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    That 'full' feeling

    So, if it happens with only a mouthful, that can of course be a sign of something not right - and I assume you've tried chewing like mad and all that sort of thing. I think the downside of the band is that the discomfort of eating can lead you to just eat slider foods - at 11 years out, this is a major problem for me. I don't have a problem eating ANY food but some things are harder than others and over the years, my tastes have changed to less healthy sliders. I've been unfilled totally once and my appetite for apples and salads soared! Those things tasted soooooo good and now they don't appeal to me any more. I would never fix an unbroken band but I sure would like to have a glimpse of having a sleeve - I am sure it would be a far better digestive quality of life and personally, I wonder if all the little aches and niggles in my body are band issues. I'm sure all the sleevers will assure you that you wont get stuck, you wont feel blocked but that aiming for "full" is not where its at with the sleeve either. Its much more subtle, looking for satisfied.
  2. jachut

    serious reflux

    If you're having reflux at night, as in choking, coughing or vomiting you MUST have some fluid out, end of story. You are too tight. Nexium is OK if you gete heartburn and milder reflux issues during waking hours (but you don't want to be reliant on it if you can help it because it decreases absorption of iron and b12 quite significantly) but it is OK to manage this sort of reflux, which I find an unfill does not help with anyway. But if you're actually spitting up stomach contents in the night you have to unfill - it will solve the problem and its a clear indicator you are too tight. Its actually very dangerous - you are at risk of inhaling your stomach contents and developing pneumonia but also it causes a lot of damage to the esophagus and increases your risk of band complications and esophageal cancer.
  3. Oh Cal, I'm sorry. I'm also very nervous - I really need to check this problem out. I know for me, I absolutely wouldn't go it alone. I have thought about this issue so often wondering what I would do if anything ever went wrong and I would definitely go for a sleeve. I really do need to raise this with my doc now you say you've slipped. Sigh. I've just had three weeks off work for surgery and have a hip arthroscopy in September perhaps I can string it out until next year? I also have the pain sitting in the background all the time now. But it does go away with Nexium, so perhaps its just reflux.
  4. jachut

    Question prior to surgery

    Happy healing! I've just had inguinal hernias repaired and am champing at the bit to get back to being active -but with hernia's its very very important to let them heal completely.
  5. I just wanted to add - I don't know about you but I'm feeling quite nervous being such a long term bandster now - we've moved into unknown territory. There's not many of us around and if problems should begin to rear their heads, we're somewhat experimental. I always knew this going in and I accepted it and to be honest, I won't be surprised if I can't have this band in me forever. But I sure would HATE to face that 3 month or longer wait to convert from band to sleeve. I try to keep in the forefront of my mind at all times to treat my band with respect.
  6. jachut

    That 'full' feeling

    More often than not, in the absence of other problems, that's not a full feeling - its an overfull feeling! It can be SO hard with the band to know when you've had enough - even after 11 years I still do it because there's just that bite or two more on my plate or whatever. You shouldn't feel blocked or choked - the idea is to stop before that. In an ideal world if you were a perfect banister that is! It can be incredibly difficult to realise that for some meals, 3 spoonfuls is enough.
  7. I have an 11 year old band and am having a similar issue - a bit more intense maybe. I get chest pain that starts up at the stomach, but quickly radiates into my throat, and into my mouth and cheeks. It also hurts through to my back. Probably a 10/10 on the pain scale and I have called an ambulance once thinking if it was that bad, it must be a heart attack. Nothing was found - but I do know my band is OK, not slipped and the pain is not associated with eating. I am not too tight. My surgeon did another surgery on my last week - he's also a hernia surgeon - and I asked him about it and he said it sounds like esophageal spasms and that I should try nitroglycerin (anginine, common angina medicine available over the counter) when it happens. I bought some, but it hasn't happened again for me.
  8. jachut

    My second slip

    All bands are sewn to the stomach and the resulting scar tissue helps to hold the band in place. They're never just buckled around and not stitched down. Various methods of stitching have been in vogue over the years backed by various statistics. But slips still happen, thankfully at a statistically low rate.
  9. jachut

