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  1. Kazawaki

    Paying without insurance - Geelong

    I paid for mine without insurance - what a rort insurance is. I've been working 30 years and was happy to save up and pay for mine outright. I'm still thousands in front by not having paid for insurance all these years. Sure, there are circumstances where insurance is worth it for the insured, but for the generally healthy person, its a complete waste of your money. I've had an insurance quote for me for $1500/year. My op cost me $13,000. If you claim through insurance, isn't there still around $6000 gap you have to pay? Not to mention a 1 or 2 year wait if you're new before they'll cover your surgery. So where's the saving in having insurance? If something goes wrong you'll get the same treatment you'd get in a public hospital, you'll get whatever doctor is available - but there'll be more costs out of pocket for you - as I understand it. Thanks, but no thanks. Save your money and pay for it, or see if you can access your super money. Don't waste your time waiting the waiting time for insurance though. Apologies, I'm just in a ranty mood.
  2. I wondered about those thigh bands, being lace, whether they'd rub together and ball up with each other. I also note they only go to size L, and you can bet that's an Asian size L, which would only fit the average Aussie 6 year old! I'd be very happy if I was wrong on both counts!
  3. Hiya! Not for me, but my dear sister in Qld has an unsupportive GP in Mackay and is thinking about WLS. Can anyone recommend a GP and Surgeon in the Mackay QLD area?
  4. Jesus Kazbo! I hope this Talbot can sort you out once and for all, you must be so over the whole deal - although, you have made substantial progress, just its been such a frikkin battle along the way. You certainly can't throw your hands in the air and give up the way it is. I sincerely hope he can sort you out, and if that means a bypass and your world can finally be peachy and pain and issue free, then so be it!
  5. Kazawaki

    February 2013

    Ah, absolutely. It has also given me the resolve to never go back to where I was before. I am stable on 85-86. There have been times I have gone up to 87. I have a heart attack and amazingly am able to rip it straight back off again - back to the 85-86, but never below that. I think about how retarded that is. Seriously, if I can kick 1 or 2 kilos off really easily, why can't I kick off another easy goal of say 3 for starters? Its like my brain is stuck. Clearly I know I can do it, but something is making me not go ahead with it. I need to look at more unflattering photos or something to motivate me some more.
  6. Kazawaki

    February 2013

    Hi New me and Samantha, I'm still around from the original Feb 13 crowd. I'm still holding at 86kg, 50% of my weight off and only vary up and down a couple of kilos, but never stray either direction more that dammit. I'm kinda ok with that. Wish I had the motivation to put in the extra effort to get some more off, but can't seem to find that motivation - even though I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even be that hard - how ridiculous is that? I actually caught an unpleasant view myself in a window just this weekend. It kind of pissed me off, and I'm hoping to turn that negative into some more motivation. Would love to know how everyone else is going also.
  7. Kazawaki

    Love my sleeve

    Wowee, you look 20 years younger to boot! Fantastic work!
  8. Kazawaki

    Post op

    Mate, don't stress! If there's no solids going in, there's not much to come out, so don't be too worried during the first week. After your first few days on mushies you'll probably start to see some action, but remember you'll never see action like the old days! The quantities you used to eat are all over, so the quantities coming out will be drastically reduced forever now too. Relax my friend, let yourself heal and sleep a bit more. Move around a bit when you feel comfortable enough to do so, but never overdo it. Just walk around the house if that's all you can manage for starters. You'll get there
  9. Kazawaki

    Dreaming of Peanut Butter

    Here you go: https://www.bellplantation.com/ Its the powdered peanut butter we're on about. You just mix up as much as you need, whenever you need it.
  10. Kazawaki

    Dreaming of Peanut Butter

    YES, get into the PB2 - thanks jachut, I didn't know you can get it from Coles, I've been buying it from Ebay for the last couple of years, not knowing you could get it anywhere else. I love the stuff. Its great also for using in recipes, for peanut butter cookies and the like. I'm not much of a fan of the chocolate variety though. Tried that, then went back to the original. Give it a whirl. We can't have normal peanut butter in the house, cause I'll just get the spoon, and that'll be the end of it.
  11. Kazawaki

    Soooo cold

    I've been buying the merino ones from Aldi when they have them. I wear them under my motorcycle gear in winter and occasionally in the office and at home when I'm cold because they're a really fine knit and lovely to wear. They're only about $30/piece. Love them long time! Geez. you guys are in trouble, I actually think that the last few Melb winters have been pretty mild in comparison to previous years!
  12. Kazawaki

    Emotional eating and VSG

    It's important to note that surgery doesn't make those kind of feelings go away. They my go away while you're feeling all gung ho and motivated, but after a while your old habits will slip back unless you're 1000% committed. If they are your issue, surgery may not be your answer.
  13. Kazawaki

    Did it again, forgot to buy food

    Ah no, can't say I've ever been guilty of that! What did you buy then if not food?
  14. Kazawaki

    seeing the Dr next week, where from here

    Hi Julie, I'm just glad that you're going back to see about getting something sorted. I know you've had a really crappy battle with it. I'm looking forward to some good news for you
  15. Kazawaki

    24 year old Stapling

    Hi Sooz, Patrick Moore is my guy and I think he's great. Good luck!