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  1. jachut

    Band to sleeve

    Sure. I have a coffee when I wake up and later on the way to work, I buy a skinny cappucino - usually a large one as I'm conditioned to run on a LOT of caffeine, lol, but its a good dose of calcium and protein the dairy. I hate breakfast - cant stand eggs, bacon or anything savoury in the morning and carby cereals make me hungrier. I usually make a decent sandwich - chicken and avo on wholegrain, something like that - to take to work. I have half at morning tea and half at lunch. I find the combo of bread and protein fillings does the best for me. I usually take a small container of something like strawberries or grapes to have in the afternoon. Throughout the day, I drink water and have a couple of cups of coffee. I always cook at night. Tonight we had steak with a really nice salad, which included avocado and pine-nuts. I had the tip of a piece of steak and about half a cup of the salad and I'm stuffed - in fact I think I might have overdone it a bit. Its Friday so I had a glass of wine but that's a once a week thing. To me, that seems like a lot of food for a bariatric patient but I always ate like that with my band too. I am really active in my every day job too so I guess that's a factor. I've lost weight so I'm not overly concerned, its more of an observation. I think that band sitting around the outside of the top of my stomach really did a lot to keep hunger away for me, and I expected that with the sleeve due to the supression of hunger hormones etc. I dont mind being hungry, it doesnt kill you but honeslty ALL this sleeve does for me is make me full after a small serving, whereas I feel that my band controlled hunger and cravings much much better. I have not eaten any junk at all since surgery - none of my usual vices - biscuits, muffins, chocolate. But that's down to the willpower you have with a new surgery NOT lack of hunger or no cravings. I know an obvious answer is breakfast, sometimes i have a yogurt, but its only adding more food that will slow weight loss even more! And I know people will suggest protein powder, but nobody will ever convince me its not complete rubbish food. So full of sh*t I dont want to eat. And I have yet to find a protein powder that does not give me violent gas and diarrhoea. Dont get me wrong, I'm honestly glad I did this and not complaining, but I did sort of expect that fast and dramatic weight loss at the start. I think its age, the fact that I've had a large weight loss before and I do seem to recall my surgeon making a throwaway comment about being conservative in sleeve size in case I got too skinny, being that I was really only *just* obese when I was operated on.
  2. jachut

    Band to Sleeve! What’s the process?

    I was 114 when I had my band surgery - which I think was a BMI of about 35 for me. I got down to 72 kg which was great at 5ft 10 . My surgeon was so pleased with this and I was asked to speak at a couple of lapband information nights. I never had any problems etc. Then I had a cancer diagnosis and through chemo and radiation and surgery, got down as low as 59kg which was scary skinny. My band was unfilled for a major surgery and it was never the same after that. But although my weight did start to go up as I could never get good restriction again I never got outside of a healthy weight range for many years. Even so, after that I only became *just* overweight, although to me, I was fat fat fat, lol. But my point of view is cosmetic AND health, my surgeon's is health only. So after all the sh*t hit the fan, and my band came out, I think he thought I would not have a big regain - afterall I'd done so well, and had not been overweight in 13 years! I thought so too. I was shocked by the fact that he didnt want to offer me a revision, as I'd been told all along that EVERYBODY that loses their band or removes their fill gains weight, by him and by every clinic doctor. But I didnt particularly want one, I thought I could do it alone. It took me a year but I went from about 78kg (I lost a bit with being so sick) to 97 and I felt like an overstuffed couch when I was finally sleeved in December. I am 85 now which is a BMI well under 30, but its way too fat for me - I still have cellulite on my calves, I'm a fairly skinny build and I get flabby with ANY extra weight. More muscular people can carry more weight. Like I said, nobody has even noticed 12kg gone and I still havent been able to get out my size 14's. It pisses me off, lol. I dont know where I hide all that weight, but I'm kind of glad because this time, I"ve told nobody I was sleeved. I want to keep it to myself this time around.
  3. jachut

    Band to Sleeve! What’s the process?

