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    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    I agree its easier just to eat none. Im astounded by the effect this as had on my appetite, im staying away from sweet altogether, so now low carb treats either. I just allow the carbs for a cup of milk a day in coffee as it doesnt seem to be affecting the appetite thing. Like i said, i dont really care about staying under 20 g, 50 seems to be doing the trick for me.
  2. jachut

    What do *I* want to wear

    Yeah, its much different when you can actually choose. For years i just wore what fit. It was a hard transition. Im 46 but still into younger fashion but wanting to dress my age at the same time. Katies, Suzanne Grae etc just dont do it for me - thats still 10 years in my future!! Over time, ive come to really like Jag, and ive got two expensive habits - metalicus and true religion jeans. Im not too old for skinny jeans or a bikini yet but i try to do them in n appropriate way. No bare tummy or buttcrack, bikinis are well cut more mature styles etc. It really took time to find brands i like, that suit me, that are funky but age appropriate.
  3. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    This is very experimental for me - on the one hand, its plausible that humans are meant to eat animal fats, meat, eggs, fish and not grains. On the other, theres little real substance to the argument that thats best for our health, Grok the caveman ate whatever he found, whenever and only lived for 30 years anyway so it didnt matter what it did effect any particular diet really had. Its a lot more difficult to maintain health for 80 or 90 years and it doesnt necessarily follow that a caveman style diet will help us to last that long. What i personally believe is that there is no way we are designed to have the chronically raised insulin and onslaught of carby foods we do nowadays. I think low carb high protein makes sense, its just fine tuning the fat levels and types. But at the end of the day, i tell myself "who m i kidding?". How dangerous really is replacing a diet that is high carb low fat till about 4pm when i was easily downing a packet of tim tams and half a bag of doritos and then eating no dinner? Except for a glass of wine! I have never eaten so badly in my life than since menopause (and depression) hit. What ive eaten in the last week has been unprocessed, nourishing and soothing to my gut. It cant be any more dangerous than what my diet has been for the last eighteen months.
  4. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Eeek, massive gallbladder attack in the middle of the night! I have had these off and on for about seven years, since i lost weight. I guess you need a bit if bile to digest all the fat! Hopefully a one off because itherwise i feel brilliant, and my gut hasnt felt this good since chemo. I can feel this diet is very anti inflammatory. My appetite is so very "normal" too. Havent missed carby foods a all, havent had a craving. Last mights dinner was probably the fattiest one yet, probably need to tone that down a bit.
  5. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Oh that stuff is DIVINE!!! Thomas Dux at The Glen have it.
  6. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    How are you feeling healthwise ladies? Im imagining a burst of wellbeing once off the carb rollercoaster. Id also imagine all that fat is marvellous for skin and hair! I notice my tummy feels fab. Very happy, no pain, no bloating, super flat, things are moving a bit more easily. Ive kept my fats more on the avocado, tuna,salmon, nuts and seeds and nut butters side of things including plenty of flax. I eat butter, cream, cheese etc but only my usual amount. Ive been able to keep my carbs under 50 even with a couple of ryvitas or vitawheats here or there - slathered with peanut butter, two ryvitas still comes in under 20 grams. Im not weighing. Ive been so successful with exercise - its part of my life, and thats because i dont do it "to lose weight". I dont really connect it to eating. I want to get to the same place with eating well - for its own sake not to see a number on the scale.
