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    Chest pain?

    Hi all, havent posted in years! I wanted to ask about chest pain. Since I was banded 10 years ago, I've had the occasional episode of a vice like pain that starts between my breasts, aches through to my back, up my throat and even into the roof of my mouth and jaw/ears. Utterly excruciating - hit the deck screaming kind of pain. It only happens once or twice a year, of course I have mentioned it to my doc - three years ago I had a barium swallow, and bar a slight pouch, all was fine. GP scratched his head but referred me for a liver ultrasound to rule out gall stones - nobody ever suspected it was cardiac because I *think* I can relieve it with a nexium and a hot drink. It comes on suddenly and last half an hour to two hours. Well, I unfilled a bit on Tuesday due to just not eating properly -no meat, no proper meals, just snacking on junk. Wednesday I had the worst attack yet, rushed off in an ambulance. There is nothing wrong with me thank god,heart fine, not a single gall stone or kidney stone, pancreas A0K, chest X-ray showed nothing, stress text excellent. OF course I told them I had a lap band but they didnt seem to take much notice of that other than be very reluctant to do a gastroscopy. I assume the X-ray would show a slipped band but I'm not sure they would recognise it. Anyhow,I had another attack last night,but it did resolve. Unfilling my band has, I suspect,disturbed things and cause this. I am going to try to see my doc today but I just wondered if anyone has a similar experience? I really thought it might be a heart attack on Wednesday! So worried, after 10 years of great success, I'd hate anything to go wrong now! I might add, my ability to eat has not changed apart from what you expect with a slight infill - I can eat most things, a smallish meal fills me, no vomiting, I don't have reflux etc.
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    quinoa fried rice

    A great way to lower the carb count (and increase the nutrients) in a dish like friend rice is to take a head of broccoli and some cauliflower and whizz them in the food processor so they break into grains. I sautee them in a little stock for five or six minutes to soften up (you could probably microwave). Then I use about half as much rice or quinoa (I love quinoa) as the recipe needs and stir in the veges too. It retains that fried rice texture, doesnt alter the flavour much at all and just makes the whole thing a lot less calorific and carby.
  3. jachut

    Need to Revisit Optifast

    Tish, can I ask what the pain is like?. I posted a thread on chest pain but nobody has answered, I get excruciating, I think I'm having a heart attack pain that appears out of nowhere and goes away just as suddenly. It happens only a couple of times a year but last week I had the worst one ever and was rushed off to hospital in an ambulance. I have NO trouble eating and drinking, its definitely not a slip! It hurts steadily, in the centre below the sternum, up the oesophagus and into the roof of my mouth and jaw. No gallstones, heart fine its GOT to be the band.
  4. jachut

    Coffee affect?