    Question prior to surgery

    I know which is why I prefaced it by saying I wouldnt want to pass judgement. Its a hard point to make without sounding like you're disapproving.
  10. jachut

    Question prior to surgery

    I'd hate to pass judgement on anyone, but how I felt when I had made a positive decision, my journey had started well BEFORE surgery and therefore a last meal was not my biggest priority. You will eat again, and you will eat food that tastes good! Don't reinforce your former poor decisions and eating behaviour by "getting it out of your system". It should be OUT, you've made this decision. This is not the end of the road and you'll never enjoy eating anything again!
  11. jachut

    Gurgling throat?

    Constantly and its not reflux. To me, it sounds like a blocked drain, and that's exactly how a lap band works, food goes down, splashes up, goes down (without actually being reflux into your through). You know the noise, when you try to put cereal or thick soup down the sink. Glug glug glug. I've had this the entire 11 years I've been banded. I cannot lie flat on my back or front without it occurring - I avoid massages like the plague because not only will I glug and gurgle, my sinuses fill and my nose runs and my face swells from lying face down on the table. DH is always trying to coax me into joint massages an I will only ever go and sit UP in the chair and get my feet done.
  12. jachut

    Band to Sleeve, what to do?

    There's nothing unusual, repugnant or overly gluttonous there. Its what a healthy person with a normal metabolism could probably eat and stay slim. But you'd struggle mightily to lose weight on it and it would probably make me fat over time since I really don't seem to need to eat more than about 1800 calories a day .I'd have have to agree 2 cups of muesli is a very large portion. Its way more than a standard serving size and could easily be 600 or 700 or even more calories by the time you add milk. It would keep me going all day. And a Thai curry has coconut milk which is ultra super duper high in calories and fat. You could easily have eaten well over 2500 calories in that day's intake.
  13. jachut

    Update on Chest Pain

    So i saw Gary Crosthwaite at CBC a few weeks back - he was my original surgeon but is also a hernia specialist. He booked me in to fix my double inguinal hernias (rare for a female, how lucky am I) and I had surgery Friday. On Saturday morning I mentioned the heart attack like pain that resulted in my dramatic removal from school by ambulance with 380 students watching and how I have these "attacks" every now and then. He was quite puzzled and at first thought I was indicating I had pain with eating, and that I'd had a fill, not an infill. When he got the picture (I think I was a bit messed up by copious narcotics, boy does The Avenue hand out premeds and morphine freely!) he said it sounded like oesophageal spasms and told me to get some anginine to take when it happens. The thought that I could have a medication that treats this condition is very comforting - it is SCARY to be so out of control in pain - I almost want it to happen again so I can check it out. I am, however, worried that this is a lap band related problem - although non lapbanders get oesophageal spasms too - fingers crossed. Its not a major, daily occurrence. By the way, this must be the BEST clinic in the world. They are just so damn good - as a bariatric patient, I have not been charged, its all bulk billed. I didnt expect that. I fully expected I would have to make some contribution to this surgery. They are absolutely supportive, non judgemental, they make it as easy as possible to keep up with the band's upkeep without it costing you or being inconvenient. Every doctor I have seen has been lovely and has, on occasion helped me out with non lap band related medical problems with a WAY better manner than my local hp's.
  14. jachut

    Band to Sleeve, what to do?

    I am living proof that weight loss surgery can work even if you can't beat your demons. I quite honestly will never beat my sweet carb habit. And I will never learn to eat them in moderation so that I can include them in a balanced diet, as IF! I accept that I will have the occasional day when all I eat is tim tams. It is what it is. But weight loss surgery (lap band) STILL worked for me. Brilliantly. And pretty easily. Because I don't have other eating demons - I would never have visited an all you can eat buffet and gone mad, I never ate a lot of foods like Maccas or KFC, I never drank a lot, didnt have a soft drink habit etc. So now, even though sometimes, quite often in fact, I eat pretty badly, I don't OVEReat. Today wasn't a great day actually - I had a big skinny latte and a muffin for lunch (after no breakfast) and just had a small plate of Chinese food for dinner. Not great nutrition in anyone's book but probably not over 1400 calories. At the end of the day for me anyway, its energy in v energy out. I've also been very compliant with the small portions things. I hate the feeling of being overly full. So my tim tam days now are pick pick pick not downing a packet in 20 minutes. However, I do like exercise - but don't underestimate how much your fitness and ability will improve when you get weight down. For me now, a 5km jog is pretty darn effortless. And weighing in at 150+ you'll lose weight fine without exercise for quite a while.
  15. jachut