  7. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    http://eatdrinkpaleo.com.au/our-favourite-paleo-muesli-granola-recipe/ I don't add fruit, use stevia not honey and LSA mix for the almond flour. You can use whatever you have, impossible to stuff up. Divine with pouring cream, really good with yogurt. Enjoy!
  8. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Mmmmmm - paleo granola with full fat Greek yogurt (sweetened with stevia and vanilla). A whole !!!!!! Avocado and can of flavoured tuna for lunch. It will be really interesting to see if true afternoon munches hit or just a bit of head hunger. Dinner is going to be lasagne made with eggplant for noodles.
  9. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Sorry to hear that Josie. I've been giving this a lot of thought before I jump in boots and all - because I'm a cancer patient (a few years to go before i can say survivor) and I have a lot of heart disease in my family - young heart attacks at that - and although my blood pressure and HDL/LDL ratio is fantastic, my overal cholesterol is 5.9. There is some info out there about ketogenic diets for cancer - colorectal cancer particularly thrives on high sugar diets - the insulin and blood glucose levels feed cancer cells. But there is also much more credible, peer reviewed, scientific evidence that high saturated fat diets and diets high in red meat and diets low in fibre, fruit and veg are linked causally with cancer risk increasing. In all honestly, I simply cannot take the risk of downing cream, tons of cheese, the fat off chops! However, there's enough evidence around now, particularly with cholesterol to indicate that a high GI, refined flour startchy diet is the main culprit there, not dietary cholesterol. What I'm moving towards is not exactly ketogenic - more low poor quality carb (I already eat nut based paleo muesli, and only ever fairly low carb crispbread type things in place of bread, usually leave the rice and pasta off my plate etc), high fruit and veg (i lean much more towards raw veg than fruit, wouldnt even eat a piece of fruit a day), low fat dairly and I eat tons of nuts, flax, LSA, avocadoes, olive oil, tuna - my diet is pretty high fat and low carb anyway but I really eat a lot of the right fats. What I need to do so much is not change my basic diet - its to cut out the extras - in the last year since menopause really kicked in following my cancer (and depression too) I have eating so so many biscuits, cake, muffins and that type of thing - I dont know how I've kept my weight reasonable to be honest - although I was at a bmi of 19 at the height of my treatment, and have gained back to 22. But unless I stop this binging I will soon be much heavier!, Perhaps if you want to stay lower carb, and higher fat you could focus on stuff like that? Yesterday was a bowl of full fat greek yogurt, with coconunt essence, stevia and flaked cocounut and almonds in it - lunch was a can of flavoured tuna and half an avocado, snacks were baby carrots, mini cucumbers and a piece of cheese and some walnuts and dinner was chops and salad. I drink about a cup of milk a day in my coffee - skim milk. So it was a mix of fats and added up on calorieking, it was about 65% fat content. I feel great on a diet like that. High fat does really equal much more satiety and you enjoy "diet" foods like carrots when you dont have to live on them as your main source of energy. Crunchy and crisp and sweet, yum! lood su I'm not trying to lose, so ketosis isnt that important to me. I just want to avoid high blood sugar, insulin swings (not that I have them but I want to maximise insulin sensitivity) and try to bring my cholesterol down. Avoiding the butter, cream and meat fat keeps the calories down, I dont even tempt myself by attempting to bake "healthy" treats - I'd rather eat the real thing very rarely, feel guilty and not overdo it than think I can eat a ton of peanut butter choc cookies because they're healthy and keto and made with almond flour when really they're 350 calories each and I just ate 10!! so really, not a ketogenic diet. But a lower carb, higher fat, quality protein diet and not the processed carby starchy rubbish that most people eat. It was enough for me to lose 45kg and keep it off for five years. But you dont have to go back to a carb based, bread, cereal and starchy diet just because of cholesterol and gall bladder - just change the fats you focus on.
  10. jachut