    I'm a 5 or 6 a day coffee drinker (mainly decaf apart from the first of the morning). I have a dash of skim milk, its probably around a cup, cup and a half total in the day. I view that in my head as a snack (I refuse to actually count, log or journal food or calories). In other words, I'm aware that I've eaten (drunk) it and I would forego something else to account for it. Lattes and cappuccinos I actually count as a treat/snack. I was on the way home from work today, I was pretty hungry and knew I'd need a snack before dinner. I grabbed a coffee at the shops when I called into the supermarket - that was my snack. I definitely wouldn't have more than one in a day and I"m thankful I work as a teacher, without a decent coffee shop en route to work and don't get the opportunity most days to purchase one. But I have been known to have a cappuccino for breakfast! I've followed this routine for 10 years, lost over 40kg and kept it off. I am not the least worried that coffee affects my weight. I'd really need to cut out the chocolate first! By the way, I've read a zillion times and seen on telly that coffee has a protective effect against diabetes and its one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the western diet. But anyway, even if what Lilly wrote is totally right for everyone, my fingers are in my ears and I'm shouting LA LA LA LA! I am NOT giving up or even cutting down on coffee for any reason!
  5. I don't know - I'm going to state the negatives first, then the positives, so bear with me. I think you stretch out your stomach, you miss the burst of initial motivation you get and your body just adapts to the band - I can tell you ten years out, my band just does not give me what it used to - physical restriction is probably similar (I cant really tell) but I've learned all the feelings, all the signals and learned to push it just the right amount. I know I have a slight pouch so I can eat more. I'm older and have now been through menopause too. But I have maintained a 40kg weight loss so its all good. But its not all negative, I think you can do it, I really do! Just be realistic. The weight loss after surgery is kinda magic, fast, effortless for a while. You have probably missed that boat. But can you go back, get a fill, recommit to eating like a bandster and lose weight?. Hell YES! Do it, you've got this tool, forgive yourself, accept that you've paid the price for the mistakes you've made and go forward with a positive attitude. At the end of the day, bar that first easy loss, losing weight with a band is the same as it is for anybody without a band, eat right, exercise, fail sometimes but do it right more often and you have weight loss. And again, forgive yourself. Being overweight and obese is far more complex psychologically than even those of us that suffer from it realise. And I do know of quite a few bandsters that faltered like you have at first (maybe expecting a miracle? I think if we're honest we ALL do) but then went on to huge success.
  6. jachut

    6 months post op - 41kgs down

    What a fantastic transformation!
  7. jachut

    Pasta Cravings? Here's a Pre-Op Alternative!

    Sorry for the triple post, i got a bit excited!
  8. jachut

    Pasta Cravings? Here's a Pre-Op Alternative!

    I. Am. Obsessed. With my vege spiralizer!!!!! Ive got a whizz bang one that firs on my kitchenaid mixer and a pete evans benchtop one. I use it daily. Dont stop at zucchini - parsnip, turnip and swede make great noodles, carrot and cucumber in salad apple noodles with fennel in salads - sweet potato spiralized add oilive oil spray, season and back for shoestring fries........ Check out www.inspiralized.com for ideas. Oh, and spiralize your broccoli stems, theyre delish!
  9. jachut

    Pasta Cravings? Here's a Pre-Op Alternative!

    I. Am. Obsessed. With my vege spiralizer!!!!! Ive got a whizz bang one that firs on my kitchenaid mixer and a pete evans benchtop one. I use it daily. Dont stop at zucchini - parsnip, turnip and swede make great noodles, carrot and cucumber in salad apple noodles with fennel in salads - sweet potato spiralized add oilive oil spray, season and back for shoestring fries........ Check out www.inspiralized.com for ideas. Oh, and spiralize your broccoli stems, theyre delish!
  10. jachut

    Pasta Cravings? Here's a Pre-Op Alternative!

    I. Am. Obsessed. With my vege spiralizer!!!!! Ive got a whizz bang one that firs on my kitchenaid mixer and a pete evans benchtop one. I use it daily. Dont stop at zucchini - parsnip, turnip and swede make great noodles, carrot and cucumber in salad apple noodles with fennel in salads - sweet potato spiralized add oilive oil spray, season and back for shoestring fries........ Check out www.inspiralized.com for ideas. Oh, and spiralize your broccoli stems, theyre delish!
  11. jachut

    Vlcd 500cal good or bad idea.

    Duromine really messed me up too, i was prescribed it as a 16 year old at a huuge 84kg (178cm tall). Just overweight nowhere near obese. That peopke are hoitalized with psychoses does not surprise me, i think i was close. But it worked - and it worked well on a 1200 calirie oer day diet. However my menral health deteriorated to the point that my parents said "enough" and imput all the weight bavk on very quickly. This was back in the 80's. I think it has its place during the pre op phase personally, it can really help but its a short term thing.
  12. jachut

    band vs sleeve

    As a ten year bandster I have been totally successful, losing 110% of my excess weight and keeping it off. Yet if I had to do it over I think I would go the sleeve. I haven't had problems but I have had niggles and other health problems where I was forced to unfill for other surgeries. What appeals to me about the sleeve is once it's done it's done, it can't be undone, yet it's still very possible that I could suddenly find myself without a band, gaining weight. The experience of getting stuck in public is no fun either, the ongoing maintenance etc. And as my surgeons told me, after more than ten years getting this band out would not be a whole lot of fun. .so I don't really see the sleeve as more extreme.
  13. jachut

    Has anyone considered or gotten resleeved?