    Plastic surgery update

    Eeek - but onward and upward Kazbo. When you think about it, its a massive amount of very aggressive surgery and there's bound to be a few hiccups along the way. You're in good hands and thank god we live in Australia where our health system will not try to argue that you don't need immediate treatment.
  16. jachut

    Band revision and getting sleeved

    Good luck, hopefully you reach your goals. What you mention is what I would say is the WORST side effect of a lap band - mine has been trouble free, I've gotten down to a BMI of 23 but I most definitely have gone off healthy foods like lean meat, salad and fruit and have developed a terrible appetite for the easy foods - like you mention, noodles, baked beans, chocolate, biscuits, coffee over my 11 years of being banded. I don't get stuck often, I don't have undue trouble with any foods yet I've still lost my appetite for the "harder" foods. I really have to make myself eat them and when I do I'm always surprised that they're enjoyable and go down - IF you eat them slowly.
  17. jachut

    Carbs vs calories

    Definitely - when I add up or calorie count and look at my macros - it would be rare that I'd eat over 100g of carbs in a day (in a normal day's eating, not the shockers I sometimes have)- and that's without restricting carb foods - that's technically low carb - "normal" people can eat 200 - 300 grams in a day quite easily. I also wouldnt eat a huge stodgy carby meal either - whenever we have spag bol I would always have zucchini noodles instead for example. And I do really enjoy the couple of Paleo cookbooks I have although I'd never call myself a paleo advocate. The bandwagon I've jumped on is the HIIT and strength training - I'm not a gym bunny and have always loved running - long, slow cardio, the kind that's getting bashed at the moment. But lately I've really noticed that if I do 15 minutes of sprints on my treadmill (like ALL OUT balls to the wall sprints) and 10 minutes of tough push ups and squats (tough at my level, which is 45 degrees on the kitchen bench lol,) it absolutely turns off my appetite for the day. The beauty of this is I think its the intensity - and if you're really unfit, you can achieve that my heart is going to explode and I'm going to puke intensity in 5 minutes just doing some squats.
  18. Most people get adhesions from ANY abdominal surgery and they can be a serious problem. Myself, I had so many adhesions and scarring from removal of my rectum and radiation that I ended up with a permanent colostomy. Its a fact of abdominal surgery, with some people being more prone to them than others. And they can't treat adhesions well because if they go in to release ones that are problematic (causing bowel obstructions for example) they additional surgery simply causes new ones to form. Most of the time you simply have adhesions and don't know about it.
  19. ALL weight loss surgery is radical - the thing with bands is that they're said to be reversible and not "extreme" but that's simply not true. Those are false claims - placing a silicon band around your stomach IS extreme and once its been there for years, you cant necessarily go back to the way you were entirely. Doing that to your body has lasting effects. The sleeve is no more or no less extreme, just different. Its not safer, its not better, its just different. Obviously it suits you Kazbo and the band didn't, but I am here as living proof that the lapband can and does work easily and safely without causing hernias and without the tubing adhering to your other organs (and I've had five surgeries in my abdomen since banding, so I know its all OK in there). Naturally each surgery has pros and cons that everyone has to weigh up and unfortunately, some people just never find that happy place with band restriction and cant achieve success with it. Thank god you can remove them and then go onto the sleeve. But many people are very successful with bands too. Complications of a serious nature are not a high risk with either surgery but I feel its very unfair and entirely scary to people wanting to make informed choices to claim so stridently that all bands are bad and they all cause such problems and nobody should ever get one. I'm sorry for the experience you had but its not the norm. The way I feel about it is this: were something to happen to cause my band to be removed now, I feel even after 11 years I would want another procedure right away. I don't think I could successfully fly solo. I would probably move towards a sleeve simply for the lack of maintenance it requires compared to a band. Bands are so dodgy, how many people have great luck, then slip, get another band and never ever regain the good restriction again? It seems pretty common. But even so, I would never, not for an instant regret the 11+ years I had with a lapband.
  20. jachut