    I had a year between taking my band out and getting sleeved. My band came out in fairly urgent circumstances and my surgeon was away so someone else had to do it. When I saw my surgeon, I was shocked when he said he would not perform any more surgery on me. But when I went back to him desparate 8 months later he did refer me on to somebody else and I was sleeved in December. I also had a hernia repair. It was quite a long and complicated surgery - there was a LOT of scarring and adhesions and it took me a while to recover. That was 8 weeks ago and I have lost weight but meh - 12kg in 8 weeks which is about 40% of my goal.. Its hardly what I experienced when I first had my lapband, and my surgeon commented that he thought I'd get o my goal in 6 months but not at this rate! Nobody that doesnt know has even noticed I've lost any weight and I have not even gone down a size in clothes. I really suspect I had my honeymoon weight loss 13 years ago when I got my band and my metabolism is so stuffed from years of eating so little that weight loss is going to be very slow. But hey! It is a loss and I'll take it, particularly as I can really feel it gone physically even if I cant see it yet.
  4. jachut

    Band to sleeve

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, and make a controversial statement. My lapband was a MUCH better hunger suppressor than my sleeve. Far and away. My sleeve is working and I have lost 12kg in 8 weeks (pretty good considering I got sleeved at a BMI of 30, long story told elsewhere). I dont regret it and I think its a better long term tool because it cant slip or erode. But I am Hungry. All. The. Time. The tiny portions dont stick, I'm absolutely starving at every snack and mealtime. It's not tragic, you get hungry, you eat right? But with the band, even once I had a pouch, I did not get hungry, ever. With my sleeve I must snack, I'm just too hungry not to. And I'm having to really work that old 5pm on the way home from work temptation that has always been my downfall because I am starving hungry. Whereas it used to always be just because work finished and I was tired and it was a habit, but not because I was hungry. Weight loss is slow because I cant mange the 800 calorie a day routine, I'd die. I'm eating 1400 or so.
  5. jachut

    Gastric Sleeve February 2019

    Wishing you the best of luck. I was sleeved 19th of December, so I've only got six weeks experience to share! I did previously have a lapband, for 12 years, and it slipped at the end of 2017, I went commando all of 2018, which didnt end that well, lol, hence my decision to go for the sleeve. I wasnt quite prepared for the fact that it is "real" surgery. I've had some big surgeries and breezed through them all, the lapband one was very easy, so I was a little overconfident that this would be a few days of recovery and I'd be fine. In reality its taken six weeks to recover (I also had hernia repair) with a lot of nausea and dizziness and general blahs but I feel like I'm out the other side now. But of course, that may just be me, my point being just be prepared for taking it easy and going easy on yourself. One thing I do know about weight loss surgery - there's a definite honeymoon period. For the first six months, you'll lose a lot of weight no matter what you do but my advice would be make the most of this first year. Really work it, as most of your weight loss is going to occur in this time. It will be much much slower after that. Set up good habits and follow your post op plan while you're fresh and your motivation is high. I guess there's also a few sticking points early on, after you finish the liquid phase, you can even gain a little bit as you start on solid food. Dont be concerned, just keep going!
  6. jachut