    Im banded, not sleeved but i can comment in terms of what its like years after bariatric surgery. Put simple, its no miracle. You say you lost weight really fast and effortlessly, fabulous! But sorry to say, in all liklihood, youve had your free run. Your body wont do that again even if you are resleeved. This next 25 is goung to be hard work. I lost weight very well despite being a low bmi patient and was down fro 110 to 79 in two years (im 5 ft 10). To get to 72 (was shooting for 70) took me two whole years. Ineed way more fluid to maintain there than i ever did to lose but ive stayed here (apart from dropping to 60 during cancer treatment) for six years. But its bloody hard work. The body is smart, i eat SO much less than other people I should be skeletal, the caliries in/out equation says so. I run regularly, and go to the gym. However, some signs of malnutrition set in from time to time, i have trouble with iron but am religious with a multi. I dont get hungry but my body still knows its being deprived and inhave developed real problems with binging on sugary foods. Ive gotten on top of tgat by removing fluid so that i can eat better and the craving/binging has abated but its a huge effort not to gain. Its all a fine balancing act and even still my surgeon tells me my success is remarkable as most peopke remain at a bmi over 25 after surgery. In short, youve had mammoth success so far but your body has wised up and the next bit is really up to you, theres a limit of what weight loss surgery can achieve as our bodies are too smart! You can do it but it will take a restricted but careful diet and some very intense exercise. And if you fail to get the balance right or push it with too much fill or too small a sleeve as i have at times you end up depressed, overtrained, chronically fatigues and binging to get in the calories as well as problems like reflux that will seriously erode yoyr health at times. Not to mention ive flirted with seriously anorexic behaviour to maintain an unnaturally low weight (i looked like a model at 60kg and 5ft 10!) Please please pat yourself on the back for what youve achieved and tread carefully from here!
  14. jachut

    Good weight gain

    Yes and no, in 2010 I was unfortunately diagnosed with rectal cancer (now cancer free) and I got down to 60kg during treatment. I am 5ft 10, so that was a size 10 and I looked like a fashion model! I kept all my hair and stuff so I was feeling pretty freaking great about myself. But as I got well, despite refilling my band and despite my best efforts, I just steadily regained up to 75kgs - size 14 to 16 for me. I'm pear shaped - wide through the hips. Size 12 up top, sigh. Many times since, I've put in huge effort (its not so easy to lose weight at almost 50, post menopause and having a 40kg weight loss behind you) and got back to about 70 which I really like as a weight for me, balanced between being skeletal about the chest and shoulders and like a well padded couch around the thighs. But I just cant bloody stay there. 75kg is my body's preferred weight. I don't have to think about it, don't have to try to stay there. I'm just bloody stubborn and to see something in the 60's fills me with huge satisfaction. But I think at my age, I really have to just settle, be realistic and remember that I once was 110kg and not to stress over what others don't even notice. I really agree that trying to maintain too low a weight contributes to mental illness. Looking back, I exhibited a lot of concerning anorexic behaviours to try to stay in the low 60's and FFS I need to remember I had CANCER to be that thin. I had an ileostomy and was swallowing laxatives every time my weight started to budge, how dangerous is that? I even needed a couple of iron infusions and completely lied to my oncologist about drinking sustagen every day. Its really really not good for you to try to maintain a weight that is too low.
  15. jachut

    Biggest loser

    I always find it a bit demotivating to be honest. The amount of exercise, the sheer time it takes to make that sort of a transformation makes it seem just absolutely hopeless to me. Nobody can do that in their real life. And god knows what they're eating, or NOT eating more like!
  16. jachut

    My 600lb life.