    band vs sleeve

    Bit late replying sorry but so many other banded people will know this one. Your meal arrives you're either starving or else you've veered away from the safe choice - for me, anything pasta is safe, but its just soooooo not good for you usually. You have a few bites and get the stern message to slow down - but by then, its ALWAYS too late. ITs the first bite you gulped that's trying to get through now, not the five more sedate bites since. You get the deer in the headlights look. Please please PLEASE go through in a minute you're thinking. You've quite obviously stopped eating so you pretend to sip or cut just to cover it. You're salivating madly now and the pressure is building. Someone asks you a question but you know you're voice is thick and bubbly although you try to pretend it isn't. You calmly get up to go to the bathroom hoping like god nobody else is in there. Of course, because you're out in public, it wont be an easy one, like it always is at home, you're going to ralph loudly for twenty whole minutes and EVERYONE is going to hear it. You finally get rid of the offending bite and go back out there and stupidly stupidly take another sip and another bite. And repeat the whole process. And everyone knows you have a lapband so why you don't just admit you're stuck is beyond me but its like you have to somehow pretend that bands don't have a negative side at all so everyone doesn't get all judgy on you. Thankfully, I can count on two hands (wish it were just one) the number of times this has happened to me in 11 whole years but still, its not fun. Nonetheless I love love love my lapband.
  21. jachut

    Carbs vs calories

    B positive
  22. jachut

    carbs = sluggish?

    Not necessarily carbohydrate - just poor quality carbohydrate. Hot cross buns are not nutritious food, lol, its highly processed, just like eating sugar, you know the drill. I doubt some rolled oats for breakfast every day would leave you feeling as crappy. That said, you don't need rolled oats for breakfast, bread for lunch, pasta for dinner and muesli bars as snacks - that's just too stodgy and heavy and will make you feel yuck.
  23. jachut

    Carbs vs calories

    It doesn't make a lot of difference for me. I can drop weight quickly short term but it never lasts and I get a lot of digestive issues from the richer food - I've had rectal cancer but I also get a lot of reflux on a low carb diet. A word of warning. I dropped the low fat stuff too over previous years. A year later, my previously healthy cholesterol levels have tipped over the upper limits. Its not a free for all, fat is fat is fat. You still have to keep fat levels down for other health reasons besides weight loss. So if you prefer full fat yogurt (as I do, by far) you cant eat much of it, or often. For me, longer term a higher carb diet makes me feel the best. My natural inclination if I didn't have a family of teenage boys would be to be vegetarian/vegan, its just what I like. So I do like my wholegrains, legumes and lots of fruit and veg. But each to their own, we're all different and respond differently for different diets.
  24. Try try try to get some sleep - but in the end before my tummy tuck, which oddly I had to remove an awful ileostomy scar and not because my post weight loss tummy was bad, I ended up pottering around making and freezing a couple of meals, cleaning the house and getting all the ironing done. I was SO much more anxious having a completely voluntary "vanity" surgery (it was most definitely just vanity for me) than I was having all that harrowing bowel surgery.
  25. jachut

    Chest pain?

    How weird that I would get it with an UNfill then....... but yes, the only answer is to go back to the doc. It has settled now though, haven't had even a twinge in a week now. It must have just irritated things a bit. Do you get it with eating? Because I don't, it seems to strike out of the blue mostly when I haven't eaten in hours - usually in the middle of the night. The day the ambulance came, I had the pain at 11 am and hadn't eaten in about 15 hours.