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    Learning to love the weight you are

    Its a hard issue. Im naturally "bigger" at 5ft 10, ive never been petite or delicate. At the moment im 78kg, bmi 25 and i feel like a tank. I hate it. Im much much less fat than many people walking around yet theyre smaller and, i perceive, more feminine than me. Whilst I was having cancer treatment i was 59kg and utterly skeletal, you could count my ribs and vertebrae. I wont lie, i freaking loved it. I did absolutely everything i could to stay there but its just not how im meant to be. I regained on 1500 calories a day and running/gym regulatly, hardly overeating or acting slothful. The regain has done my head in and seen me through some pretty dark times, but I am slowly coming to terms with it. One thing ive decided is that I will have some lipo when ive saved for it. I have the dreaded pear shape with saddlebags and love handles, which only disappeared at extremely low weight. They make it so hard to dress, low rise and i have a muffin top, higher rise and i get that dreaded waist gap to fit my thighs. I cant wear a fitted dress or it swims on my shoulders and bust. Its honestly way healthier for me to acknowledge a figure flaw, and treat it that way rather than constantly trying to get back to an unhealthy weight, by unhealthy methods.
  2. This whole thread blows me away. Im 179 cm, 78 kg and pushing a size 16 on the bottom. I was 59 kg at the height of my can er treatment and skeletal and only THEN was i a size 12!!!!! How on earth can we be so different?
  3. jachut

    Able to eat anything?

    I havent been on here for ages! Ive got two comments to make - having gotten to 10kg below the bottom of my healthy weight range during cancer treatment and since regaining almost 20kg to be back at a bmi of 25, those last few kg make a HUGE difference. For me its the difference between wearing what i want to and looking ridiculous trying to squeeze my fat arse into things. Ive regained saddlebags and cellulite, and yet Im not even overweight. 5kg makes a whole dress size difference at this weight ans really smoothes out the lumps. I have no desire to get so underweight again but i am desperate to lose 8 or 9 kg and at 10 years out its sooooo hard. Ill tell you why, lol. Since banding ive become the worst sugar addict, just like you describe Missy, a family block doesnt even touch the sides! I think you start eating that crap because its easy, and like you say, the more you eat, the more you want. On top of that, ten years of restricted eating slows your metabolism markedly and you need much less - even so a lot of my weight gain was just returning to gealth and had little to do with what i was and was not eating. In fact i tried desperately to hang on but was gaining a kilo a week on 1200 calories and daily running. Thankfully, it did stop at about 70kgs, my pre cancer weight. I then took over and laid down anothe 8 through binging on sugar. Im recommitted, going back for a small fill Wednesday and am just admitting, i cant eat sugar in moderation!
  4. jachut

    Port repositioning

    Mine was moved during a tummy tuck, its soooo much better. I had the tuck to remove awful scarring from cancer surgery, my stomach wasnt actually too bad, so I am actually more pleased about the port than my stomach overall. It looked really awful, I got down to 59kg which for me was a bmi of 18, i was really emaciated and you could even see the stitches and tubing. The ps managed to hide it completely but Im at a much healthier weight now and you wouldnt know it was there at all. Mine was more to the side and its now in that natural hollow in the side of the rectus muscle, doesnt affect fills at all, nor ,ovement. Ironically though, I now have a colostomy so nobody will be seeing my nice tummy on the beach ever again. Im also 47 so probably time to cover up, lol
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    OMG I love it!!!! What an eye opener. Its really interesting to see your pattern of what you burn v what you eat. I wasnt too far off but seeing the plain truth that a day on my feet running around followed by a gym session is 11.6kms and 15, 600 steps was interesting but I *STILL* had to walk for 20 minutes on my treadmill at home to burn another 130 calories to make my target of 2,300 burned for the day. I am surprised that with the level and intensity of exercise I do coupled with job where I'm not sitting down much, that I only burn 2300 a day. Sadly, I find that quite easy to eat with a lapband (mine's not functioning all that well at 7 years out, less restriction) if I eat sliders. Hard to do with healthy food. But the drive to eat sliders is sooooo strong! Its good that I know I can eat 1500 or more to actually lose though. It updates during the day depending on your activity level so you automatically see that you can eat a bit more on very active days if you want to. Helps you make that decision about whether to indulge in something much more concrete. Its very timely because I ordered a bridesmaids dress from the States custom made - all my measurments were (I thought) on the generous side and its VERY tight. I need to watch myself to ensure I can wear it!
  6. jachut

    Getting back on track 3 years on!