    I love all those shows too, I will sit and watch entire seasons of them. The longer I've been around - and particularly spending the first six or seven years of my banded life on Lapbandtalk, I realise there is a very definite personality that comes along with obesity in a lot of cases - and I can't figure out if its a chicken or egg thing. Its a victim mentality. I know I'm going out on a limb here and I do NOT mean to imply this applies to everyone but in my observation its been very common. Nothing's my fault. I can't help it. My doctor doesnt understand me. I can't run because I have a bad back. I can't live without fried wantons. Even, lapbanders only lose 55% of excess weight so I'm going to settle for that. Now sh*t happens, that's for sure and bands don't work for some or whatever, but you read about people who misuse them, or unfill them or have them removed and don't take that step onto the next thing or easily concede WLS isn't for them or whatever. And you definitely see people who think its gonna be the easy answer and then act all like "what, I actually have to DO something here?". We all need to dig deep and find the personality traits that get us where we want to be, the trouble is, I think the experience of being obese beats you down so badly, its really hard to find those traits in ourselves.
  17. jachut


    I had my band completely unfilled and was very successful in maintaining 12kg BELOW my goal - yes, underweight - for well over a year. My eating habits were perfect. Then, don't ask my why, all hell broke loose and I began to gain. It was, of course to do with me just getting well and putting chemo and all of that behind me, but I also began to eat sugar, snack etc. And so I began to fill and continued to gain! I still couldn't say now whether I maintained for so long without fill due to my dedication (and lots of running!) or whether it was because of my treatment. But what I learned: You can maintain without fill in your band. You can LOSE without fill in your band (I did, quite a lot) You can GAIN quite a lot with good fill and good restriction, simply by eating around the band You can NOT LOSE despite having good fill and doing the right things Put simply anything and everything can happen with a band, you may as well try going without fill, it might just work!
  18. jachut

    Phew, fill went well

    I had 0.2ml put in my small 4ml band yesterday. I was a bit nervous, its always so touch and go with these older bands, mine already had 3.2ml in it. But I had a tiny bit of bolognese sauce for dinner, slept flat with no reflux and have gotten my (huge) pills down. I'm off on school camp next week so if it was too tight, I have very little opportunity to fix it before I go! That'd be fun, puking my way through a week with 75 kids and sharing a room with 2 other teachers. I saw Karina at CBS, she didnt want to give me a fill even though its 2 years since I had one. My BMI was 25 but last time I went there it was 23. She didnt see a problem with that. I very definitely did, lol.
  19. I do, hmm, I saw someone in there with a pram and young kids yesterday, lol. I always wonder, do I "know" any of these people? I was banded by Gary Crossthwaite ten whole years ago.
  20. jachut

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    My lap and is still going strong after 10 years inside me and still working. I have some horrible habits that sometimes get out of control but what it boils down to is some days if I don't watch it, I eat nothing but biscuits and coffees - I can't do that AND eat healthy meals as I don't have roomSo that part is my choice and I am certainly capable of eating enough calories to gain weight but I have ALWAYS remained below a BMI of 25. What I think is good about the band is it does loosen a bit over time and then you tighten it up s bit - people can and do stretch out sleeves over a period of years and weight regain from stretching out a bypass pouch is wel established fact. I have even been around enough forums for long enough to have seen quite a few people get banded AFTER bypass! Of course the big downside of the band is the vomiting and getting stuck and some people just don't tolerate it well.
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    Just trawling back through old posts, catching up a bit. I was reading the long thread about LCHF that I was part of a couple of years back. It got me reflecting, I have regained an unwanted 8kg and a LOT of it is due to all these new eating styles that are bombarding us at every turn. LCHF, paleo, fat not being the enemy any more etc. So much bashing of the low fat way of eating. Well, I call bullish*t. I look in my pantry, its full of flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts, nut butters, coconut oil etc. I have never gone back to eating large volumes of food, but boy I have packed in some calories with these foods. They are SO calorie dense. I'm certainly no healthier for my consumption of them, in fact my cholesterol has risen slightly and my blood pressure is higher than it was a few years ago. As of last week, I went back to my "normal" eating - oats for breakfast, half a salad sandwich for lunch, meat and 3 veg for dinner. It feels slightly retro, lol. No green smoothies full of sugary fruit? No coconut milk chia pudding for breakfast? guess what? 1.5kg lost in a week. Nough said I reckon. Those food require extreme moderation, just like other high fat, high calorie foods.
  22. jachut

