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    Not a newbie but..... starting over.

    Hiya,.... well here's me... I lost 30 kilo in the 12 months following surgery and due to many things, lack of support etc, I wound up putting it all back on again. Soooo, I decided last week to kick this thing off again and made an appointment for this morning to get my band topped up. Now here's the thing.... it turned out it's been 15 years!!!! since I got my band done and no wonder it needed topping up as even after a year it can naturally lose fluid.... I had no idea it was 15 years - I thought it was more like 7. Back when I got it done the internet wasn't a big thing - if it was a thing at all, and there was no book or dvd's to take home for moral support. I was given the information today to check out Prof. O'Brien's pages on the net and so glad I did. I've now purchased the solutions book and watched on youtube his video's on the 8 golden rules (I wasn't told any of this way back then). My concern is now that I know I have stretched my oesophagus above the band and I do wonder how long it will take for this to shrink back to normal size so that the band will be more effective so I am going to start off on liquids all over again to try and help this along. If anyone has any advice on this I'd appreciate it along with any tips. Like all of us I want to be of a "normal" size and am hoping this time, with the support now on offer, that I can make it work..... if not I have really only one other option - and that is bypass. Cheers to all of you for doing something so good for yourself and double cheers for anyone offering support to lil (lol - what a joke ) moi.