    I can relate too. I got really really thin during cancer treatment, probably too thin but i was soooo happy with it. I did accept that ome weight gain would probably follow once i was well, got back to 67 kg which was awesome for my 5ft 10. However, ive gone on to hit 74kg which is a Whopping 15kg gain in the last 18 months. In that time ive started on HRT due to radiation induced menopause, which has made my hips and thighs explode, its got to be hormonal! I also returned to full time work so although i remained a regular exerciser, i do a bit less, also hubby and son joined the gym and we go together and i just find it nowhere as effective as the running and boot camp i was doing on my own. I slso had to unfill my band for treatment and on refilling, it has never been the same. But the rel problem is ive slacked off. I graze all day on crap! Ive finally got to the point where clothes i havent orn for a while dont fit, ugh. Im back in a size 14. So Im recommitting too. At the end of the day its our own choices that make the difference, hard as tat is to face up to.
  7. Oh best of luck. Actually you dont know how glad i am to hear you say its operable. Having very similar symptoms and have my head firmly in the sand! But i ave made an ppointment for the coming school holidays. Hope it goes well and you are firmly vack in the green xone very soon.
  8. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Perhaps we all adapt differently? I was four weeks in and believe me, i was fine for everday life but weak as a kitten when ut came to trying to exert myself - heavy legs, dizziness, black spots in my vision etc. Im sure a more "moderate" keto diet of up to 100 grams a day is ok because i definitely dont eat the 200 grams plus thats recommended for the average joe.
  9. jachut

    The lazy way to lose weight

    Gee i dont know. I chose to view obesity as a genuine illness that could eventually kill me and i chose a surgical remedy for it. I wonder if i chose the lazy way of beating cancer by having a bowel resection?
  10. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Im feeling much better, my guts are behaving, and i can run 10kms without wanting to fall down dead. My weight has rebounded but i know now low carb is not for me. I have too many gut issues and need too much soluble fibre and i need carb energy for my running. Glad i tried though!
  11. jachut


    What i struggle with is hitting 45 and knowing no matter how fit and slim i get, i am not 25! Im normal now, but very tall. I dont get judgy- face, but i get sooooo many comments on my height! It really pusses me off. And i get appreciative looks from middle aged and older men, not hot young things, sigh. I admit to putting on the judgy face at the food court. I always was a private eater so to see someone overweight chowing down on kfc in public sets off every private "thats disgusting" judgement in my head. Sheesh, it might be the only meal they eat that day! Eveyone has to eat but i guess i have the assumption that all overweight people should at least try to diet. What, ive gobbled down tens of thousands of calories of fatty sugary crap but its ok coz nobody saw me do it?
  12. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    It is becoming blatantly obvious to me that I only "thought" this diet was suiting me whilst I was taking a break from the gym due to a cold. I went for a run last night again and far out, it was AWFUL. My legs were like lead and I couldnt even make the full 6km route (I can routinely run 15kms!!). So that's it for me. I've given it a try, I've lost the few pesky kgs I was carrying (and will probably regain now) but my guts have been churning for three weeks, I've had diarrhoea and I'm so over rich food! Its making me nauseous just to think of eating - I just want something cold and crisp and light like an apple! I am also yet to be convinced that eating 100grams of fat per day or more is safe, I just am not comfortable with that long term. For me, a lower than normal carb diet is fine, that's what I was doing anyway. I dont eat pasta, bread, cereal, potatoes routinely anyway. But taking it down to 20grams a day has made me a little unwell. And my BMI is 22 anyway, so it seems kind of silly to continue a way of eating I'm not really enjoying (apart from the lack of cravings, that's amazing).
  13. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    I was on a low FODMAP diet prior and I think what's happen is that I've increased a lot of fodmaps I previously wasnt eating - avocados for a start, I've been eating heaps of those! More nuts, more psyllium and LSA - lignans which previously agreed with me in small quantities as did avocado but suddenly in much bigger quantities i'm getting belly pain,diarrhoea (and then some!) etc. But if I dont eat those sorts of foods I will get so constipated without the general carb intake for bulk.
  14. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Fantastic job Missy!! I have a little bit of a pouch too - I'm fairly sure its an inevitable adaptation over time for those of us that have had our bands a long time. And I too now get reflux which I never had when my band was tighter. I am fine as long as I dont eat too close to bedtime and make sure to not overfill my stomach - and I need a Nexium maybe once every four or five days so its not terrible - and when those near and dear to me shake their heads and wonder why you would voluntarily do something like that to lose weight I just remind myself that obesity is a killer. Even if this band causes me complications down the track it wont be fun but it beats diabetes, heart disease, cancer and all those other obesity related diseases, not to mention a life of misery being unheatlhy, overweight etc. I have to say though that three weeks in, this LCHF diet is aggravating that sort of thing. My bowels arent great and my stomach is very acidy and upset a lot of the time.I think its just too rich for me. I also really struggled at the gym. I'm going to drop the fat level just a bit and up the carbs just a bit (have been sitting around 20 to 30 grams a day), I'm not really trying to lose so really, I can probably raise carbs until the point where I start to feel the appetite effects lesson and the cravings start again. Remembering of course that it still needs to be a low carb diet - all the reading i've done indicates that 100 grams a day or less would qualify for that and as I'm very active (running, spinning, gym), I probably have a bit of room to play around. I've learned so much about eating properly for satiety though. I realise that before, whilst I ate healthy foods it was just carbs with not enough protein or fat to get me through - no wonder I was always grazing!
  15. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Almost as exciting as a pregnancy test?
  16. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Whilst I have budged a few kgs that were bothering me - and lost an inch of hips and waist - at the end of the day calories DO still count. Its very hard to keep them to weight loss level doing things like drinking cream in coffee. On the other hand, my meals are so satisfying that I virtually cannot bring myself to eat snacks let alone eat for the sake of it, so my calories are way down. I do force down a zip loc bag of raw vegies every day at work though - as my bowels really need the fibre and I do still believe that a plant based colourful diet is the healthiest. All in all though, weight loss has not been dramatic. Its not a miracle. What is a miracle is that I have not once stopped at the supermarket on the way home for a packet of biscuits. I expect the weight loss will be longer term - so you're still going to fluctuate and jump around. A kilo isnt much at all, dont sweat it.
  17. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Because i got a horrible cold a few days after starting this diet, i really havent exercised in the two and a bit weeks since i started. Tonight i did a spin class - i havent got a meter but id say im in ketosis by now. Spin was .......different. Harder (im pretty darn fit, certainly wouldnt deteriorate from a two week break). Im quite faint and nauseous now, and have an attack of diarrhoea. Wont stop me, ilove pushing myslf to the point of illness, lol. But i might have to get a meter. I think a piece of fruit or something before a workout would be necessary long term, but it would be interesting to see the effect a small amount of carbs before a workout had on ketone levels. I need to decrease fat a little i think, my guts arent quite coping. Getting a lot of ibs symptoms. The diet at the moment s a bit too rich perhaps.
  18. jachut