    Band to Bypass?

    you know, reading what you've written about your bypass and reflecting on my own experience, I think some adversity is almost a rite of passage with the band. I lost weight so easily with it and kept it off for five years before unfilling it for major surgery - it was never quite the same after that, it does its job but its no longer effortless. Yet, it has taken that lesson, and a 10 year journey for me to really come around to the fact that it is ME that has to do this, not the band. I'm just thankful that it hasn't taken serious regain for me to realise that.
  23. I was going to suggest making your own too. I've made them out of green juice made from things like celery, green apple, spinach, cucumber and ginger and they were VERY nice! You can pick up the moulds almost anywhere.
  24. jachut

    Extremely sore after Lapband

    I remember the port giving me extreme jolts of pain for quite a while. Not only is every body different, every surgery is different. I underwent an ultra low anterior resection - my rectum removed, a pouch formed from colon and an ileostomy formed. Eight hours of surgery, most done in with the table tilted downwards, so my head was like a football when I woke up. I went for a run three weeks later. 9 months later I had the ileostomy closed - nothing to that one, detach the stoma from my skin, sew up my intestine, poke it back in and sew me up. Well..... I was useless after that surgery. Couldn't eat, felt like crap, in lots of pain. I'd had six months of chemo in the interim, lost a ton of weight, I just wasn't at my physical best going in and it showed. Had a tummy tuck to remove the scarring nine months after that and that was a breeze. You just have to take each surgery as it comes. Some are easy, some aren't and it depends on lots of things.
  25. jachut

    Would you do it again?

    Absolutely! I'm 10 years out now. I lost weight steadily and easily and lost 100% of my excess weight - way more than I was warned to expect. I did the right things, but I was never a perfect banister. I've learned that when it comes to long term maintenance, it gets harder. Years on, you DO learn to eat around the band, even though you swear you'll not let that happen. Your tastes gradually change, until one day you realise for example, that you only ever eat soup for lunch, or you tend to skip meals and eat chocolate instead. Weight has come back for me, but certainly not a lot, I'm still in my healthy weight range. But I really do have to pull myself up, remember the band rules and when I follow them I think "hey, my band IS working". You think it isn't because you lose perspective of what people normally eat. But on the opposite side of that coin, its also very common to develop a pouch above the band, and you sort of lose the ability to get another fill to help you lose a bit because it just makes your band tighter, but doesnt diminish the pouch, so it doesnt really change how much you can eat but gives you reflux and vomiting. Its frustrating, but nobody ever said to me that the band would be a perfect, infallible tool. I would also hazard a guess that my metabolism is much lower than someone who's never lost weight by calorie restriction. My work colleagues can't believe how little I eat and how I'm not anorexically thin. I simply don't know where I'd be now without it. I had a BMI of 35, but I'm sure I'd be morbidly obese by now. Its been a life saver for me and despite the challenges now, I wouldnt change it for anything. I'd do it 100 times over. I don't really distinguish between weight loss surgeries, my choice was a band because that was the only option. My only worry with the sleeve etc is that they can and do stretch out after a few years so you would probably end up with the same challenges, slight regain years later because the tool just isn't as sharp anymore.