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    Losing motivation close to goal

    For sure. I lost 45kg on a more conventional diet - its just not making me feel particularly healthy or happy right now - post cancer health issues, menopause, depression, thyroid issues. It's made some changes easy nd sustainable because I feel noticeably better that way - I don't eat wheat and already drink almond milk, lol. But I loooooooove cruskits!
  2. jachut

    Losing motivation close to goal

    I'd have to agree with that. For me, low calorie requires a lot of willpower. I also always end up eating poor quality food as long as calores re ok - think cappuccino and cinnamon donuts for lunch but that's ok, I'll skip dinner kind if thing. I still believe calories re important, but the way I've gained with menopause (thank god I started 10kg underweight!) and the abominable carb cravings I've had with it tell me that body metabolism and hormonal balance re the other half of that equation. I also know that avoiding wheat makes me feel a lot better. I'm going to give this ago. I feel really ready for it.
  3. jachut

    LCHF and Ketogenic Diet Discussion Group

    Fascinating! I think it makes a lot of sense.
  4. jachut

    Losing motivation close to goal

    Ooooooooooh, I don't know. I guess I grew up in the 70s and 80s and have not only seen the low carb thing come and go before, but am thoroughly brainwashed by the whole saturated fat hype. I would struggle to embrace whipped cream! Yet I have gradually transitioned to a much lower carb diet. I don't consider bread a staple food, I view boxed cereals as high GI junk, a pasta meal is a treat (I love my Bolognise on sautéed mushrooms). However, with my bowel issues, I do add brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat or similar to salads, and find as a runner, I do need the carbs. I start my day with muesli that I make choc full of goodies like flaxseed, chia, nuts and seeds. I cannot cope without that soluble fibre. I would love to really try a proper low carb regime as I do believe tht it's carbs that me us fat - I no longer choose the low fat option on menus a they're usually really high carb! But all my cancer docs push high wholegrains at me. What to do? Sugar though, I attempt to avoid completely. Always. It's simply binge fuel for me, I lose all control. More power to those of you who have done it. I don't believe we're meant to eat a grain based diet.
  5. Ugh, you always realize just that bit too late! I've been too loose really for two years now and the faster eating has become habit again. I'm going o try another fill tomorrow and if this one does the trick, I've got a learning curve ahead of me again!
  6. jachut

    7 days to tone up!!

    Nixing wheat does it for me. Wheat seems to make me puffy, it doesnt show on the scales but if I've been eating it a bit and then cut it out, I relly fel thin.
  7. jachut

    Mothers Day Classic

    You wont make a dill of yourself, you'll be amazed at the varying shapes, sizes and weights you see!
  8. Don't have it but I can commiserate. I went through a sudden and early menopause due to cancer treatment and it was such A brutal on that HRT has literally saved my life. Unfortunately it has also packed 10 kg of hip and thigh fat on me - thank god I was rather underweight when I started it. I can't shift it for love nor money - my BMi is only 22 so I don't lose easily but 1200 calories a day plus a heavy running and gym schedule for no weight loss? Sheesh. I'm sure if I had 40 extra kegs it would be shifting but very slowly. What can you do but plug away at it and accept the slow progress. I know over the years on lapbandtalk I've seen plenty of PCOSers lose weight successfully.
  9. jachut

    I need SLEEEEP!

    And the mantra of parenthood? This too shall pass. Sleep when you can, don't stay up late. I really notice that I crave carbs when I havent been sleeping well.
  10. jachut

    Sounds of my stomach , silence and people around

    Yea, it's my upper gut and throat too, it can be embarrassing.
  11. jachut

    flabby skin

    At 5ft 10 myself, I got out of this with a bikini worthy body still at 45. Being tall, and your stock standard pear shape, well proportioned, I was never big anywhere in particular, just big all over. I had no huge gut, for example, or massive boobs or whatever, so I was left with no apron or big batwings. Oh, the loose skin is there but it's very minimal. My worst spot is aretty saggy backside but running daily does keep it in reasonable shape. During my pregnancies, I had nice 7 or 8 lb babies with a long abdomen to accommodate. So, no huge bump, not a single stretch mark. Just lucky, plain and simple. Had I gotten bigger it would have been worse. Shorter ladies stretch out way more in pregnancy because by and large they don't have much smaller babies, and when they gain weight they have to pack it on a smaller surface area so it does more damage. But as penance, my teens were awful. I was enormous by comparison to my petite friends and I think small ladies can still look cute and feminine plump whereas I felt like a boofy footballer.
  12. jachut

    Goal Weight - Now What?

    You just keep on working. It takes focus to stay a goal I set myself a lot of exercise goals and fr me, thin enough doesn't exist. I'm always 3kg away from perfect, even when I was 60kg and my BMi was18 when I was sick. I haven't been able to free myself from the diet mentality, nor have I been able to accept that this size, this weight, this level of fitness is good enough.
  13. jachut

    New 'diet' food company that delivers

    Looks interesting, expensive but super healthy.
  14. jachut

    For the Working Mums

    Ain't that the truth! I needed to do something and I wanted a career so I won't back to uni when my youngest turned 1. To be honest, part time work in the clerical field didntwork for us, I never got any sort of child care rebate due to dh's income so I got no financial benefit and te constant colds/gastro/tonsillitis/head lice from daycare was unbelievable - I got the flick in the end coz I was always taking days off. Don't let that alarm you though because if you don't go through tht process of building immunity (not only you son's but yours too) it'll just come in a year or two at kinder and school. It's really tough but eventually it passes and believe me, once you've had a couple of kids get through the first five years you'll be immune to every cold and gastro bug in the world! But I began a teaching career at the age if 42 and my youngest is ten and okdest 17 and I'm still crippled by mother guilt de to the hours I work and how much time and energy I put into other people's children. It is never going to be or get easy because you are not single unit anymore, you're a mother, guilt is art of the territory. You need to do what's right for you as much as for your family.
  15. Saw it last night, it was fantastic! God,they were ALL mad as cut snakes, hilarious but youre right,a good way of tackling a serious subject. On the other hand I saw This is 40, and like all those sorts of movies I laughed at first and then felt really really low for a day or two because its so true.
  16. jachut