    Freaking out because I can't vomit

    Yes, unfortunately slcohol was involved! I heaved and heaved but nothing. Nausea meds really help. Every bandsters should keep them on hand. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Wow, that looks great. Gonna give that a try. I love nuts, seeds and wholegrains. That would be awesome toasted with some cream cheese and strawberry jam - sorry, a bit inappropriate for this thread lol. Pretend I didn't say jam. I worked out that my paleo muesli is 7grams of carbs.
  12. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    The theory is really that saturated fat and its relation to heart disease was really only tested in the context of a high carb diet. That is, if you eat mainly fat and protein but not carbs, then saturated fat is not dangerous. If you eat tons of fat and tons of carbs, youre in trouble. But there's a lot of studies and even more anecdotal evidence that people's LDL and triglycerides has risen significantly - so if you've already got high cholesterol, keep an eye on it I guess. The thing is, you know you can get your cholesterol down again if it begins to rise, by changing your diet. And most of you are relatively young, its a bit more risky if you're 45 like me, or older. You're all protected somewhat by the fact that you're female and of childbearing age, so its probably not that dangerous for a couple of months.
  13. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    I do think it's important to keep an eye on your blood chemistry. This diet won't suit everyone - and it's not the only way to lose weight, quite obviously. I just think its really interesting - I mean, why do we have the ability to run on ketones if we supposedly should be downing 200 g of carbs a day? (per the healthy pyramid). Out of interest I calculated what I ate,and my carbs are under 80 a day easily anyway .
  14. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Following this thread avidly. Still havent quite got the guts to make the switch but have found several great articles on the effects of a ketogenic diet for cancer. Every time I've done any sort of low carb I start to bake - and weight gain soon follows. I agree, for me anyway, it's best just to avoid the sweet treats.
  15. jachut

    Ok i now know what a pb is!!!!!

    Oh yeah, coffee is awful
  16. jachut

    Secrets of successful bandits

    Exercise has been a big one for me - I run for about 45 minutes, four or five times a week and go to the gym three times or so. I've been really consistent through this,I dont wax and wane, dont miss coz I'm tired, I run on holidays, I run even if its raining etc. I accept that I will have bad days and sometimes I will want to just give in and enjoy it. One day here or there does no harm, its saying "oh, I've blown it now, I might as well really pig out this week" that does the damage. I always always get back on track. I have a few rules that I just dont break. Biscuits are truly my most dangerous food.I cannot just eat one or two. I will eat the entire packet AND if there's another one there, I will eat that too. Not in five minutes but I can do it. So I dont buy them and they are a food that I just dont eat. Ever. No matter what the situation. I think of what I want to eat - a slider will usually spring to mind. Then I eat the opposite, lol.I can eat loads of rice cakes, lots of cereal, big serves of yogurt, chips, cookies. Foods like rice and pasta are more comfortable to eat for me than steak or salad. So I eat the steak and salad, not the pasta. Not because I dont believe in carbs but because I eat less and stay more satisfied with the steak because its not a slider. I dont drink a lot of alcohol, fluffy coffees and other empty calories like that. I never drink soft drink, ever.
  17. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Yep, for those of us on a low food map diet, green smoothies can be fairly traumatic, lol.
  18. jachut

    Foods you can't tolerate

    Apples, sometimes they're ok if I peel them and really take my time. Bananas ar impossible, most fruit is hard actually, i tend to eat very little, but plenty of veg Instead. Barbecue shapes, no way!
  19. jachut

    Sweet Craving Post-Workout

    I get this alot - and I think logically, after a 10km run or an hour and a half doing cardio and weights at the gym, my body needs some fuel. What I try to do is eat something that really is fuel. My body is telling me, go on, have a muffin and a cappucino. But real food works better - I tend to exercise on an emtpy stomach so that I can then eat a meal and cure any real hunger. Then you just have to ride out the mental side of it. I do find I really do need to replenish some carbs though.
  20. jachut

    PB on Side of Freeway

    Well, for the first time in eight years, I had a major pb at work yesterday. I'm a teacher. I've had one or two minor lunchtime spit ups, always dealth with quickly. But yesterday was one of the only three or four I've had that went on for hours. All I had for lunch was a can of tuna, but it just didnt want to sit, lol. I had a bit of a spit, and thought it would settle, went back to my classroom and began the afternoon session. As the kids were presenting their projects it got worse and worse. They had RE at 2.30 but I just couldnt hold out. I had to say, "guys I'm going to be sick, can I trust you?" and bolt. I must have looked awful because when I got back, they were still presenting their projects perfectly! I had to do that two more times before 3.30 before it settled. O course, they all think I'm ill and I've had five mums this morning asking if I'm OK. It felt like an iron band was around my stomach all night and in the middle of the night, I woke up choking on acid, but now today, all is fine. I'll take it easy though!
  21. jachut