    Please try not to be too ashamed and hard on yourself. Your body does indeed adapt to your lower weight and restricted portions, and the math may not work for you as it does for others. I cannot fathom how I gained over 20kg in six months whilst sticking to 1800 or so a day but I did! On top of that, having babies does make some of us fat. I was normal weight until I started having babies. Firstly I gained weight fast and dramatically whilst breastfeeding and then those insidious lifestyle factors that creep in finished me off. I started seven years of 3 pregnances at about 75kg (healthy for my height) and finished at 113kg. And not in any of them did I ever gain more than 9kg (which I lost in giving birth). All the weight gain came afterwards. Any surgeon in this business ought to be compassionate and understand the difficulty some of us have in maintaining normal weights. They've seen it all before and although they may have to state some home truths to some people, they will not judge you for your issues.
  7. Now on the other side of my surgery - four weeks out tomorrow. I'm loving my sleeve, all the restriction I had from the band, without the traffic jams! Weight loss - 8kg in 4 weeks which I am very happy with but its slower than I had initially with the band. And I can feel that the sleeve is going to require a little more self control, the signal to stop eating is a fair bit softer than with the band which suddenly says NO MORE. But with the experience of having a band for six years, like me for 13, you get very good at reading those more subtle signs. For me personally, I'm thrilled with the lack of hunger I've experienced, but I know from my experience with the band, I was never hungry either but it did not stop me doing an awful lot of non hungry eating (chocolate!). I can tell this will be the case here too, its not a magic fix for all our eating problems. The best I can say with weight loss surgery for me is that it kept me from non hungry eating AND big meals which was enough to control my weight and keep it at a healthy level. I've been perfect so far, but hey, I'm four weeks out, lets see how I'm doing in 12 months! So.... you really need to examine your habits. What and when are you eating. Is it truly hungry eating? Were you a big meal 3 times a day person or like me, a grazer and comfort eater? Because the sleeve really probably wont work any better than the band for that. What is better, I'm finding is that its a more comfortable restriction to live with.
  8. One thing I can say from unfortunate experience is that you must not tolerate an overtight band thinking it will magically come right. You can do a lot of damage to your body and cause the band to slip. I know how hard it is and how much you want that restriction back, but I yoyod like this for years - ignoring that I had a pouch, until my band slipped and had to come out. And over all that time, I never lost weight, in fact I continued to slowly gain. I wasnt overweight, but I wasnt right down at the bottom end of my range which is what I wanted. I've been lucky to have been sleeved a month back, but the operation was huge - there was an enormous amount of repair to be done to my oesophageal sphincter and fixing a hiatus hernia, both of which i'd contributed to or even caused by refusing to take fluid out of my band for fear of weight gain. Not to mention all the scar tissue. Its also very common to get weight rebound after you hit your lowest weight - with all the bariatric surgeries. Your body adapts, you learn to fit food in etc. There's no way around it, you cannot totally rely on your tool to restrict your intake, some of it has to be that old blood sweat and tears that ordinary dieting takes. As to exercise, you know, I watched a very interesting program a year or two back that always stuck with me. I enjoy exercise and when I was banded 12 years ago I wasnt working and had all the time in the world to run and go to the gym etc. But I"m time poor now! I watched this show where they compared couples and the energy they burned. One couple went to bootcamp, one to the gym and the other did a hard morning's house cleaning. The cleaning couple burned almost DOUBLE the other two who did their hard exercise and then kind of relaxed for teh rest of the morning. Dont understimate that slow, steady movement and you can kill two birds with one stone. Take your kids out for a walk - I used to run with my kids on bikes, or if they're younger, to the park and kick a ball with them, or put them in the pram. Get them to run around helping with housework - and do hard stuff like cleaning windows etc. I have to do that now, as I work full time and want to keep the house in good shape - so I get on my workout clothes and I clean - windows, outside sweeping, I have this stupid laminate floor that looks streaky unless I dry it with towels, mow the lawns - I try to really WORK for an hour, and hour and a half and I get out and walk the dog. That's a big comedown from running 8kms a day and doing Body Pump but to be honest, I'm not any less fit and in fact I'm functionally better as my movements are real ones, not single muscle type of stuff. I truly believe that constant activity is more valuable than half an hour of exercise!
  9. jachut


    Lost 1kg this week, so its slowed down a lot. I went onto mushies - which I think has actually reduced calories, its so easy to get in a lot in liquid form. But weight loss is never linear, I know that from past experience. So, I weighed in at 89.6 for a total lost of 8.1 kg - No change in clothes yet, but its definitely come off my chest, shoulders, boobs and upper arms and stomach. Typically, I will be skeletal on my upper body before it shifts from my hips and thighs.
  10. Oh goodness, you must be going crazy! To go so long eating such a small variety of foods is mentally hard, but you'd be physically running down your resources over that time too. At the end of the day, if you cant eat solid food, you are too tight, end of story. Its so hard to get your head around being banded but still having to do a lot of the work yourself, and that hard stop is very easy to rely on. But you simply must have some fluid removed and try to manage your intake by measuring, weighing and yep, sticking to a diet. The hard stop you get with a band is a step too far, you must listen very hard for "not hungry anymore". I would ask for a barium swallow to evaluate what's going on. In fact, given my own experiences, I'd absolutely insist - what you're going through now is risking your band. You may have had a slip already, or you may just be too tight, but some people really struggle with that too tight/too loose cycle and in the end you've got two choices - risk your band or go for a looser restrition and accept it will be a little harder. Also, if you get some fluid out, work your way up from fluids to mushies to solids, dont just immediately try to eat something difficult.
  11. Your story could almost be mine! I too was a runaway success with my band, I got down to a BMI of around 19, took up running, ran a half marathon etc. It was all great until I had to unfill it six years later for a cancer surgery. After that, it was never the same. When I refilled, I just didnt get to that sweet spot again. I too fibbed about reflux, overfilled in a panicked attempt to control the slow weight gain and did not tell my doctors what was going on. And when I finally did, they didnt act. I was having simply awful chest pain, long story short, I was very sick at the end of last year and it came out in an emergency. I was pretty sure I'd not be a regain statistic as I'd been such a band star and I'd had it for 12 years, but nope. I lasted about 8 months at which point I'd gained over 20kg before I was knocking on my surgeon's door (he'd told me no more surgery). He referred me on to someone else which pissed me off at the time but I couldnt be happier. I had a sleeve, not bypass but I had my lower oesophageal sphincter all fixed up, a hiatus hernia repaired and all the adhesions and scarring from the band removed. I have never ever regretted my decision to be banded but the beauty of it is that should a better surgery come along (for me, the sleeve) then I could move on. However, I found this surgery tough! This was my 12th surgery, I've had much bigger ones and bounced back much much faster. I guess its a bit to do with the lack of food in the post surgical period, but I'm also battling anaemia and I just wasnt fit and in good shape when I went into it.
  12. jachut