    Some Doctors... *sigh*

    An incarcerated hernia can turn life threatening very quickly so if they haven't ruled that out then yes,I'd be concerned
  17. jachut

    Some Doctors... *sigh*

    Oh yeah, I've been caught out in a g string by my oncologist, when I mentioned my back pain whilst in chemo, it was mortifying as he was bending mynlegsall over the place. My colorectal surgeon is hot but he's also a complete prick, he's so blunt! He told me once if the tumour dint shrink with radiation my "goose was cooked" just like that and then when I was beside myself with anxiety going through chemo, menopause and an ileostomy and (not surprisingly) thin as a rake and bug eyed with exhaustion he got stuck into me about my weight and told me id looked far more attractive when he first met me with a bit more weight on me and with bigger boobs. As if you freaking care when you're going through such trauma!!!! It took me many session with the psychologist and a lot of foul language to get over some of the incredibly Blunt things he's said - usually trying to relax me before he does something humiliating to my rear end. In fact he's been so inappropriate I wonder if I make him nervous or something - its almost like verbal diarrhoea.
  18. jachut


    It's really interesting to see that even when you're active it's often not as much as you think! Or even if you walkn10000 step, you've not had enough intense activity that really burns the calories. And espcially interestingvo see how one or two blowouts a week really ruins your efforts. Despite feeling like I've worked out and eaten well this week, I've failed to make 10000 steps two days and only managed a deficit of 1200 calories in he past five days.
  19. jachut

    My rollercoaster lap band ride

    I've had a similar experience and now I believe unfilling the band is the worst thing you can possibly do! My colorectal surgeon insisted I unfill before bowel surgery. The CBS clinic doc did it without question (but my surgeon later said to me oh no, we dont recommend you unfill it any more unless you have problems with anaesthetic, grrrr). Once I refilled it I simply couldnt get the same feeling back. I have a 4ml band and it has 3.8ml in it - and I can eat an entire sandwich. Now my band is working - I'm full after that sandwich (I could eat two in the old days). But I just dont have that appetite supression any more - my appetite is "on" 24/7 just like pre band. Its really hard work to maintain my weight now and my natural calorie level tends to fall at 1800 or so which is fine for maintenance, trouble is because my appetite is so switched on, I want the old crap - biscuts, etc and I can easily eat 2,500 or more eating those foods. trouble is, I'm right on the border of the red zone in terms of reflux and heartburn - I get bouts of tummy problems till I think "oh no, something is wrong" and then it just goes away. There was some confusion over how much was in it several times so I guess I should go back and check for a leak but I'm ashamed of being 68kg - stupid as I'm at least 20kg under the goal weight they set for me! I guess the point is, its not at all uncommon for this to happen after an unfill.
  20. Not only that but every plateau I hit on the way down was a weight which I'd held for a long time on the way up
  21. jachut


    I know, 10000 steps is hard - I make about 13000 a day with a job where I don't sit a lot and walking or running about 6kms - I set my burn goal at 2300 calories and to get there, I work all day being conscious to stay on my feet moving (teacher), a half hour on the treadmill running and weights at the gym and even THEN I need to amble along on my treadmill at home go half an hour or so! Otherwise, even beings regular runner, my average day I burn only about 1900 - no wonder I've not be enable to losevthepesky 5kg I want to - I'm eating too much! It's one thing that sucks about being normal weight! Ps: I know links with my fitness pal but I can't stand trying to log on an American site and having to add everything as a custom food or adjust servings - I use calore king and just enter meal totals on fitbit.
  22. jachut

    current job, best job, worst job!

    Current - I'm a primary teacher. I went back to uni at 36, I always wanted to do teaching but there was no work in 1985, unless you wanted to go and live in the outback. So when my last baby turned 1, I went back to start my degree. I'm in my third year out now, loving it. I did physiotherapy when I left school - because I was a straight A student I sort of got pushed by the private school I went to to do something "prestigous" but I didnt find belting old people on the back to cough up phlegm terribly prestigous. Worst job - definitely the phlegm thing - but I do wish I'd stuck with physio as once you get past that and have enough money to go into practice, you can start massaging footballers, lol. In between before I had babies, I did office/clerical stuff and I didnt enjoy it much apart from my last job where I managed a small customs office. Looking forward to - feeling more "professional". Im still on a steep learning curve and coming across new situations (such as special needs students) all the time. I look forward to the day where I feel competent to really help these students.
  23. jachut

    Diets done and successes/failures

    Me, me. My mum had me on them at 11 because I had a little bit of a tummy.
  24. jachut

    Banana flour

    I bought it a the gluten free expo in Melbourne, but you can order Online www.irwinvlley.com.au
  25. jachut

    Banana flour

    My theory goes like this: use nutritious ingredients like lupin flour, add some LSA and chia seeds and some almonds to a basic condensed milk chic chip cookie recipe and voila! You can get away with three or four cookies and a cuppa for lunch, right?