    Tummy tuck question

    Oh gosh, its such a big surgery, I cant imagine doing it overseas and having to get home again within a week or two. You cant even walk upright for a couple of weeks and there are SO many things that can go wrong with it. The incision is truly huge, right from hip to hip or even past, and I got complications like being unable to empty my bladder and major major constipation - and that was in Cabrini in Melbourne. I also had the minor problem that becase it was done for ,medical reasons, I actually had only minor loose skin, and the surgeon couldnt quite put the scar as low as I would have chosen. I have to be very careful with swimwear - its even more difficult to buy than before. My surgeon also shifted my lapband port as at such a low BMI it stuck out majorly. There is no low profile port for my old band, so he took the back off it, to reduce its profile and shifted it to right near my belly button where you have a bit of a natural fat pad. If he'd left it how it was, given most of my drapey skin was upper abdomen from pregnancy, it would have looked absolutely awful after the tuck. So you need to consider your port too. I had a tummy tuck to get rid of major scarring and hernia from having an ileostomy, so it was somewhat discounted for me and my health insurance did kick in, but the cosmetic benefit was great. But having done it now, I really would advise you need top care and facilities and follow up! It could cost and arm and a leg to fix any problems back here. Private health insurance is no help to you for this sort of op anyway since unless it is for medical reasons, they wont cover it anyhow. For every horror story you see though, you have to remember its always on shows like Today Tonight and sensationalised somewhat and there's probably a zillion people who have good results. If you decide to go that way, though, you need to have some sort of back up plan for at home, because you will need to be reviewed and you might quite possibly have some complications - not through lack of skill but just because its so major.
  22. jachut

    Losing muscle on bedrest

    I lost over 10kg during chemo and it was a LOT of muscle. I've regained that weight, slowly over nealy two years but it didn't take me longto figure out it was fat and not muscle I was regaining. I was and am a very dedicated runner but have added weights to my routine but I'm certainly not in the shape I was. It's very hard to gain muscle. On a brighter note, I had eight weeks off after a big surgery before I headed out for a run - I lost no cardiovascular fitness that I could notice.
  23. It's a bit sus - I'm well below average like thinner than over 90% of women my age, yet because I'm 5ft 10 at 70kg I feel enormous - and at the moment I'm pushing a size 14 in fitted things like skinny jeans. I have a very fat wobbly bottom and my thighs touch a the top. Ok, o my chest is bony but still - really? I must only ever see the 10% of omen thinner than me and fail to notice everyone else.
  24. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Zucchini noodles are better than pasta. Sautéed mushrooms work as a pasta substitute too and that slimpasta is acceptable. The all or nothing is what I fear with this diet. I'm afraid I'll stuff up and et carbs AND fat - eek, you can see where that would lead!
  25. jachut

    What does your normal day look like??

    Breakfast - 1/4 cup home made muesli (all nuts and seeds, minimal oats) with yogurt or milk, maybe with 1/2chopped banana or some berries Lunch - cruskits - I eat 4 and make sandwiches, often I pop them in the sandwich press to melt any cheese filling, I try to make the filling high in protein to counteract the carbs of the cruskits OR homemade soup OR a salad Dinner - meat and salad or hot veg I usually fit in a skinny latte or cappuccino and these days, a few gluten free biccies or a muffin as a snack, perhaps a glass of wine a night. I run about for days a week, go to the gym to or three times and am not losing anymore - in fact gined 8kg last year but was very underweight from cancer treatment.