    I'm brave enough to post given I'm just sleeved, lol. But last time I posted my weight on this forum, it was in the low 70 kg's. Last night (Wed night) I was 90.6, giving me a 7.1 kg loss in the 2 weeks since my surgery. Now, as to accountability. Ugh. I have NOT been drinking the recommended 2 Optifasts a day in my free fluids phase. I had a week of clears - I did make a good chicken bone broth but so much of what you have on clears is sweet - jelly, juice, icypoles. I am so OVER sweet food, it nauseates me at the moment. I cannnot even bear to think about drinking Optifast as its so sweet. I've made a few good meat and vege based soups to puree and that's what I'm living on. With a dollop of sour cream. I've stopped drinking so much water and am back to 4-5 coffees a day, I habit I'd sort of thought I might be able to give up. Never. And........ I have pretty much no restriction with fluids - I cant feel any fullness at all. So I think I've probaby eaten a bit fast and had a bit too much in a sitting, despite never feeling the least fullness or discomfort. However I also have had no hunger, at all, so its not like I'm having 4 cups of soup at a time. this feels so very very different to a lapband. I keep expecting that hard stop, that definite fullness, this is . much more subtle.
  13. I really havent read and read and read about gastric sleeve before being sleeved last week. I mean, I've been down the WLS path, I know what to expect, even from a different tool. But I swear my phone listens to me. Suddenly my youtube suggestions were all these what I eat in a day things and they were all American. All I can say is YUCK! Even people who call themselves things like Foodieturnedsleevie - what they eat is utter crap. Packet this, box that, protein bar protein bar protein bar. With sausage and cheese on the side. But hey, if you hit 90g of protein, who cares about the hydrogenated fats, additives, artificial sweeteners, right? I do not plan to eat this way, and have fed a family a healthy plant full diet for years but googling around, gee, there's not many inspiring people (to me anyway) out there! Suggestions gratefully recieved.
  14. I do feel that if you've been banded six years and are not at your goal weight yet, the band hasnt worked as well is it could have for you. You really would expect to have lost all of the weight you're going to lose by now. What does your surgeon say about it? Other than that I'm in no position to say because I was only sleeved a week ago after being banded for 12 years and without anything for the last 12 months. Sleeve surgery was not the easiest given the damage the band had caused and the effort required to clean that up - surgery was 4 hours long.
  15. jachut


    Restretching your stomach happens with bands too. And not through "overeating" the way people think about it so you should not feel ashamed. With the band, you stretch out your pouch above the band it causes all sorts of problems. I was very unwell as a result, 12 months ago but I was a pretty compliant band patient and very successful. Even so, I overate, just that bite here, that bite there, and over time, I began to have problems. This time, with my sleeve, I am going to measure that half cup portion FOREVER, and I will take heed of the advice that when you get to the stage of needing more than half a cup three times a day, eat more often, not more at one sitting. I do think we need to remember, our bodies are smart and we are deliberately underfeeding them. That bite here and there that's one more than your new stomach can really hold is a survival instinct, not greed or gluttony and it really takes vigilance and determination to avoid it.