery at a BMI of 31. They certainly treated my weight problem seriously and took the view that I would continue to get heavier. They have also been more than supportive of me determining my goal weight at wanting to be at a BMI closer to 20 than 25.
  9. jachut

    The dreaded apron

    If its deemed necessary by a surgeon it will have a medicare item number and becomes exactly like any other necessary surgery - medicare will cover the surgery, anaesthetic, tests and treatments in hospital and your PHI covers the cost of the bed (plus maybe a bit of the gap if there is one). However, a panniculectomy (which is simply the removal of the apron) is not a cosmetic procedure. They'll whip off the skin but it includes no muscle tightening/repair and no belly button, that will be just gone and not reconstructed. You definitely wont bet the more pleasing aesthetic of a tummy tuck. Which might not matter so much to a male patient because you haven't had a couple of pregnancies to destroy your abdominal musculature and might not need the muscle repair anyway.
  10. jachut

    Liver Shrink Diet for 4 Weeks???

    Each case is different too - I think you have no choice but to follow instructions. You really want surgery to be safe and to go ahead, you'd be gutted to have your band out, gain significant weight and then find that they cant do the surgery laparascopically (or at all). Its not going to be easy, that's for sure. I wonder if, given your height and high weight, you'd be allowed some extra protein above the milk - like a chicken breast a day? Its really the lack of carbs that does the job, as your liver gets emptied of glycogen to fuel your body and then of course, it shrinks as a result.
  11. jachut

    Weigh In Wednesday

    76.2 - sigh. Quarter of a kilogram, couldn't really even count it as more than a fluctuation. But I have returned to some pretty serious strength training in the past three weeks and I have a feeling that plays a part. I don't for a moment think I've gained serious muscle but my weight always goes up - fluid retention or something. This time its held steady so I'm happy. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to see a six instead of a seven any time soon but then again, I'm not sure I want to. I'm already a healthy weight and aiming for a change in body composition more so than weight.
  12. jachut

    Vegetarianism and the sleeve?

    I'm not running much these days due to hip issues but I am pretty active, my average week will involve at least an outside run (and pain be damned), three gym sessions including cardio and weigths and lots of walking the dog/active on my feet job etc. I have no trouble sustaining that on an intake of about 1600 - 1800 calories a day and I had no trouble running 6-8kms per day on 1200 or so when I was actively losing weight. Fat is energy and if the food's not there, you just burn fat. I agree in part with vegetarian meals being easier to eat with a band - I've come to actively dislike meat even though I've not had really bad experiences with it - I really love legumes such as chickpeas and lentils and use them as the base for meals. I love cooked vegies too and find oats and quinoa and rice very easy to eat. I loathe salads though - ugh - hard to eat with a band but I've always hated cold crunchy things like salad and fruit. I've never been one for a high protein diet - I've never been a "protein first" person or had protein shakes and I probably have a far higher carb diet than a lot of WLS patients but it hasn't stopped me having phenomenal success with the band and I most definitely am not protein deficient.
  13. jachut

    Family comments

    I think you have to remain true to yourself. Both my husband and I are banded, it worked really well for me as I reached a BMI in the low 20's and have maintained it for about 8 years now. My hubby lost 30kg and put back on 15 and has stuck at 105kg for years and years - his parents comment on it but in truth - he was 122kg - much more overweight than he is now and he would probably be 150 by now! In truth, he is only about 15kg overweight and sure, would like to lose a bit but doesn't care enough to make that happen, so he's happy enough. I think people forget the weight maintenance part of it - how many people who get banded were just gaining more and more weight every year? Its a VERY big deal healthwise to have halted that even if amazing weight loss does not occur. The hard thing is, so many of us really hold in our hearts an amazing outcome cosmetically speaking, we want to look great, but that's not the whole story of what weight loss surgery is about. My surgeon, when unfilling me slightly due to reflux commented that I had some leeway and I might maintain 6kg heavier but that it was better than having reflux - he's all about health. In my head, I"m screaming NOOOOOOO, I would DIE if I gained another 6kg. I think everyone from the outside looks at it like that - what they see with their eyes. In truth, a 21kg loss is enough to result in some very big health gains, even if you've got another 40 to lose! Its a great outcome.
  14. jachut

    Some Post Op Questions

    Well you may very well be hungry, after all you've just dropped your intake pretty dramatically. However its a case of suck it up early on in the process, you have to protect your surgery site and follow orders. I think part of the thing with the sleeve is that hunger hormones drop but it probably takes a while for your mind and your body to adjust to that. Hang in there, post op can be really difficult for people - often they are surprised to feel so hungry and find it so hard, but weight loss surgery is after all only a tool. Your hunger will not be such a problem once you an eat solids
  15. jachut

    4 weeks away

    Gall bladder is always a good one and can help to explain a different diet post sugary too. Or you can make up something really exciting like a bowel resection due to, oh, I don't know, a constriction or diverticulitis or something like that. People don't want to talk about poo - take it from me, I have a colostomy and have had multiple bowel surgeries and nobody EVER pries into what I'm having done! It will also explain the different diet too - you can say you're on liquids and then small portions for bowel rest. Failing that, something gynaecological and then say you have to lose weight because your weight has caused hormonal problems.
  16. jachut


    The flavours are disgusting - the best thing I found was to have it very very cold (use ice), and blend fruit in with the vanilla - stick with berries as they're low carb fruits and add virtually no calories. You *might* also be able to use PB2 as its pretty much no fat or carb and all protein and adds a great peanut butter taste - I have optifast vanilla even now sometimes (11 years on) for breakie with a banana and PB2 blended in because I know there's plenty of protein and nutrients in it and its a better option than cereal or toast. Oh, I also flavoured the vanilla with a strong cup of black coffee - I love coffee so that was yum! Coco powder is extremely low in calories/carbs/fat too and is full of antioxidants.
  17. jachut

    Adolescent Daughter to be lapbanded

    I would think a lap band a good choice for an adolescent - they need more calories and more nutrition than an adult and they burn way more calories just sitting around face booking too. A band, being adjustable, only needs to be tight enough for her to lose weight and with her doctor, she can balance weight loss/restriction with her medical needs. A sleeve for a teenager may leave her dangerously short of nutrients and calories. Good luck to your daughter and hopefully, although she's had a few hard years already, her twenties will be AWESOME! CBS is a good choice too - they are so supportive and professional and I have had a very long and very good association with them.
  18. jachut

    Quality Scales?