    Panicky Thoughts About the Band

    Yep, too tight. I get anxious too, even seven and a half years out! This little bit of metal and silicon has made such an enormous difference to my life! Any twinge and i worry.
  19. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    OMG the ultimate comfort food! Ok,so its about 7g of carbs give or take, but should easily fit into your day Hot Flax Pumpkin Cereal Roast a butternut pumpkin in the oven till soft. Take two thick slices of the flesh, combine with 1/4 cup cream cheese, about 1/4 cup of water, some cinnamon and nutmeg or mixed spice to taste, stir it all up - easiest when the pumpkin is still hot as the cream cheese melts. Whisk 2 eggs separately and then stir in, along with a few good heaping dessert spoonfuls of ground flax or LSA mix - stir over a low heat until the egg cooks - it will attain a cottage cheese sort of consitency. Add sweetener to taste (3 tspns of xylitol). You can eat now - sort of sloppier, but i put mine in the fridge overnight - the flax soaks up the moisture and tightens this up to a porridge sort of texture - heated in the microwave this morning and topped with a few walnuts and a dollop of cream. OMG it was soooooo yummy! I will get three good serves out of this. You can also up the fat by using cream instead of water in it, and you could add butter too. I froze the rest of the pumpkin puree for another time, I find it easiest to just pierce an entire butternut a few times with a knife, and roast for an hour before I cut it up for soup or whatever. While I'm at it - pumpkin soup really good with a huge spoonful of peanute butter, sour cream and curry powder!
  20. jachut

    Loose band after gallbladder removal...

    Its a bit of a shock to realise how much you still beed your band isnt it? I refilled mine fairly soon after major abdominal surgery and was fine.
  21. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Ditto. I just didnt realise how hungry sugar and carbs make you. I just dont really need to eat. The effect on my bowels has been mixed. My tummy feels great but my reworked plumbing is just not handling the small, loose stool. I also noticed it was fatty/oily - i note some days im less than 20 g carbs, not on purpose but my desire for them is gone. I probably need a bit if allbran or something - which is not particularly high carb -10 g in a bowl - for bulk. I just need to find my own personal carb fat balance. I saw my biwel surgeon today and he remarked that i was "glowing" - my skin is unbelievable - smooth and rosy which youve got to love at nearly 46!
  22. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Blackened salmon, mashed cauli/carrot and broccoli, mmmmmm For me though, this is about training myself away from that sweet tooth. I am not having sweet stuff on a daily basis, but reacquainting my taste buds with a more savoury taste. I am enjoying how much flavour fad adds to food - vegies become woundrous - the need for sweet just has not arisen in the past 10 days. No carb flue, no side effects, and i was a sugar addict!
  23. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    I tried xylitol - it tastes pretty much like sugar - but when you cook with it, everything turns black, ugh.
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    What do *I* want to wear

    This is embarrassing but i take a lot of selfies in change room mirrors - i have to see something on me once removed as it were, almost like through someone elses eyes to make a decision.
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    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    How easy it is to eat out! Ive got a big weekend, normally enough to send me into a tailspin - dinner out Friday night for cousin's 40th, dinner Sat to catch up with friends, mothers day lunch with my family, dinner with dh's. I confess, ive always shied away from the steaks etc, too exxy to not eat it all. Or caesar salas - yum, but soo much fat. Now ive just ordered lamb, salmon, whatever, eaten a bit, felt totally satisfied and woken up next day without a food hangover - i get bloated and my skin gets sore to touch after weekens like this. I already knew i was sensitive to wheat, but this weekend, i feel light and well despite all the socialising.