    Wow, I shed hair like nobody's business so my scales are covered with hair and fluff underneath! Are you saying i really might not be fat at all, lol? No kidding, I once had perfectly good scales and I got so angry by the reading that I threw them in the bin in disgust! Doug said "where are the scales" and I had to admit I'd chucked them in a tanty! I've got WW ones too now, but they're pretty old - however, I have a precise bathroom tile I place them on on a very specific angle to get the same reading - I think all scales are prone to this.
  19. jachut

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I weighed in at 77.4 - my normal fighting weight is about 72kg, but I love being about 67, 68, sigh. I have a trip booked to London in July and I have decided I want to see a six by then. Its nine weeks - not sure if its really a realistic goal at this stage of the game but I am going to try.
  20. jachut


    It works well for me but I try to avoid taking it - I prefer popping a few quickeze. Nexium reduces stomach acid and long term really messes with iron absorption and your gut bacterial balances - its nasty stuff but one of those medications everyone seems to pop willingly, thinking its nothing much. However, I have at times been utterly miserable with heartburn/stomach pain - its not really lap band related as my whole family suffers awfully with it, I think its just my lot. When I'm like that, medication is a must, but for me it comes in bouts where I suffer for a while and then it goes away. What I find with Nexium is that if you take it like you're supposed to - daily for several months it does fix your problem but its REALLY hard to get off it, you have to taper slowly or you get really bad rebound heartburn. I seem to be able to take it for short periods though and then stop again with no worry. However, Zantac is way worse. If take even one zantac, I will have crippling heartburn 24 hours later on the dot! Personally, I think if Mylanta works for you stick with that. I'd stay off any acid reducer if you can - but heartburn is one thing, actual waking up at night reflux is quite another and really means you need some fill out.
  21. jachut

    Condemned for a piece of fruit

    Yup, see my post on the extraordinary conversation I had at Jenny Craig - its disgusting. By the way, I have never been told to do fluids after a fill - just to be careful, so its not as if eating a mandarin is a crime!
  22. jachut

    The good, the bad & the ugly

    I can also recommend highly giving Sam-e a try for depression. I have had my issues with it over the past five years, not for ages now touch wood, I think for me, its a menopausal thing and also post cancer. I was put on prozac and put on 10kg in 3 months - holy mother of god, I was freaking OUT. I quit it cold turkey which I would NOT recommend, it took me five months to detox from the stuff - brain zaps and random cramping and headaches and the lot. However I find Sam-e remarkably effective. It is very energising and you may not like it if you're feeling anxiety symptoms but it won't hurt you to try it and you don't need to taper on and off. I have put myself on it for short periods of time and within days I feel remarkably better, but I can't just stop it with no ill effects.
  23. jachut

    Secret sleevers

    I've thought about this a lot in terms of people thinking weight loss surgery is "drastic" or that the sleeve is "permanent" and the band isn't - yes, the band IS permanent if you want to remain slim all our life - the fact that it can be take out is a technicality. Anyhow, I digress. If anything were to happen to my band I think I would want to be sleeved. But i most definitely would NOT tell anyone but my husband. I can just picture my extended family now - oh, you don't need to do that, you're not fat anymore. My mum would be frantic, etc etc. I would simply say I'd had my band fixed up. But then, I wouldn't have to explain my small portions as everyone is used to that. However, I've never had anyone comment to me about what I eat in any sort of public situation. I don't eat a huge amount compare to others but its not ridiculously small either. I hate when people push for entree, main AND dessert or try to talk me into the banquet option. I just say I don't enjoy overeating and I"m not going to do it. I do get it though, i feel that way about cosmetic surgery. I had a tummy tuck - I didnt really need one, I mean it made my tummy GREAT but it was already pretty good, that's just my body type, I never carried a lot of weight on it. But I had the tummy tuck to remove a hideous scar left over from my ileostomy stoma, it was awful and twisted and I still wanted to wear a bikini. That was explainable - there was a "reason" that I felt was something other than ridiculous vanity because I already had a flat stomach. Where I'm at now I'm very pear shaped and I would dearly love lipo on my hips and thighs because to get them as slim as I like them, I have to be like 60kg which is a BMI of 19 - I got there once and yes, my ass looked great but you could count every single rib in my chest and sides AND back, my shoulder blades stuck out, you could see the tubing coming through my port and I looked absolutely gaunt in the fact. I'm better at this weight with lipo. But I simply can't bring myself to do it and actually tell my family - I'd feel soooo vain. I can't afford it anyway, but DH is adamant he would not keep it secrete from my mum and dad. Myself, I feel I could sneak in a day surgery and some compression wear in the middle of winter.
  24. jachut

    OMG, talk about fat shaming

    I even saw Michelle Bridges on A current affair - some paparazzi caught her out in the supermarket - she appeared to have a can of something and a Latina pasta in her basket - I think that might be why she got so pissed off about it, lol. Sprung! So not even the people at the the top of the fitness industry are really eating kale and coconut oil!